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  1. DuneRookie

    smart buy? 350 v 400

    If you have decided on the Warrior. ( I rode one for 5 years) the first thing is to remove the air box lid, pipe and jet up..its a simple mod that will give noticable gains. Then money permiting go to a performance piston and cam kit. Very noticable gains.....and when its time for a new rear sprocket get a 41 or 42 tooth ...may not seem like much but it will give just a smidgen on the bottom. Just my 2 cents worth.....
  2. DuneRookie

    Warrior carb backfire

    UPDATE...I fixed it. I was cleaning the carb and just for grins I checked my air / fuel screw. Some how it had gotten turned almos 4 turns out....took it back to 2 1/2 and runs like she should. Thanks for the feed back..
  3. DuneRookie

    Yamaha Warrior carb backfire

    Went to fire up the warrior after sitting for a few months. Fresh gas and new plug. It will idle but when I blip the throttle about 1/4 it backfires thru the carb and stall. It restarts but problem continues. even when warmed up. I have it pretty dialed in regarding jetting. I have readthatmaybe its an air leah in intake boot. But am trying to find others that have had similar problem and what fixed it. Thanks....