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  1. scholsie

    My TTR250 with USD Forks

    I can get more pics for anybody who is interested in the mod, i put all of the details of the work involved as well, the only thing i dont know is the year of the bike they where off...
  2. scholsie

    My TTR250 with USD Forks

    Right guys, i have a 1999 TTR 250, it has got USD forks and i am after a bit of help as to what model of YZ they are off, i think that they are off a 125 but im not sure what year. The reason i ask is the front disk is warped and i didnt want to waste money buying one and it being wrong cheers James
  3. scholsie

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    Nah afraid not, its for hikers climbers etc, trail riding in the uk is an on going struggle to go anywhere and the lanes which we are allowed to use are slowly disappearing due to stupid government legislation regards james
  4. scholsie

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    Heres my effort from the sunny Isle Of Skye
  5. scholsie

    DRZ adventure bike

    i have been thinking the same thing recently, swaping the z. i am back on the straight and narrow now and i am keeping it. i do alot of commuting on my bike and are planning a simlar setup to you but without the sm wheels. let me know all of your mods and how you get on with it doing more miles
  6. scholsie

    Idle rattle, Help/Adivice

    yes the carb is a mikuni, but i think i need to revise the jetting situation on the bike, because when you lay off the throttle and the bike starts to come down just before it reaches the idle speed (whilst still in gear) it does the loudest backfire known to man! it also does this when coming to a stop and you allow the engine to engine brake, it will do two or three backfires. it only does the backfires when the throttle is compleatly shut off. iff i pull the clutch in and keep blipping the throttle when coming to a stop is dosnt backfire at all. some girl fell over a couple of weeks ago, think she though she had been shot at hi mate i am from derby (east midlands) where are you from? cheers james
  7. scholsie

    Idle rattle, Help/Adivice

    this might just be me being a little dumb but what is a fcr? and the flat slide? and is this clicking aproblem? not owned the bike long so i havent had it to pieces........yet, im sure i will know it inside out by the time i am done cheers james
  8. scholsie

    Idle rattle, Help/Adivice

    Right just been out and started the bike up from cold, the rattle is coming from the top end, it ticks over then "tap tap" idles fro a few seconds "tap tap". adjusted the idle screw which dosent seem to do much at all, all it does is when you lay off the throttle it stays revving higher, then returns back to normal idle speed no matter how many turns in or out you screw it. As said the tapping stops compleatly when the bike comes off idle, either with the choke or the throttle. the bike was running for about 2minutes at most and the rattle compleatly disappeared, which i cannot understand as the engine isnt hot. cheers guys, this noise is starting to worrie me now so any help appeciated
  9. scholsie

    Idle rattle, Help/Adivice

    Right i have had a look at the other threads and nothing realy matches it so here goes. My bike is a 2003 drz s, compleatly stock When i start my bike there is a distinctive metalic ticking noise, this is intermitant but has got worse in the past two weeks or so (600 miles) and is more distinctive and a more regular pattern now. The bike only makes this noise on idle and as soon as it is revved slightly it will stop. once the bike has been running a few minutes the noise totaly disappears and will idle without a hint of a noise Cheers Guys James
  10. scholsie

    DRZ Speeds - list yours

    total stock 03 drz 400 apart from gearing which has been changed, not sure what to i will have to go and have a look, it is restricted to 33bhp as i am under 21 here in the uk. average crusing speed 80mph which may be abit quicker that it is happy to do top speed is 94mph slip streaming a van lol all speeds are indicated
  11. scholsie

    DRZ400 Back Fire, should it???

    and what would be the resolution to this problem.is it just the idle jet? i am running a moto-air filter. could it be done by adjusting the idle screw? cheers james
  12. scholsie

    DRZ400 Back Fire, should it???

    The bike is all stock as far as i am aware, obviously i have only had it a day or so and not had a chance to see what is in the carb. The airbox has NOT has the common cutting a bigger hole mod and the exhaust is standard too, it is a little loud though
  13. Hi im new to this forum, i have a 2003 drz400s and basicaly when it is revving quite high in any gear and i shut off the throttle it will somtimes backfire. I know this is somtimes normal with this type of bike but it is a realy loud backfire and it happens on a regular basis. any info would put my mind at rest or will help me fix it as it is my first big bike and i have only had it a few days now Thanks for your help James