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  1. Hey Guys- I've got a '05 DRZ-SM. Mods so far are FMF Powerbomb header, FMF Q2 Canister, DJ jet kit, 3x3 airbox mod and K&N filter. It dynoed at 37.5 rwhp. I'm getting ready to put it away for the winter and do the bigger mods. How big of a big bore kit should I go with? Which cams should I use? I'm planning on the 39mm FCR also. I want to keep reliability and rideability. Anybody have any horsepower gain ideas? Thanks in advance for any information and opinions. Later- Jon
  2. Thanks I appreciate the help.
  3. I looked around in the store and cant find it. Can somebody point it out or give me a part number. Thanks- Jon
  4. I recently jetted my '05 DRZ SM. I put on a FMF PowerBomb to go with my FMF Q baffle, also did the 3X3 airbox mod w/K&N filter. I have a 155 main with the needle clip on #2. I brought it to my buddies dyno, he figures that I need to change the pilot. I did a search and it seems that quite a few guys are running a 25 pilot. My Moose (dynojet) jet kit didnt come with pilots. Where do I get one? Thanks in advance for any info. Later- Jon
  5. I'm looking to put stainless lines (front and rear) on my '05 SM. Which ones should i go with? Does anybody have part numbers? Thanks for any info. Later- Jon
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    Hello All!

    Thanks Slicer. Very informative post, I will definitely be using that info.
  7. jonnygt

    Hello All!

    Thanks for all the greetings! I have already done the Edge taillight w/602 turns (front and rear). I've got handguards, need to go on yet. I got it with a FMF slipon, going to get a powerbomb header. Also, need to do the 3X3 mod (are there any detailed instructions on this anywhere), it already has a K&N filter. So, yes the mods have begun! I do like the DRZ, but theres nothing like the pull and comfort of the Busa. I'm sure I'll be asking a bunch of tech questions. So, thanks in advance for any help. Later- Jon
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    DRC Edge w/ 602's

    That looks great. I just got the Edge taillight for my SM, havent put it on yet. Just curious, what brackets are you running for the 602's on the front? Thanks for any info. Later- Jon
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    Hello All!

    I've been lurking around here for awhile. Just wanted to post up. I've got a '05 DRZ-SM and an '03 Busa. I'm sure I'll be asking a few questions on here as I hope to do some serious modding to the SM. So, Happy Easter to all and safe riding! Later- Jon