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  1. Frist thing you did to your bike in the old days was put compresson release on it. one of the best mods you could do.still got one out in the shop some where. great for going down hills or bump starting
  2. finetyme

    450f vs 500 2 stroke

    My son and I race hill climes at carnegie. These times are on the same hill same day. CR 500 13.94 sec. 6th. place, YZ 450 14.41 1st. place, YZ 250 13.62 3rd place and yz 125 15.93 1st place but every race he is the fastest evertime,every year on the yz 250. the 500 has the most power by far.But you can't use it. With me on it and I weight 280 pounds. It gets sideways in 3rd gear in the street and thats with a new terra flex rear tire
  3. finetyme

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    3 -4t 5-2t and love them all
  4. finetyme

    Back Brakes!!!!

    try filling the m/c up with brake fluid disconnect the brake line pump the brake pedldle dose fluid come out? if it dose connect the line then check at the caliper for fluid. or loosen the bleeder and it should run out by it self.after a little while
  5. I have a cherry 2004 yz 125 that i can't get 2000. dollars for it. and i have been trying to sell for a year now.it might just be a good deal check the vin with dmv
  6. finetyme

    Why is Neutral half way between gears

    I had a 1967 yamaha 100 that was n1234 that was a pain kaw used to be that way to 1n2345 is the best.
  7. finetyme

    YZ85 V-force Reeds, how do these look?

    They are overpriced like most parts for your bike.But they do make a notable increase in performance.
  8. finetyme

    On any Sunday

    Great movie anyone know of a movie that was like any sunday. That came out a few years latter (like in 1974 to 1976) My wife rented this movie and it was just like any sunday with all types of racing, moto x,flat track, roadracing,and hillclimbs.While watching this movie my life long riding friend and now next door neighbors face pops on the screen ready to do a hillclimb on his new 1974 Yamaha sc 500 he look about 16 years old.My kid and his kid both are A class hillclimbers now and think there hot sh#t.I would love to show them this movie to bring them down a couple of notches
  9. finetyme

    What other toys do you own?

    2000 426 1970 pete 10 wheeler 2005 250 5 go peds 2004 125 6 rc boats 1996 cr 500 5 rc airplanes 1981 it 465 3 traxx trucks 1971 125 10 group 27 slot cars 1977 xlch 1990 corvette 1996 sea doo 1995 ford 4x4 1996 jet ski it's a full time job to keep this shit running 1980 sanger jet boat L88 1990 peterbilt 10 wheeler water truck
  10. Could a 2stroke have 4stroke dry stump lubrication? would it be cleaner?
  11. finetyme

    Who's been riding 30 years?

    1st bike was a taco 66 minebike had a west ben 2 stroke 5 hp when my dad came home with that bike it was one of the best days of my life. I road that bike every chance i could .My freind had a brand new just released minitrail 50.We got frist tickets together.He went on to be champion hillclimer funny thing is he lives a cross the street from me now and we still ride together to this day.2nd bike was a yamaha trailmaster 100, 3rd was a honda sl 175 great bike wish i still had that one.next one was a 1973 mx 360 that bike was fast ported,piped and counter weights removed head milled.After that I took a brake for ten years 1988 won a 465 in a poker game son came along that year. never thoght the day would come that the kid and his buddys could out ride me.now they won't even ask me to ride with them.. now we have a 2000 cr 500,2004 yz 125,2005 yz 250, 2000 426
  12. finetyme

    Anyone have one of these??

    You can do it to a stock throttle tube with a pice of pvc pipe.Look for the mod. on the yz 400-450 form. I did it works great.
  13. finetyme

    YZ 1/4 turn race throttle mod

    Did this mod last week on my 426 worked great. I too had a hard time getting full throttle. I ride the hills at Carnegie and it was almost to fast for me. I tried it yesterday(Hillslimbs) for the first time, but maybe I'm just not use to it yet. In the description you say to use a 1 1/4" coupler on mine it was 1 1/4" pipe not the coupler. Great post!
  14. I think that you saw the bent end off(hacksaw,cut off wheel)then you can get it through the case.you need to remove the clutch baskit and the kick starter gear.
  15. What's the physical differance between the two. if you had the two side by side how could you tell?