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    KX 250 Big Bore

    There was a earlier thread about 250 Big bores, most that I saw dealt with the earlier bikes. I would like to big bore a 06 250, I like the snap but would like to have a bit more bottom end torque, anybody done one of these? Ultimately I think I'm going to put it in Aluminum frame, but we'll see.
  2. don46

    13 backfire screen removal

    I have removed several screens, I think the 250f benefits more than the 450. I would only use a filter such as no toil or K&N both are flame resistant, to the poster who said you would have to have something wrong for it to happen, not so, if you stall it just at the right time it can backfire and cause a fire. I had a pre wrap on a K&N and had a flame out, the filter pre wrap being nylon ignited and destroyed the filter. use no petroleum oil either, it can and does happen, not often but enough that you could be the lucky one.
  3. don46


    The software is different for the 09 than the 15, you will need the updated disc. the wiring for the 09 was the same as the 12 and up, it wasthe 11 that had some different wiring. My guess is the part you left on the bike is the expensive piec as it had the logging tool and the plug in for the computer. So you need the wire to connect to the power, the 15 software, and the logger and wiring to connect to the ecu, not sure you can just buy that piece
  4. don46

    Are my valves stainless?

    Since this is in the KX450 section I am going to assume the OP has a KX450, in which case both the intake and exhaust are titanium. for edification a magnet will not stick to stainless either, unless you have a very very high carbon content stainless, and valves aren't high carbon
  5. I opened this post thinking it would be scattered or something, maybe that would have been a better deal. at least there is only one person to blame.
  6. You "just rebuilt the bottom end" by this I assume you installed new bearings and seals. A seal could for sure be bad and that would/could cause the problem. compression wouldn't cause the problem you describe unless it was way wore out and you put in a new piston and freshened it up, in which case I would say that all you need to do is turn the idle down. when foirst started there was, I hope, alot of oil and once it burned out it started reving. by the way if they get to revving uncontrollably the kill switch may not kill it, you have to put it into gear and stall it. there really isn't much information to try to diagnose a problem, for example did you do the rebuild on the bottom end, have you done it before, did you use new bearings and seals, did you do the top end as well what do you have for jetting is the idle screw way in should try to include a bit more info to get meaningful answer
  7. don46

    2013 kx450f white smoke and milky oil

    As i recall there are double seals and a weep hole in between them so the idea is that you shouldn't get any in the oil if you have a coolant leak. having said that ther is the gasket between the side cover that could be leaking or the head gasket or the base gasket. I had an athena cylinder that seperated and leaked into the oil, my best guess would be head gasket if your getting white smoke.
  8. don46

    sad 97 kx story; need opinions.

    first off a 250 will not fit with minor adjustments, you will have to cut the cradle and rebuild it, I wouldn't do that. You spent a good amount of time and effort to restore it, I would get the cylinder repaired, there are many companies that do it, they may be able to fix the head as well, and go through the bottom end with new crank, bearings and seals, then you know what you have.
  9. don46

    Brand new bike - catastrophic engine failure

    At a minimum I would go for a new complete motor. In 1993 I bought a new KX 500, it boiled every time I rode it, I checked the water pump to make sure it was turning as well as anything else I could think of, after much dilema I found the problem, when the case was cast the csasting plugged the water pump discharge so no water was going to the cylinder. Kawasaki wanted to rebuild the motor, I refused and told them they could install a new motor but I felt like ther were going to be issues down the road due to the excessive heat introduced to the motor, in the end they gave me a new bike, rebuilt my old one and sold it as used.
  10. don46

    Kx 500 2002

    Its more than I would pay, but, I'm a skeptic and would assume I would have to do to much work to get it right. Having said that It appears to be a very nice bike and I would expect the paint to be wore off the frame where your boots come in contact. The other thing, it's your money and your bike and if you like it then thats all that matters, because lets face it there are not very many clean 500's left so if you can find a clean one, go for it.
  11. don46

    2012 kx450f using/burning oil? Need advice!

    When the filter is removed it should hold .98 Liter or 1.04 quarts, so if you only put in .98 quart it would be low. Dry it will hold 1.27 quarts
  12. don46

    2012 kx450f using/burning oil? Need advice!

    Maybe, if you lean it you should see a oil level, there really is no place for the oil to go that wouldn't show in the bottom cases with the exception on the head, you can actuall have quite a bit in the head, by which i mean a few tablespoons. If you lean the bike and it has a level, start it and warm it up good, then check the oil and remember it will take a bit for it to go back into the crankcases after its been run. /the point that everybody was trying to make was it should be a reference, so if you know you have added the right amount of oil, where does it show on the sight glass, maybe it doesn't show, although on all of my 450's after an oil change it shows on the sight glass. As I said earlier if you are losing alot of oil you will know it, it will be all over you and your bike, dust will cling like nobodys business. If you are truly uncomfortable with this issue you could put in a new piston, this was a used 12 right, then you have covered the bases. One other thing I didn't think of at first was the valve stem seals they could be leaking and drawing oil in, although I would expect it to smoke if that was the case, actually even if the piston was worn I would expect to see smoke. You may be way overthinking this, to alleviate your issues maybe drain the oil out and measure it that will tell you if you have an issues as well. by the way, top of the sight glass I would say is overfilled
  13. don46

    2012 kx450f using/burning oil? Need advice!

    I think everyody is missing the OP point, his question isn' whether the sight glass is accurate to measure, it is that it was there and now it is gone, WHY. I am very meticulous about my bikes, if it show no oil in the sight glass I will tip it, even then will add to at least see it in the sight glass. I have not seen a 450 do it, but a 250f after a fresh top end will sometimes blow oil out the breathr hose, I think this is due to the rings not being seated and the blow by is building pressure in the crankcase. Now to the original question, if you lost a half a quart of oil out the breather it would be all over the bike and probably covered with dust making a real mess. It is common for some to come out, it will leave a small oil spot usually rigt on the frame rail, if you have that I wouldnt worry, if it was all down the side of the bike I would maybe worry
  14. don46

    Need help ASAP! 2000 KX250 or a 2002 KX250...

    honestly there were no major changes between 00 and 02, probably the forks was the biggest change, both are good reliable bikes. Like any do the maintenance and they will last along time.
  15. don46

    Eric Gorr 295 vs. 265

    I don't think you can go 295 with the newer cylinders, the port layout is different than the older motors and as such once you get that much bigger the port openings get to close. I did an 06, twice, each time never made it more than 10 minutes before it would hook a port, mine was done by Kustom Kraft, he was good about it but still ended up getting another cylinder, head and powervalves to go back to square one. if they will do it make sure they will stand behind their work.
  16. don46

    Suspension revalve

    Enzo would be the last place I'd go, they charged me $750 and when I complained about it in the whoops they said my son was chopping the throttle, finally I tore into them myself, found they had not even ground the peening off the shafts, stay away. I had really good luck with Tom Morgan racing. I would use a smaller shop, they will work with you to get it right. Maybe try Richard Wilson at house of Horsepower. To answer your first question, is it worth it, short answer yes, with the caveat that the builder knows what they are doing.
  17. go over to kxriders.com in the commercially available services, check out the power dynamo MZB flywheel, stator and generator, I don't use one but many over there do and they rave about them, the ouput is much higher than anything commercially available.
  18. don46

    Kx450f uh oh?

    ANOTHER THING ON THE 08, it has the hot start lever, if you wash your bike alot the cable may not be letting the plunger return to full seat, that will cause the pop on decel, and while I have seen that happen I would be more inclinded to think exhaust leak, is it a stock pipe? on aftermarket it may be a good idea to use high tem silcone at the joint
  19. don46

    2012 450 - oil filter cover 2 issues

    I too had one break off the lip, i suspect it had to do with not removing the cover squarely. my soloution was a billett cover, no more case junk, end of problem. you can find a Maxxima cover for like $25 ON EBAY
  20. don46

    2010 kx450f tuner, new, used?

    The components are the same for 09-10 and 12-14 with only the software being different, 11 used some different plugs. Surely somebody in UT has one you could borrow, where in UT are you
  21. don46

    KDX hybrid

    if you buy the 1991, the pipe will do you no good, it is an up pipe, using the newer 200/220 it has a down, by down i mean it runs closer to the clutch cover and under the tank. I would use th 250f chassis as it is a bit more compact than the 450 and has Showa suspension components, although yopu could use those on the 450 as well. the distance from the front downtube to the center line of the swingarm bolt is less on the 250f than the 450f. I put a 250 2t motor into a 250f chassis, it was an easy mod. weight wise there is no advantge to using an AL chassis over steel, it just has the bling factor. in some cases the steel frame is better than AL, you hear this all time in supercross, although probably a non issue for us mortals.
  22. don46

    KX450F fuel pump issues

    I'm working on a 12, that has issues when cold starting, if I plug in a 12v power source it fires right up. I swapped fuel pumps with no success, I was rebuilding the motor and tested the stator and found one line dead, during investigation I found a broken wire at the stator, cleaned the ends and soldered so now it tests ok and hopefully it will fix the problem. so if you have a tester test the stator to make sure you have all three leads good. the TPS angle is a bit more cumbersome to test but can and should, newer models have the ability to test use the launch control light.
  23. don46

    Doing PWK swap (Jeekinz, stop in)

    Look at a reed cage from a 1993 I think, they were a 6 petal reed , that coupled with the 38 makes the 125 have some killer top end. I'm trying to remember but it seems there were some of these that had the power jets that needed power to close so when you really wick it on it sucks fuel out of the bowl causing a rich condition on the top end, If your not using the power jet plug the orfice to eliminate it from the equation when trying to jet.
  24. don46

    Kx 500 kips adjustment

    You are correct piston has no relation to the KIPS, it is only RPM sensitive, inside the clutch cover is a governor that controls the movement. Assuming the rod on the cylinder moves in and out easily and the valves in the cylinder are timed correctly you will need to make sure the arm is in the roller on the rod and tighten the 10mm nut on the shaft, there is no alignment on the arm, just shaft all the way in and tighten the nut. I usually back out the allen cover on the other side of the cylinder a half turn or so before it tighten the nut to put a minute amount of preload on the shaft. not rocket science for sure, the power valves do over rotate, you can add a longer bolt to prevent this although it does make the bike easier to start. as suggested by Sappers go to kxriders, they will have all the information your looking for and probably things you haven't thought of yet.
  25. can't say on the 2 stroke, but I have seen a few hot rods failures on 4 stroke. I only go OEM or Carillio rods stock pin and bearing