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  1. Huskies4Life

    WR300 myths...

    Like others have said some like and some dislike the 'Zokes. From what I have seen you need someone who nose the 'Zokes to set them up. LTR on the west coast and A.C.E. on the east know Husky suspensions and can set you up. Parts are easy to come by and aftermarket is really starting to ramp up. Even EE and sicass will be making Husky stuff. There were no major improvements from 08 to 09. For my money I would wait for the 2010 models to get the Kayaba forks but that is just me. The 250 motor is an awesome motor. The thing can really chugg like a tractor. With the 300 you get great top end also. My next bike will be the 300. Since your screen name is Kzoo, I assume you live close to that area. If you are dealing with JT cycles, they are a great bunch of guys. Good luck. Another Husky on the trails in Michigan:banana:
  2. Huskies4Life

    09 Husky TE450 rad guards

    rancher1 is correct. The OFG's are a brace. They will keep from mangaling your rads if you hit trees or rocks. The Motosportz are guards which will protect your rads from punctures due to branches and such.
  3. Huskies4Life

    09 Husky TE450 rad guards

    OldFatGuy makes the best out there. http://www.huskytalk.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=78&t=1272
  4. Huskies4Life

    What is the best way to sell Husky parts?

    You have several choices. Ebay always works. The classifieds here at TT, classifieds at cafe husky or Husky Talk. Even craigs list I have even seen people put what they had to sell in their sig line.
  5. Huskies4Life

    WR250 - Pro Circuit Platinum to FMF Gnarly pipe?

    I have the PC works pipe and SA on my 01. Wish I could justify spending the cash to change it over to the Gnarly/TC. I like the Gnarly for the single track. Puts out a lot more grunt on the low end. Guess I will wait till I mangle the PC pipe.
  6. Huskies4Life

    Hey Husky ....

    Sorry guys but Skid has a point. I like the husky website as a corporate site but you should not have to surf other sites to find the info you are looking for ie. the Oz importer site. Whatever happened to the Husky USA site? Websites are the #1 source for advertising and bike info with a brand like Husky. When Husky has a dealer network like KTM or Yamaha etc. Then it is not as important. Yes there is a lot of info on this site as well as Cafe Husky and Husky Talk but the Husky website should be the #1 source for info when looking for tech specs etc. Just my 2 cents
  7. Huskies4Life

    Michigan Riders: Reminder to Stay on the Trail!!!

    Nice hijack:bonk: Try posting your question as a seperate topic.
  8. Huskies4Life

    Michigan Riders: Reminder to Stay on the Trail!!!

    I second that! Call the RAP hotline. We as the majority should not have to settle for this type of behavior. Remember that the Greenies are in power now and they are just iching to shut our beloved sport down.
  9. Huskies4Life

    Michigan Riders: Reminder to Stay on the Trail!!!

    Well said NUN!
  10. Huskies4Life

    Ordered my Rekluse today

    COuple of good write-ups over on Husky Talk about the rekluse. Installing and setting them up. Look for OFG or 02CR
  11. Huskies4Life

    Mio loop

    I will have to agree with nuddle8. Au Sable Inn is a nice place. There is also the Mio motel and several places that have cabins for rent like the Rainbow resort. Mike
  12. Huskies4Life

    Mio loop

    Hey Denny Mio is alright. Lots and lots of rocks. Gets chewed up in spots from quads. All in all a decent trail. Some sand , some dirt and a nice little section called the "Black Yuckies". Nice swampy area with thick, gooey mud. It is actually quite cool. The large pools of water will waterfall down across the trail when it is really wet. Add the Hunt creek loop which both trails share a section and it makes for a good days ride. We normally park in the middle of the shared section, do one loop, gas up and do the other loop. Mike
  13. Huskies4Life

    Where is the Husky 50????

    yes the husky boy would be comparable to the pw or ttr or even the crf50 the 50cc jr and sr would be comparable to the ktm 50cc sx
  14. Huskies4Life

    New bike,need carb help

    Yeah that sounds about right. 01-04 or 05
  15. Huskies4Life

    what are the limits for the wr250?

    No it will not compete with modern mxers. It is much heavier than a mx bike typicaly. The suspension is not valved or sprung for MX type jumps. Not saying that it can not do it. Also not saying things will not break if you do. To many variables to answer those types of questions like condition of the syspension, subrame or frame. Size of the jumps and how many times jumped. Remember it is a machine and machines wear and break. Even brand new bikes will break.