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  1. robbyracer

    commuting and the sm

    My wife has a DRZ400SM that I commute on about 3 days out of the week. It's fun in town and on that "shortcut" on the way home but in a straight line at 65 it kinda sucks. Don't get me wrong it's a great bike but I'm probably going to get a KLR sooner or later for the commuting.
  2. robbyracer

    picked up some vibes

    Thanks for the replies guys. I did take the bar ends off but that's not it. I'll check the spokes and suspension bolts to make sure they're all ok. I can really feel it in the footpegs and not so much in the handlebars. so yeah CG I think it's the engine, but what in the engine...
  3. robbyracer

    picked up some vibes

    I have 1200 miles on my DRZ400sm and now it's starting to vibrate noticeably at around 55mph, well at the rpms I'd be at in 5th gear going 55. It doesn't feel like a tire or suspension issue more of an engine vibe. Oil level is good, everything seems to be tight I can't figure it out Any ideas??
  4. robbyracer

    DR650 SM wheels

    hmmm that's a bummer. Oh well Motostrano here I come BTW your DR conversion looks sweet! How's the stock front suspension handle with the 17" wheels?
  5. robbyracer

    DR650 SM wheels

    Does anyone know if the wheels from a DRZ400SM will fit under a DR650?? Seems like an easy SM conversion.
  6. robbyracer

    best helmet to wear?

    I have an Arai XD which is best of both worlds. Visor on or visor off. Face shield on or face shield off with goggles. Very light and comfy fit too. I haven't had any problems with the wind catching the visor and it's usually pretty windy here. When doing a head check it catches the wind a bit but nothing too bad.
  7. robbyracer

    Anyone with a KTM 690?

    I'm very interested in them now, wasn't at first but it's looking like it has everything I'm looking for in a street tard. My only concern is the maintenance on them. When I first started thinking about another bike i was looking at a BMW f650gs but I don't want to pay for all those expensive parts so here I am looking at a KTM. Anyone know what the maintenance on them is like and how expensive the parts are. I'll wrench myself if it's not too complicated. I'm sure the dealers are gonna jack up the $8500 MSRP too I am interested in them though and i actually like the look of them (probably the only one though) LOL
  8. robbyracer

    Jumping SM on street

    It's true! I always look at drainage ditches along the side of the highway and evaluate them on their skateability!
  9. robbyracer

    KTM 690 supermoto

    I just sent an email to my local dealer asking about availability and pricing. We'll see what comes back..... The 690 is actually exactly what I'm looking for in a street tard
  10. robbyracer

    KTM 690 supermoto

    My big question is what's the availability and actual out the door price. I see the MSRP is $8500 but I doubt anyone will be able to find one for that.
  11. robbyracer

    New to SM and have some questions

    this is a great thread, i found it very helpful. I'm a big guy (6'5" 229lbs) on a DRZ 400 sm and I've been looking for info on where I should be on the bike. I've found a spot that's comfortable in the corners but I'm not up on the tank. I'm kinda in the low section of the seat. Being a larger rider i find it kinda difficult to get way up on the tank so I'm leaning forward as much as I can. Getting use to the bike is probably the best thing though. Great info here!
  12. robbyracer

    BMW G 650 X Moto

    Nice but $9100 msrp?
  13. robbyracer

    Husq 510sm vs Aprilia SXV550 test video

    a bad batman and a bad superman? why not... both bikes are awesome!
  14. robbyracer

    What is the deal with Supemoto?

    Hey everyone, I'm kinda new here - been lurking for a while. Great info on Supermoto!!! I've had a couple standard street bikes back in the day, a Yamaha Seca 400 & a Honda VT-500. Both fun bikes but they were mainly just transportation. Now fast forward a about 15 years or so and now in our garage is a shiny new DRZ400SM. Damn that thing is a kick in the pants to ride around town and even more fun on the back roads be they dirt or tarmac. We definitely need a second one now.
  15. robbyracer

    Supermoto Racer Issue #12

    We got ours just the other day. Excellent mag guys! Keep 'em coming