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    K5 Blazer advice

    Im on my third, the first two died of cancer, this 1 is an '88, I got it with 68k miles 2 weeks later the trans went, put in a GM rebuilt and with mild offroading, 35" tires and snowplowing i've got about 140k on the rebuilt. Its my daily driver highway/town, whatever i get about 12mpg on the hwy, usually 70-75mph The bed ends up being 6' from the back of the front seats to the tailgate closed. So a bike would prob fit. I would go with a good hitch mounted bike hauler tho or trailer. Keep in mind as mentioned, most are 20+ years old now, so while i wouldnt say they are unreliable, parts will need replacing. My brother had an '81 with the 4spd manual (all they offered i think) and while it is a bullet proof tranny its also a 3spd w low range so on the highway youll be burning lots of gas compared to any auto especially the 700r4. Oh yeah your left leg gets a real work out too from the heavy clutch. I too wish they still made the K5, except now if you do have one youll have a rare vehicle, thats fun to drive just about anywhere!
  2. I have a Battery Tender brand and a Harbor Freight one and I cant say I see any difference besides the price and the HF has a thinner wire with small box inline (kinda annoying). I guess the BT came with clamps or hardwire plug and the HF just has clamps, so that might be a plus if you cant make your own and need a hardwired plug. I use the HF on my wifes quad where the battery is accessible so its easy enough to just clip the clamps on.
  3. briconz

    Never get compliments

    I'm at the Jersey Shore and I usually get a wave from passing bikes on my S. Definitely get the "is that a dirt bike?" and a confused look. Maybe the panniers loaded with tools from a highway commute to work adds to that. I'm considering(If I had the $$ I would) going SM w black plastic. I got my wife a WR250x (she needed something lighter than th DRZ) and that def gets the looks and compliments!
  4. briconz

    What have you been paying for an 11 WR250R?

    Been looking for one. Went to a local dealer who has a '08 "demo" with 1400 miles and looks like it has a lot more than that! They want $5300 plus whatever fees(not sure) seems a bit high to me since NADA book is $3700. Still looking, anybody got one for sale near NJ?
  5. I've spent quite some time trying to come up with an answer to this(and read a lot of posts) I want to rejet my 2005 DRZ400s for the 3x3 mod, what do I need? It's stock except I swapped the end cap on the muffler to one that looks like someone removed the small center pipe so the opening is bigger. I would keep the stock pilot screw. I read the Dynojet kit 3109 doesn't include everything I need, is this still true? the posts on the master 3x3 mod and the previous 3x3 mod are several years old. If all i need is another main jet for $3-$6 why spend more for the JD kit the JD kit JDS005 is $20-$30 more I'd rather put that toward a K&N filter. it was mentioned the JD kit comes with everything, their site says you get needles,main jets and a spare needle clip no mention of the bowls screws(which I don't need) or what jets come with it. Dynojet says:for stock air box or K&N filter 3109.001 stage 1 kit(have not seen any other stages except for sm) 5 main jets,128,130,132,134,136 fuel needle e-clip washer slide spring needle spring plug drill screw will this kit work as is for with 3x3 mod? what makes the JD kit worth the $? It would be helpful if the 3x3 mod was somewhere more accessible( FAQs tips tricks maybe?) Eddie, Ive read your replies and appreciate the time you put in to this but couldn't get this answered. It seems I could buy the jets i need but the needles that Dyno/moose/fmf and JD use are not sold outside the kit. It was mentioned that JD has better tech support, is this that troublesome of a mod? I would think put it in and adjust and your done unless I leave to a higher altitude (I'm riding at sea level to 1000' +/-) or mess something up! Thanks in advance! Brian So who has experience here to help improve performance and save me some $$$$?
  6. briconz

    Crap fuel mileage

    I have an 05 S and around town/trails I never kept track but when I was commuting 40-70 miles I would get 35 maybe closer to 40mpg if I kept the speed down on the highway. At first I thought this was bad, until I found out someone I know has a late model Goldwing and he only gets 25mpg! He might as well bought a civic they get 30+ I guess if I geared the DRZ 4 the street i would see better mpg but offroad it already seems geared too high. Engine wise mine is stock.
  7. I would say first, what will be on the trailer? Will the weight be evenly distributed, or points of load? Where does the load end up, over the supports or in between? Our Starcraft camper has 1/16" or thinner(not sure) ADP over 1/2" plywood, which if the plywood is pressure treated it should last pretty long. This may be an alternative idea to consider. What I would do(if $ allowed) is prob go with 3/16 or 1/4" If not than maybe add some supports and use the 1/8" or the plywood underneath I will say, the plywood eliminates the clanky sound that just steel or aluminum makes but I have the same concern as you about just how long it will last there is a supplier near me (in NJ) that carries surplus and discounted materials but I think there price for the ADP is similar to the qoute you got. Sometimes they have surplus materials for a lot less(used stuff). Hope this helps, Brian.
  8. briconz

    engine stalls

    When you had the bowl off did you check all the jets an their passage ways? Also check the fuel needle and seat it could be sticking closed then it would run till the bowl empties and stall. Another common issue is the vacuum line to the petcock, altho that usually allows no fuel unless it's hooked up. Gotta ask; enough gas in the tank?(I ask cause I've overlooked simple things like this b4, thinking there's enough) when I clean a carb I try to make sure air and carb cleaner passes thru every passageway possible, so I don't have to do it again cause I missed something. I guess it's also poss. that it's electrical. Maybe a wire pinched, when you stop it's grounding out? Not likely but poss. Water in the fuel can make weird problems too, easy to miss when you empty the bowl unless your really looking for it. Hope you get it str8ned out. Brian
  9. briconz

    Tires for Sand, Dirt, And Road. What Kind?

    I too am looking for replacements for my Trailwings that are better offroad and still decent for a hiway commute. Jersey does have plenty of sand, but an adventurous sort will also find we have mud, rocks and mountains. So any more tire suggestions? Please give details; strengths, weakness and what your use was offroad/onroad %
  10. I got an 01 suburban and have replaced one of the drl bulbs, both bulb holders looked burnt and I don't know why and they still work,but I do see a lot of Chevys with drl bulbs out. I do know this, they can be temporarily shut off by pushing the dome override button a few times but they come back on after you restart, key off/key on. Check the fuse, if that's good check the bulb (a test light works well here) I wouldn't be surprised if they are both bad tho.
  11. Pearsonm, the only place I found that frontal area rating was in the manual, I did alot of searching before we bought the Jeep and really didn't get a lot of good info on just how much it could tow. It's varies from 25-32 sq ft for the 08 Jeeps. I did tow my 7x14 with it and It really taxes the truck esp at highway speeds. You didn't say what your TV (tow vehicle) is so frontal area may not be an issue, I will say this an extra couple feet in length will not affect towing very much except parking. Even behind our 01 suburban I can fit the 7x14 in a typical 2 car spot. If your not familiar with towing consider this, if you cant see the sides of the trailer with your side view mirrors it will be much harder to back and park. So if the trailer is too wide or to narrow in comparison to your TV that can make it harder. Even behind the jeep it might be hard to see a 4x8, I know for sure it would be harder behind a fullsize;(u need a reference point to know how much the trailer turns and and 8' will turn faster than almost any TV. Anyway, there are times I wish I had a smaller trailer so the choice is yours. I doubt you would notice 2' of length or 6" of height when towing, unless your towing with a 4cyl car. I only say this because I was looking for a 7x12 and after towing the 14 for a couple years I know that even a 16 wouldn't tow any different. I checked my DRZ400 and it is 54" to the top of my mirrors so I would think a sportbike would be lower and 61" would be even more comfortable of a fit. If braking is a concern, add trailer brakes and a brake control to your TV( they may come on the trailer IDK) and you should have no problems. I think they typically put brakes on trailers over 3500#s so a 5x8 or even 10' with three bikes is way under that and you may even have the trailer over brake (tires lock up) if your truck is midsize 6cyl or bigger and in good shape I don't think you would any trouble with your setup. With a fullsize I doubt you would really notice that your even towing
  12. My preference is a Chevy Blazer, mine is an '88 which is 1/2 ton with a solid axle up front. However I swapped in a full floating 14 bolt rear axle so its 8lug like a 3/4 ton and 4" lift so the front leaf springs support the plow with no problem. plowing is much harder on any truck so be prepared to replace things sooner, the lift or 35" tires doesn't help with wear and tear, but i wouldn't change it either. It's got a 350 and 700r4 trans with a heavy duty cooler, and short wheel base which i really appreciate in tight places. I've been told it plows really well compared to pickups but I have little experience with other plow trucks. the plow is an old Fisher with mechanical pump and controls, this plow sat for about 7 years while i used a Myers that had problems every year. i put the fisher on my present truck 5 years ago, and had few problems since I'm happy with this set up, but i know this may not work for everyone this is just my experience.
  13. I found a lot of info on solar panels and batteries on a few RV forums like popupexplorer.com. There a lot of experienced and helpful people on there, and they can help with other ideas like led lighting to get the most out of whatever batts you use(6volt golf carts batts are typically deep cycle too) I do agree that keeping things 12volt rather than 110v will help extend your run times on your batts. I've seen panels with cords/plugs to run small devices directly like cell phones and other stuff. device efficiency is going to make a big difference Also the panels angle and alignment with the sun will produce the most output, so turning the panel as the sun moves will net the most charge for your batts, there are charts for different areas to give you the best angle but I've heard useing your latitude is a good starting point. Let us know what you go with and how it works.
  14. Most trailer manufacturers list the openings for their trailers but they do vary. Also I would verify the actual opening size before you buy, and you can order different heights typically in 6 inch increments, but again verify the opening I've seen trailers that had an extra 6" but the doors/ramp were not any taller. I have a 7x14 for work which has 6' 6" clear inside, but the opening is still only 5' 11" which means if I don't duck my head the nice sharp metal frame will leave it's mark. This is the only thing I regret about this brand trailer as some others have a taller opening. I did borrow a 5x8 made by Pace and it fit a '86 KLR 600 in it, I think it wheeled right in with mirrors and all so I would think most street bikes would be lower(unless you had really tall ape hangers or something) Personally I would go taller, being bent over in there is no fun for me. But the taller the more wind resistance, worse gas mileage etc. depending on your set up. We have an '08 wrangler unlimited and the manual specifies a max of around 38 sq ft of trailer frontage which really limits what can be towed as far as enclosed trailers go. So weigh your options and check the specs and see what works for you
  15. briconz

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    I should've gone for a ride but, I modded my new KTM Duke mirrors to use the stock DRz lower pivot mounts otherwise with the solid KTM mount one dump or tree hit and those nice light weight mirrors are history! Now I have nice light mirrors and a pivot, also if had known I could do it this way I couldve saved $30 or so in not getting the KTM mount/adapter.