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  1. When I start my 07 it pulls in first gear even when the clutch is engaged. Anyone else see this? What causes it and how do you fix it? The shop simply told me to use semi-synthetic oil next time. They also said the clutch play may need to be adjusted. A separate issue: The clutch engagement sensor came out (This is what keeps you from starting the bike without the clutch being in). Does this need to be in or is it simply a last line of safety? Without it, ASV levers will work on my bike.
  2. I am looking to buy a graphics kit for my 07 WR250. There are a lot more options for the YZ250 and I am wondering if the two shroud layouts are the same for both bikes? Would i be able to buy the YZ graphics and use them on my WR?
  3. Mauricus

    07 Wr250f

    Did you use the Leo Vince X3 for motocross or enduro bikes? I need to switch mine out and would like to know what you went with. Sweet bike.
  4. Mauricus

    '07 WR250F Pipes

    I am a new rider and bought the WR250F. I would like to improve the power and saw all of the modifications that can be made. I have been told that the muffler and header are the first places that I should make changes for immediate improvement. When I went to my local dealer they told me that no pipes are out that fit the '07 yet. Is this true? Could you make recommendations if there are pipes out there that would give an advantage? Lastly, what order would you do the modifications in?