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  1. Cubb

    Question to owners of the DR650?

    Guess what? I didn't turn the clamp, I took out the bolt and cut about a 1/4 inch off the end, and put it back in. Anyway, the end of the bolt scrubbed the paint off the spring in that area down to the bare metal.
  2. Cubb

    Question to owners of the DR650?

    Here is another sound producer. On my new 650. the head pipe to the muffler pipe connection, the clamp was turned with the threaded end of the tightening bolt toward the shock spring. Every time the suspension was moving, it would produce a squeeking or light grinding noise. It was just lightly touching the spring. Loosen and rotate away from the spring, and ride.
  3. Cubb

    aftermarket needle/jx needle for dr650

    How about the KTM needle mentioned on the 650 pages?
  4. Cubb

    DR650SE Needle Comparison

    Just a quick note-- I have a 06 650, and I just got through doing about the same things as listed. I removed the snorkle, and drilled one 1" hole on the other side of the top of the airbox, shimmed the stock needle up with three small flat washers, drilled out the plug and turned out the pilot jet needle to 3 turns, went to a 150 main jet. This thing is an animal. Runs clean in every throttle setting, and the first fuel check showed 52 mpg! The throttle is very touchy now, compared to a slow soggy feeling throttle before. There is no bogging or hesitation, from idle to wide open throttle. My elevation is about 1200 feet. Before, with no aircleaner mods, the same thing happened to me, wide open throttle, back off to 3/4 throttle rapidly, and it would instantly bog with too much fuel. Not now, real happy, actually hard to keep the rear tire from breaking loose on anything but asphalt. Cubb