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  1. So learn to wheelie really well and you've lost 40.4 lbs!
  2. You could take off the passenger pegs, if you haven't already. With their brackets, they're fairly heavy.
  3. Too many students, not enough teachers!
  4. I have the same bike but haven't torn into it yet. I'm just checking in to say I'm interested in suspension setup and will share anything I learn.
  5. For the Kawasaki KLR650 there's an aftermarket aluminum replacement for that plastic "nut". Don't know if one is available for the DR650, or even if they use the same carb. Per the KLR FAQs, the carb is a Keihin CVK40.
  6. There is a Clymer manual, their pub. no. M476. Mine is "7th printing, 2013," but there may be a newer version. I have the same manual as a searchable pdf, in case anyone's interested. ¶ The Suzuki manual from thisoldtractor (thank you TOT) used to have some pages missing, I'd like to think I recall having let them know. I found a complete version, have it on pdf as well (427 pp). ¶ From that, I deleted everything that was specific to models other than the SE, so I have a 168-page manual that's fit to my SE. ¶ Last, I made a SE models-only versin of Also on pdf I have Suzuki's Spare Parts Catalog but for the 1997-99 SE models only. ¶ I bought a manual from "Techspark", in a format that was unnecessarily complicated and didn't work well anyway. They sent me a free pdf (which they'd probably gotten from TOT, since it was missing the same pages), said they'd send me a refund if I couldn't get the fancy version to work. It took me a several months to ask for the refund; maybe that's why they didn't send it.
  7. A couple of judicious whacks with a rubber mallet or the like might help. But my Cyclepedia manual says remove exhaust and camshaft oilpipe, the starter lead and the two mounting bolts, and pull it on out. (I like Cyclepedia.com, I've used their Gen1 KLR manual a lot, and the DR350 one some. Color pix, and they're very responsive if you ask them to add info. Very reasonable subscription prices.)
  8. Water vapor is the first option. Stick your face in the exhaust and take a whiff. Or have your little brother do it... Seriously though, that's the easiest way.
  9. I also have a 1999 DR350SE (The letter designation for the '99 SE is "X", so it's really a DR350SEX. But that's just weird). I haven't changed or even checked the oil yet, but why not get the level on your beaker between the 490 and the 500 and call it good? -JW
  10. I haven't found any that fit on my bars (which I'm only guessing are oem), along with all the streetie-legal goodies (mirrors, switch cluster, etc). Anyone have a recommendation?
  11. I can't see the pix either. I see a link to contact Photobucket, but clicking on it doesn't take me anywhere. Sigh...
  12. Don't know the answer, but the one at cyclepedia.com is pretty good.
  13. I've never dealt with these people, I only found them by searching "TM33 parts", because I don't want to get back to work. But they claim to sell parts. http://www.carbparts.com/ <sales@carbparts.com>. JW
  14. Say what state you're in; the laws vary. I read up on California's law and found it would be illegal to convert a 2002 Yamaha TT225. Maybe just maybe an older bike would be grandfathered in, but knowing the regulatory climate in Cali, I very much doubt it.