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  1. Haha, am I the only one that got that??
  2. WB450

    2014 Motocross TV Coverage?

  3. Does anyone know the TV schedule? Thanks, WB
  4. WB450

    ProTaper Pillow Grip

    I love mine, only grip I'll use from here on out!
  5. WB450

    dune trip to St. Anthony .Idaho

    I rode my buddies stock raptor (pipe only) up CC, did it on my banshee in 2nd gear all day long, I miss those days.
  6. WB450

    06 TTR 230 Wires to the clutch?

    I need to replace my wife's clutch perch and there are wires going to it, is this a safety thing? Can I unplug it? Thanks WB
  7. WB450

    Some Thoughts From Washougal

    I enjoyed Washougal, especially the trees.
  8. WB450

    Hey Doshi! Why Didn't You Tell James...

    Good point.
  9. WB450

    Hey Doshi! Why Didn't You Tell James...

    Mathis has said JS& has used a Rekluse for a while.
  10. WB450

    YZ450 2009 IMS Tank

    Mine was pretty easy, I used slightly longer bolts on the lower rad connection points. I have Zip-Ty rad guards and have no issues, but they're more for crush than front and rear protection..
  11. Bought my wife a TTR230, she loves it.
  12. WB450

    14 Tooth Sprocket For TT-R230?

    Yamaha TT-R230 2005 - 2009 1212-0062 http://www.mooseraci...08&md=1139&mk=6