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  1. mkcurtiss

    25Hr 09' 450F: Price?

    In certain types of terrain 25 hours would be way overdue for tire change...In others, it is about average....As for the chain and sprockets, 25 hours should not even be an issue...not on a thumper.....imho.... I also am a proud father of a us marine... OOORAH !
  2. mkcurtiss

    Grey oil?

    Sounds like clutch contamination to me. Mine gets grey, after 5 or 6 hours. I use automatic trans oil in mine. It is very nice, but needs changing often. Will get notchy after only 5 or 6 hours....but usually reduces clutch drag, and helps trans to not be so notchy, as I said, for 5 or 6 hours. I have never added a drop of water to my bike. My gray oil is not because of water. I do not roach my bike either....never under water. Go ahead and order new clutch plates, just to have on hand....... Mike
  3. mkcurtiss

    Sticking Powervalve

    I had a 360 that did this.....It was a 99...but the engine looks the same, I have a 2006 wr 250 now. The little bracket that operates the power valve developed some kind of snag, that was quite fixable....You will see it when you take the little cover off the mechanism....Do you run any kind of premix with Castor oil in it? It can get gunked up.....
  4. mkcurtiss

    British Maico's are back for 2010

    Wasn't this thread about motorcycles? Too much porn.....it takes over a persons life, then everything is relative in some way to sexual crap....***?...It makes me hate the internet......
  5. mkcurtiss

    Convince me to buy a 2 stroke... please!

    The 300 halloween bike is nice, no doubt...but you are bragging about getting a used 300 for 6000.00. We find nice 07-08 YZ's all day long for 3000.00-3500.00 or less. Less than 1000.00 in mods, and you are set. That equals 4000.00 THat is still 2000.00 less than your KTM....To me that is substantial. Granted, nothing climbs hills like a 300... Plus the Yamaha will require less maintenance than the KTM . There is always something broken or in need of maintenance on a KTM......I am telling you, there is something in that orange kool-aid ! I know you guys will defend orange until your last dying breath.....hey, if I had spent 6,7,8 grand on a dirt bike, I would defend it too, I would not have any choice ! ...My husky WR250 still has the best woods engine I have ever seen, and Husqvarna quality is unsurpassed....and I only have 2500.00 in that bike. Hey, I am just having fun guys, I love anything with 2 wheels.....opinions are like #$%holes.... everybody has one !
  6. mkcurtiss

    Transmission vibration

    Excellent. Will check both these things. Thanks guys.
  7. mkcurtiss

    Transmission vibration

    That may be what is happening. Like I said, this is my first DRZ. I will say this, last weekend I rode a friends Honda Crf 250x, while marking a Hare scramble course.....the trans on that thing was silky smooth, compared to the DRZ......is this normal ? Have any of you guys experienced the same dynamic? I am a maintenance guy...If it needs something, it will get it, but I am not just looking for something to work on...... Thanks. Mike
  8. mkcurtiss

    Transmission vibration

    Okay, I have a 2001 DRZ 400, off-road only model. The engine is super quiet, no clicking, rattling, etc. no smoking at all.....90% quieter than my Husaberg engine....The bike has not been raced. At low rpm, there seems to be some clunky feeling in the transmission. It is smooth as you accelerate, and the more power you put to it, the smoother it gets, but just chugging, which I do a lot of, as we ride lots of tight gnarly stuff, it feels kind of like when you are trying to chug your engine at too low rpm, and it is doing that whole snort kick thing they do when you need to shift down....... But I believe this is in the trans.....It shifts great, never jumps out of gear, or does anything weird, but it just seems like something is wrong...almost like the trans gears are jumping up and down a little......Is this typical of a DRZ? This is the first DRZ i have ever had. Any info is greatly appreciated. Mike
  9. I have to agree, a used 150 Thumper is a pretty good choice. And the electric start will be nice. Definitely, do not buy a brand new bike. You will just throw money away. There are some more bikes out there that would be okay, even some 2 strokes, but for a first bike, the 150 would be great. You could get a Yamaha TTR 125, cheap and easy to ride....They also make a TTR 225, but the Honda 230 is a better bike and about the same porky weight. You could also investigate a Kawasaki KDX 200 or 220. Now this is a 2 stroke, but it is so freakin easy to ride it is silly, and very low maintenance, and much better bike than the aforementioned...plenty of bike for a big guy to ride, but still docile enough for a newbie...they are lightweight,and fairly inexpensive. Good Luck. Always wear protective gear, so when you fall, you wont get hurt. Mike
  10. mkcurtiss

    2010 wr250

    I have an '06 Wr 250.....I have also had YZ 250'S, RM 250'S,TC 250'S. WR 360'S, ETC...... The WR is a tractor. It is like cheating in the woods. We ride nasty, slick, snotty, gnarly stuff here. It is probably the best engine I have ever had.The quality of the Husky is superior to any of the big 5. The bike does not turn like an RM.....what does....it is not as flickable as a YZ.....what is.....it is too tall...nothing new.....it has a short kick starter that is kind of a bitch, because the bike has quite a bit of compression for a smoker....it does not have a hydraulic clutch like the TC's......go figure.....The brakes are nice.....it is easy to work on.....the suspension is fantastic, once you figure out how to ride it and how to set it up.....It is an exotic machine, and is fun to ride. If you could take a WR 250 engine and put in a YZ chassis....wow...what a bike.......I love my WR 250, but it is not perfect. If you want to go as fast as possible, get parts anywhere, and have a light flickable, well built bike, get a YZ 250. But if you like being different (I do), the Husky is a great machine......You can ride a Husky 2 stroke for 3 years on 1 piston. Use the same cylinder for 5 years....these things just do not happen with other brands....and I have had them all....except for a TM......Cannot vouch for a TM or a Gas Gas, one way or the other.
  11. mkcurtiss

    Convince me to buy a 2 stroke... please!

    A YZ 250, with a woods pipe, and flywheel weight, and save yourself 2500.00 over the price of a KTM.......And the YZ is just as good a bike......You will get used to the power, and the above mods will calm it down........Not to mention you can buy parts for a Yamaha anywhere.....and ktm....well...you know......or you will find out.........KTM is a fad and they are way overpriced.....THe YZ 250 is the most successful dirt bike in history...for a reason........it should be.
  12. mkcurtiss

    2005 Tc250

    Bikes came electric only. Kickstart was extra. Get the large battery and just keep it topped off. The thing starts like a champ. Even hot. Front wheel bearings will go bad if not already. Get you a manual. Three different oil filters/screens. If the forks are real stiff, my guess is they are not broke in. Manual says 800 miles of aggressive riding to break in forks.....seems like a lot, but for sure, they take a while to break in. I am a "B" rider, weigh 205 lbs. Ride all woods. The suspension on mine is now in the sweet spot....absolutely perfect. Broke in, but not worn out. Make sure the forks are not binding.....many folks fall, or hit things, and do not take the time to realign the forks. This is crucial. Takes maybe 7 minutes. Back off on compression clicker, but only a little at a time. 1 click makes a big difference. You will also need to readjust rebound, but only 1 click at a time. Set the sag. You do not need to take the suspension anywhere. Ride the bike hard on rough terrain...it wants to be ridden hard and fast anyway. Suspension will never break in just play riding on trails. Broken-in Husky suspension is better than Factory Connection Honda Suspension. But you must ride the bike hard to get it done. Let me know how it goes. Freakin motor is not massively powerful, but it is bulletproof. Change oil every ride.
  13. mkcurtiss

    Street Legal DRZ 400 ?

    Is there a way to get a tag in Tennessee for a DRZ 400 E ? What is this I hear about getting a title "bonded" and then getting a tag? I like the fact that the DRZ 400 is still a good trailbike, but got enough guts to ride on the road a little. I know there are KTM and Husky dual sport bikes already street legal....but not for near the price of the DRZ I have found from a buddy. I have 3 motocross bikes, but want a plate !!!!!! Thank you for any help !!!!!!! Mike
  14. mkcurtiss

    Interesting Experience...

    It will maybe run 50.....Agree on the suspension too...usually the weakside.....This bike is in a sweetspot on suspension....It is broken in good, but not worn out....I also have a 2002 RM 250....massively more powerrful and faster, but on slimy stuff the Husky is much more ridable, and it takes a lot more out of me to ride the Suzuki, plus the Suzuki suspension is much stiffer and since the bike is a lot lighter, it gives a lot rougher ride..... I always take both bikes, and choose one based on the condition of the course I am riding......the Husky is clearly a more quality machine, but nothing turns like a Suzuki...man......
  15. mkcurtiss

    Interesting Experience...

    I was riding with a couple of my buddies a week ago at one of our local riding areas.....One is riding an 07 KTM XC 250, the other an 04 Honda CRF 450. Both bikes have Factory Connection Suspension, the 450 a Rekluse Pro clutch. So the guy on the 450 is eyeing my 05 Husky TC 250 and asking a lot of questions.,...He really liked the way it looked, and had heard great things about Husky's, but had never ridden one. ...Mind you, both of these guys currently race in open "A" and in recent years raced in "AA" in our local races and "A" in the Mid South Hare Scramble races......these guys are experienced and fast....faster then me....I do good to keep up in VET "B"......Anyway, as we readied for another lap, I asked Dale, the 450 rider, if he would like to swap bikes for a lap....he hesitantly accepted my offer, and we were off.....I mean I understand his reservations....he must have thought he would be in for a real lap of torture, going from his tricked out 450 to my stock 250......about halfway thru the lap we all stopped...well, they stopped to wait for me to catch up.....lol...and when I catch up to them, they are all(several other riders are with us also) talking about the freaking Husky, how awesome it is, and how fantastic the suspension is. Now the area we were riding in was typical hare scramble single track environment, and it was wet and as slick as grease on a ratchet. He completed the loop on the Husky, and when I got back to the truck, I heard him saying to our other "A" riding buddy that he wished he could take the suspension off the Husky and put on his Honda.....The only drawback about the Husky is that in the field sections on the course, it just does not have the speed.....But if you could stay in the woods the whole race, it would be a lethal trail weapon....I am guessing the 450's have much more on top...wish the TC 250 had a sixth gear.....I do have like a 52 rear sprocket on it, but even changing that would not get it even close to the speed of that 450... Nevertheless, he wanted to trade me his 450 for my 250....of course I declined, but, hey, what a testimony....HUSKY ROCKS !!!!! ....On a sad note, it is rather humbling to see someone get on your bike, who has never ridden it, and pull out of sight of you, within 15 seconds..... He was doing things on my bike I did not know were possible...it was a real treat , really......