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  1. can i remove the emisson stuff, will it hurt the bike, run better? what about the warranty, sorry for my stupid questions
  2. do all xr650l have these systems, does it rum better to remove them?
  3. help please do all xr's come with the emission thing, can the all be removed? does it hurt it at all?
  4. I Just Got One From Maier And It Looks Good And Bolted Right Up, The Side Number Plates Had To Have The Tabs That Lock Into The Fender Trimmed, But Other Than That Its All Good.
  5. Who Makes A Regular Number Plate That Replaces The One With The Light On It, Does It Need To Be Vented
  6. Thanks Guys I Appreciate It A Lot
  7. Thanks, Is That The Only Reson It Is There Is For If It Get Flooded?
  8. Can I Remove The Manual Compression On My 2003 Xr400r Without Hurting Anything. I Am New To This And Need Help Badly.