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    awesome another commercial! ahiakljdsnnvalnm,dsmncxjk nfdmalngdjksanvda vdakngdksah;dgsklanvbkca,na.,va,mndb,mvangm,angdsa.n.ga,mnga,
  2. kawasaki891


    I don't get how a 7-3 (10) moto score of alessi beat out shorts 5-4 (9) and mettys 4-5 (9). I see the points based on position were all 34, but short and metty had a better overall race. So now in the event of a tie( in this case a three way tie) it comes down to the last moto score instead of the better overall moto finish?
  3. kawasaki891

    What are the longest lasting friction plates?

    tusk i heard are crap. i think EBC is good. my only beef with EBC is having to adjust the clutch each time before i ride and as the transmission heated up. other than that it worked great Hinson doesnt suggest barnett because the kevlar material is hard on the transmission i guess, thats what they told me when i called, and they suggested using OEM stuff. ive gotten good use out of my OEM stuff and have never needed to adjust the clutch as it heated up
  4. kawasaki891

    are you guys getting fuel in oil???

    i think fuel is coming out of my breather tube but just a little bit. i was curious myself if anyone is having this problem? i think i had 10 hours on my bike when i first noticed. '11 kx450
  5. kawasaki891

    KX Suspension Mods, Valving, Lowering, etc.

    i had a local guy do my suspension, but he just kept the same valving race tech was suggesting.
  6. kawasaki891

    KX Suspension Mods, Valving, Lowering, etc.

    ok, yeah i thought you used it but the pic didnt look like it. hope u like the gold valves. i have them for the forks and shock and it really made a difference from stock. they really soak up the terrain well, and really improved cornering.
  7. kawasaki891

    KX Suspension Mods, Valving, Lowering, etc.

    jeekinz from your pic i couldnt tell, but did you do the dual stage or single stage valving?
  8. kawasaki891

    06 KX250 Air Gap Setting

    ive changed out my stator, throttle sensor and the other sensor on the carb and have tried setting the gap sensor to .025 .027 .032 .035 and tried changing the ignition timing and it didnt help the problem. so then i ran half110 and half 91 and my bike runs fine now.
  9. kawasaki891

    noise on right side of engine

    i was riding the other day and noticed there was a noise that sounded like my clutch basket nut came loose and the washer was rattling around inside. the higher the rpms the more you could hear it, at an idle you couldnt hear it really at all. took the engine covers off and everything was tight and good, except the noise sounded like it was coming from the kickstart idle gear spinning with the kickstart gear. could the little spring behind the kickstart gear be losing its tention or maybe its something else? any suggestions?
  10. kawasaki891

    kyb forks losing pressure

    alright thanks for the info:thumbsup:
  11. kawasaki891

    kyb forks losing pressure

    ok yeah ill be getting my own tools here and really check everything. for fork tools, i will be gettingthe cartridge holding tool, shock seal bullet and fork bullet (not nessesarily required, could use small plastic bag), fork cap wrench, fork seal driver, and fork vise jaws (not needed as i saw in one of those videos but will come in handy) i have a ratio rite . what tools will be needed to rebuild my shock? looks like i will beable to use these tools when i get my new kx450
  12. kawasaki891

    kyb forks losing pressure

    alright thanks:thumbsup:
  13. kawasaki891

    kyb forks losing pressure

    kawa i didnt see tha link you posted, i cant find a part number for that seal
  14. kawasaki891

    kyb forks losing pressure

    thanks guys. can someone give me the cartrige seal part number maybe? not sure what it looks like, or is it all those o rings? i know that small rod will extend all the way out on both forks. is there a certain oil level that should be in the inner chamber? he just fills it up till the rod will extend fully. im wondering if hes putting to much oil in it and when its all put back together, its over pressuring the inner chamber. i recently had racetech goldvalves put in but it was "bleeding off" before that, and the guy said hes had this same problem on the 3 other kawasakis hes worked on (kx450s).
  15. kawasaki891

    kyb forks losing pressure

    my 07 250 keeps losing pressure in the inner chambers, and the guy who does my suspension doesnt know why its "bleeding off". he went to those race tech classes and just does suspension for the local racers. maybe someone has had this similar problem? im tired of bringing him my suspension after 10 hours. im guessing hes not doing the proper steps to ensure the inner chamber is filled with the correct oil levels. i think its time to get my own suspension tools and do it myself. any help would be great