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  1. nsrrider

    2018 TX300 my review

    riding in the 4000 ft range...….stock airbox
  2. nsrrider

    2018 TX300 my review

    thanks, may take you up on that.....will probably install the JD kit first and assess.....my oem jetting was getting about 20 fewer miles per tank than riding along side my buddy's lectron bike.
  3. nsrrider

    2018 TX300 my review

    Hate to sound like a recording of you guys, but I have the same bike too and it is the best dirt bike (out of about 35) that I have ever owned. Always been a 4S guy and my 17 FE450 is the best 4S out there....but the TX is simply better in the technical stuff. IMO, the Rekluse makes it even better. I was totally good with the stock carb and jetting with one exception: it was getting poor MPG. Ordered a JD kit, will see how that works. Also compared the carb to a buddy's bike with a Lectron, thought the OEM carb had better low-end throttle response. Running 50:1.
  4. Looking for advice/input on converting my 2017 FE 450 to an occasional track-day toy. Since I got a TX300 for dedicated woods riding, the 450 has become my D/S. I see that the stock Husky FS uses a 16.5 rear...would that be a significant "plus" over a 17? I don't mind lacing up my own rims, any suggestions on the best value for rim sources out there? Also, anybody know of a source for a big brake conversion kit? thanks!!
  5. nsrrider

    Giving up the mikuni battle!

    I haven't read through all of this thread yet but, it looks like I may one of very few that that have no complaint on how the Mikuni fuels as it came from the factory on my 18 TX300. Stock jetting, 50:1, riding + or - 4,000 FT. Of course I may be too obtuse to recognize any issue. Did get to back to back ride an identical bike set up with a Lectron and pipe. The Lectron was supposedly "pre-set" for the 18 TX. The bike got significantly better MPG than mine, lacked off-the-bottom response but had detectably better midrange and top end. Not sure how much the pipe played into that. The MPG advantage probably amounted to about an extra 15-20 hard riding miles.
  6. nsrrider

    Anyone Riding a Stock 2018 TX300

    20 hours now on my 18 TX......haven't touched the carb .....riding mostly in the 3-4,000 elevation range......maybe I'm not that discerning but it seems to run fine, and that is with a 1 to 40 mix ratio.....next jug of fuel will be at the recommended 1:60.
  7. nsrrider

    Outfitting FE450 for Yukon trip

    Seems like you are on the right track.....the FE 450 is a pretty good D/S. I dropped a couple teeth in back for more relaxed asphalt use and it cruises fine at 65--with good passing power on tap. Balance the wheels. I personally wouldn't worry about a kick starter....carry a small reserve lithium battery jump starter. I'd carry a spare filter if you are going to be on the road for more than a 1000 miles ...and you might want to stiffen your spring preloads. Carrying enough food and water gets problematic although where you are going a water filter is a way to get around packing water. Just my 2 cents, I'm certainly no expert on it. Oh, one other thing I've learned the hard way. If there is ANY conceivable way for something to come off your D/S, It will! Here is mine packed for camping:
  8. nsrrider

    TE-300 vs TX-300: Can't decide!

    TX (with Rekluse...... cuz I ain't Jarvis either) is nearly unstoppable....
  9. nsrrider

    Husqvarna TX 300 first rides

    I must not know what I'm missing......my 18 runs great.....it might be a little flat on top but I'm not sure if that's just the way they are, otherwise it seems to fuel clean and crisp, even running 40:1 @ 4.000FT. Fast bike!
  10. nsrrider

    Husqvarna TX 300 first rides

    Will continue to ride with the current jetting......I may not be as discerning as I could be on the jetting, not having had a 2-stroke for the last 40 years. Will continue to try and assess it. My lack of discernment may carry over to the suspension too......I reduced the air in the forks a bit but other than that, I'm not sure what I could do to improve it.
  11. nsrrider

    Tx300 or fx450

    I have both....a 17 FE450 (euro-map, FX intake, adjusted gearing) and an 18 TX300. Both Rekluse equipped. The TX is MARGINALLY better in the tight-technical terrain. It does feel lighter than the 20 LBS that it is. It takes less physical effort to ride in the difficult stuff. Mixing fuel is a bit of a pain and it's (stock) range is limited. It lugs down REALLY well, but so does the 450. The 450 is more "relaxing" to ride, a bit of a paradox. The TX is a grand cheaper. I think it comes down to what exactly you intend to do with it, your skill level and your basic preferences in a motorcycle. Just my 2 cents.
  12. nsrrider

    Husqvarna TX 300 first rides

    I had given some thought to a pipe and head....but will hold off on them. This bike does not lack for power. The AER forks on the TX are unchanged as far as I know for the 18's.
  13. nsrrider

    Husqvarna TX 300 first rides

    OK, I have two rides on my 2018 TX300 with enough saddle time to give an impression. First off, in a half century of riding dirt bikes, I have NEVER been a 2-stroke fan. When I rode a 2017 TX300 last fall, I was pleasantly surprised on how smooth and tractable the new counter-balanced motor was. I have no idea what jetting is in this bike, it seems perfect though for riding at around 4,000 feet. My other dirt bike is a 2017 FE 450 (which I love) Both bikes are Rekluse equipped. (Yes, I'm a kluse' fan-boy) Riding around here consists of rocky, technical single-track with lots of elevation changes, rock ledges, drop-offs.....and did I mention, rocks! The suspension on the 300, particularly the fork, is unquestionably superior to the Explorer fork on the 450. The bike feels a fair amount lighter than the 20 LBS that it is actually is. Steering is quicker and lighter and the bike is generally more agile. Still very planted. It's also much easier to pick up when you fall over Power is explosive--very immediate and it's easier to loft the front wheel when you need to. In those short technical sections (when you can actually apply throttle) it feels quicker than the 450. Final drive gearing feels spot-on, the gear ratios seem pretty close. This motor is a lugger....and when combined with a Rekluse makes it pretty damn unstoppable in tough up-hill climbs. And I didn't expect this next thing; the 300 seems to have a braking advantage over the 450. Same brake components, less mass to slow down I presume. Overall, I guess the 300 feels like a race bike. No doubt I can ride it faster than my 450 but, it is not particularly "relaxing." Not bad mind you, it just reminds you more often that you are on a thoroughbred of sorts. And while it may not be as relaxing as my 450, it definitely requires less pure physical effort to ride. I still don't enjoy the sound of a 2-stroke, nor mixing fuel....but, I see this bike as extending the number of years an old, broken-down trail rider like myself can ride.
  14. nsrrider

    fuel issues

    if you can see the fuel inside the tank looking like a jacuzzi then the pump is bad.....or it least thats what mine looked like in my 17 FE....mine was fixed on warranty, I hear the California Cycleworks aftermarket pump is better and cheaper.
  15. nsrrider

    BETA 300RR TO TX300

    Just got back from the maiden ride on my 18 TX. I hate 2 strokes. This bike is amazing though. Light, very powerful, lazer steering and the AER forks are a generation ahead of anything else. Jetting seems to spot on from the get-go on this 18. Will keep my beloved 17 FE450 but it will probably be relegated to dual-sport stuff.