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  1. NYCdrz

    Are KTMs better than the DRZ?

    No failures.... What happened to you at the Dual Sport last November????? Dan You coming to our DS next weekend??? 6/27??: What happened to me was a classic example of KTM "failures" caused by bad maintenance by the owner that are then blamed on the bike. I did a hamfisted job of putting on the clutch cover and dropped three needle bearings from the estart gear into my motor. Not to say KTM hasn't had it's share of defects and recalls, that is absolutely true. My point was, on my bike, the only things that have gone wrong were my own damn fault, not the bike or the engineering. It requires a bit more maintenance and the bike is different in lots of ways from the Japanese bikes, making a "novice do-it-yourselfer" like me vulnerable to doing it wrong and having problems as a result. Would love to do the DS next weekend, Joe. Looking into it. D
  2. NYCdrz

    Are KTMs better than the DRZ?

    I've owned both - at the same time. Different bikes, different advantages for each. When racing or riding race pace off-road, the KTM was my choice. I've had no failures on mine, but it does take more maintenance. The DRZ requires less maintenance, and is far more comfortable for casual riding. Sit-down riding is much easier on the DRZ - the KTM responds to aggressive riding, and rewards it. But it will beat you up if you aren't on the pegs and on the gas. My revalved DRZ suspension (WER) was just as good as the stock stuff on my KTM. The "S" model motor was lacking - but I think the "E" DRZ's I've ridden feel very much like my KTM 400 exc motorwise. You can feel the difference in weight and handling - the DRZ-E isn't that much heavier, but it carries its weight higher and you can feel it in the corners and tight woods. No reason to bash either one. I couldn't afford two bikes, and was getting into racing and riding hard off-road, so for me, keeping the KTM and selling the DRZ was a no-brainer. But for the guy who bought it, it was the perfect bike.
  3. NYCdrz


    So, I'm gone for a few months and come back to find out TT is now in the life-saving biz? AWESOME!!! I bet lots of non-dirtbikers will read this. If this is you, please remember - dirtbiking is not a crime, and dirtbikers are not criminals. They are caring, real people just like you. One of us might save your life one day!
  4. If this is a riddle, I'd say maybe you're outta gas?
  5. NYCdrz

    Length of xr200?

    Need to have one shipped - a 1988 model to be exact. Looking for measurement from wheel to wheel. Anybody know? 1988's had long travel suspension so might not be same length as newer models but wouldn't mind knowing newer model either - cant be that much different since frame is same. Thanks DAN
  6. NYCdrz

    Looking for the most quiet pipe...

    The other funny thing was, that same guy got beat by my friend who rode his 350lb KLR650 two hours to the race, did the entire 60miles through absolute hell, and then rode home. Noise output from that bike is about 84dbs
  7. NYCdrz

    Looking for the most quiet pipe...

    There was a guy running a drz with a yosh uncorked exhaust at the enduro yesterday in NJ. Anyone who thinks that isn't way too loud and obnoxious ought to get their hearing checked. Only thing close to that loud are the WRF's with no baffle. Funny thing was, the NJ rides are through trees that are so tight your footpeg's can't fit through in many places, much less your bars. I hardly touched the throttle all day - it only led to trouble. What's the point of a yosh pipe in there?
  8. These are friends of mine just starting a business - I've seen the stuff, it's great and they will definitely make you happy. Check out their attached "swivel" roll chart and watchdog protectors. Really cool stuff for enduro guys.
  9. This will be easy answer for most of you guys - couple questions to help my friend enhance his stocker: - What's name and part number for the GYTR racing baffle? - What's the update to make his WRF easier to kickstart? (install '04 cams, decomp, rejet, powernow, what?) Thanks, DAN
  10. A very good point. But DON'T MAKE THE MISTAKE I DID. Make sure the guy who sells you the tank uses his key to remove the cap first. Otherwise...well, you get the picture. Vince - you're right about the metal cap. Therein lies the weight difference. I know - I had to drill through the cap on my eBay tank just to get it off. It wasn't a quick process! (nor was removing the metal shavings)
  11. NYCdrz

    Convince me to spend money on Radiator Guards

    Try this for convincing: Walk up to a urinal. Start peeing. Look down and observe the green water flowing quickly and horizontially from its original owner. Now imagine that's your radiator after a slight tipover that landed you funny on a rock. Now imagine you're 115 miles from home. Now GO GET SOME RADIATOR GUARDS YOU CHEAPO!!!! (true story, happened to me on my first ride with my new drz - burned probably remembers )
  12. Just installed the Emig Racing 18mm's -- perfect fit with the WER damper. And they are a beautiful piece of machine work too. Only problem I found was the reduced offset means they hit the stopper bolts sooner and for some reason, dent easier from the impact. I solved this by getting some vacuum plugs, heating them up a bit so they soften, and pressing them on over the stop bolts. Once they cool they are a tight fit, but easy enough to remove to adjust bolts if you ever need to. DAN
  13. MNelson78 is the drz guy who made his own. haven't seen him around in a while but try a search for his directions. they were photos with text, pretty clear. I think he used a beer can.
  14. NYCdrz

    Is mushy front brake normal?

    Everyone keeps referring to this tip as "almost free". What's not free about it? Remove bolt, drill, clean and replace. Or am I missing something?
  15. I'd have to agree with Sumio on this one - this is an inclusive forum about dirtbikes. Sumio is a dirtbiker, and if the term is offensive to him -- and he's politely and intelligently stated his case -- why berate him for it? He's simply standing up for himself, as you would if someone used a negative term for your ethnicity. To be safe -- if you are intent on saving keystrokes when using potentially offensive words -- why not be clear that you are abbreviating by using a period at the end of these words, as this is the commonly understood signal of abbreviation? That would cost you only one more keystroke and save you from offending any of our fellow riders. Everyone back in the sandbox and play nice this time!