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  1. sharky2222

    DRZ 400SM or KTM 530?

    I to am in the market for a DRZ or KTM 530 but I dont know much about KTMs. Does the 530 have a smoother motor like the DRZ or is it more towards power delivery of a 450 motocrosser(abrubt or smooth). I am looking for a bike for both worlds (street and trails) I just dont want to get bored with the DRZ to early. I will be riding the bike about 7500 miles a year so hows reliability as well, dont want to do rebuilds all the time. thanks OP: sorry didnt mean to hijack.
  2. sharky2222

    yz suspension

    I need to know if the forks and shock off an 05 125 will work on an 09 125 I know the valving is different but the shock length and fork diameter and stuff like that?
  3. sharky2222

    Lets see some pics.

    Heres my little 125 going to be stepping up to a 450 next year
  4. sharky2222

    Let me know what you guys think...

    I was also thinking about doing that to mine since the plastics need freshened up. But was wondering how it would all look on the bike. It looks solid I like it alot. looks like the 09s..... sorta.
  5. sharky2222

    best pipe for me

    heres what ive come up with so far fmf gnarly with one of these silencers Q-stealth, Q spark arrestor, or a turbine core2. I need to have a spark arrestor for the trails I ride on but Im thinking the Q stealth might be to large and bulky for mx. what do you think?
  6. sharky2222

    best pipe for me

    will the gnarly take to much off top or will it be the same on top. The lack of low end and the sudden hard snap in the middle is what I would like to flatten out.
  7. sharky2222

    best pipe for me

    I have a 2003 cr 250 and am looking at getting new pipe and silencer. Thing is I would like to get something that has 4 stroke like power like my crf. I know it is a 2 stroke but is there a good pipe combo that will pull from down low and rev out decently. I would say I stay in the middle of the power band I dont rev it out all that much. But looking to flatten out that big hard hit it has in the middle of the revs.I have pc platinum and shorty on right now. Truthfully the low end sucks right now with that pipe combo tell me what you think. I ride 50\50 mx and trail.
  8. sharky2222

    Rm 125???

    I will be selling my 2003 cr 250 and buying a 125 I was curious about the rm 125. what years were the best? Most people say as new as you can get but if theres no changes from an 03'-04' I would like to know. Any problems with certain years? Im looking at spending $2500 on a 125 will that get me relatively new bike? The cr is to much bike for me at this point. I think I need some time on a 125 to get a better handle on things. Any other opinions would be helpful. thanks
  9. sharky2222

    thinking of down grading

    Right now its a toss up between the 250f and 125 I want something thats going to challenge me to get better. The 250 2stroke is just to intimadating Ilike the power of a 250f but without the mait. cost. As far as power it sounds like the 250f have a little more but would the difference be huge? I have never rode a 125. It sounds like the 125 would make me a better rider? I dont have any friends with 125s so Im not sure what kinda power to be expecting from the 125 is it close to the 250f?
  10. sharky2222

    thinking of down grading

    well I tried to tune the cr 250 the best i could 12 oz. fww jd jet kit and fmf gnarly pipe but it still just to much bike I've worked on this for several months now and it is still just to much bike I think I'm going 125. how are the 04 and up yz125s. reliable, motor, suspension, good track bike. opinions welcome and do you think $2400 is a good price for a 2003 cr 250 in good shape.
  11. sharky2222

    thinking of down grading

    is a 125 that bad compared to a 250 2stroke or 250 four stroke. I know they arent very torquey but really are they that slow in a c riders hands? the 250 4 stroke has nice power looking for something like that only cheaper mait.
  12. sharky2222

    thinking of down grading

    just to clear it up I have 2008 crf250r and 2003 cr 250
  13. I have a honda 250f and 250r my problem is that I dont want the expense of another overhaul on the 250f and the 250r has to much power. My only option I see is to get a 125 I relize Im a little big for a 125 at 200# but im a c rider at best. I just want something that wont scare me to death. thanks for suggestions
  14. sharky2222

    front brake help 2003 cr 250

    front brake pads were wore down pretty good so I took them off for replacement. To find that the bottom piston on the caliper doesnt want to retract back inside caliper. I tried bleeding the fluid out but it does still not want to move. any tips on freeing it up? The top piston moves in and out pretty good and I tried cleaning best I could but still it is hard to move.