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    Thinking of buying 01 YZ426??

    First post guys so go easy on me I have a 2003 426 and looking at the above posts, it looks like my problem is a known one. This thing is a bitch to start. Tried decompress, kick 10 times and then go 2 inches past TDC and boot with no throttle but it still takes a good few tries to start. Am I missing something? Is there a simpler method? I see various references to this problem but no posted solutions, I'm sure it has been posted or linked but I cannot find it. Started riding dirt bikes at 15 - moved to road bikes for 20 years (latterly 1200 bandits - best wheelie machine out there), so I'm not a newb by any means but this thing is gonna pop a knee if I don't get it sussed. Once it's running it is a blast, first gear is brutal but the rest is easily controllable, just this one issue spoiling my fun Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!