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  1. F.Y.I. my 06 has the ti spring and pegs.
  2. I'm only going to comment on the suspension. I went from a 96RM125 to a 06YZ250 and there was no comparison what so ever. I even have some friends who had modified suspension on their 05's who perfered the newer 06 SSS stock suspension. HTH
  4. Does he let it warm up before he takes off?
  5. Maybe the missing lower fork guards is throwing you off?
  6. Using old grandpa's voice. "Why when I was a kid...":snore:
  7. Awsome!
  8. Thanks for the Info.
  9. I would only buy one if it was more like this guys home made version and did not cost any more than our current gas bikes. That and it needs to run flat out for a hour or two between charges and comes with a spare battery.
  10. Because I can.
  11. Done.
  12. This is what I use and have had similar results. Its green.