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  1. I have a 2002 yz125 and it needs a new kicker shaft the problem is i carnt find one for the correct year,i know the same part number fits the 97-04 model as i put a 99 shaft on to my 96,but will a shaft from a 05 fit i know its a different part number to the 97-04 but is it the same part and an updated number or will this part just not fit have been looking on ebay and can get a 05 shaft im in the uk:uk:and new yam parts are expensive. Thanks in advance
  2. waggie16

    kx100 1997 oil change problem

    please anybody ??
  3. the kx 100 i have has had the oil change plug under the engine welded up by previous owner and i have been changing the engine oil with a large sringe and tubing pushed around the clutch through the oil fill hole this seems to work well but what should i use to to flush/clean the engine with and how to get every last drop out of it could i flush engine and turn it on its head to get the last drops out or will this cause other problems.i know i should just drill and tap the engine casing as the welding job is spot on but not sure of the drill tap size and dont want to mess up and have to buy new cases. thanks in advance.
  4. waggie16

    kx100 missing at top end

    havent tried it with clean filter yet as forks are going in for a service hope thats all is,carnt really think what else it can be the bike goes like hell and will stay with my 02 yz125 on short tracks no problem.
  5. waggie16

    kx100 missing at top end

    come to think the filter hasent been cleaned in a while if thats all it is then happy days thanks.
  6. waggie16

    My new ride

    top end about 4hrs old ,filter plug reeds etc all in great condition but front wheel bearings do need changing before next ride as they have abit of play in them
  7. waggie16

    My new ride

    What do you guys think its a 2002 125 its got a full dep system v-force reeds and hpi racing cdi powder coated frame and at a very good price too
  8. waggie16

    kx100 missing at top end

    my son has a 97 kx100 which blew a head gasket so i replaced it and threw in some new rings aswell while the head was off but when riding now at full throttle in top gear it starts to missfire and sounds like it wants to cut out,what could be causing this is it a minor detail such as filter plug etc or does it need a rebore and new piston as this only happens in top gear.the plug is a br9eix
  9. waggie16

    yz125 rear shock gone solid please help

    cheers guys i will remove the linkage and take it from there hope thats all it is
  10. waggie16

    yz125 rear shock gone solid please help

    so should the swing arm move easily with the shock removed,if so can i change the bearings myself or do i need special tools to do the work.
  11. hi there i have a 96 yz125 everything was fine went on holiday for 2 weeks to florida came back took the bike out and the rear suspension was solid no movement at all:excuseme: .i have removed the shocker from the bike should i be able to compress it against the floor just by pushing down on it,cos it wont also with the shock removed how much movement should there be on the swing arm up and down cos there is very little dont know if swing arm has seized up aswell.does it sound like the shock is at fault (needing service)or the whole lot i dont want to put alot of money into it as i have just got an 02 yz125 and will be selling it as soon as its fixed. thanks in advance.
  12. waggie16

    Oil leaking from engine please help

    Thanks Markopolo400 very much i knew i could count on one of you to shed some light on this,this forum is very good source for info and members very helpfull,if i would have taken the bike to a dealer they would have made it into a big deal and charged me a fortune thanks again Markopolo400
  13. Hi there my son has just purchased a 99 yz125 which has oil coming out from behind the gear selector i have looked in the manual and it is a seal that has gone but how do i change it,can i just pick it out and drive in a new one or does it all have to be taken apart.Anybody out there that can shed some light on this for me or write me up a little walkthrough please he got the bike at a good price and it would be a shame if it needs to go in the garage before hes even been on it, thanks in advange
  14. waggie16

    jetting help on 96 yz125

    Here we go guys and gals i have a 96 yz125 with boysen reed cage and reeds and fmf fatty pipe installed with standard silencer fitted, i use 150ml of putoline premix oil to 5 litres of pertrol the bike goes good and does not bog but i have quite a bit of oil coming from the silencer.Was just wondering were my jetting and clip should be,plugs seem to last ok and the bike is very easy to start ,I think the jets are standard and i am in the uk if this helps any Thanks in advance
  15. waggie16

    kx100 what year is my bike please help

    anybody else please