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  1. Cant find one, if anyone is parting a bike or knows of were to buy a new used one, please PM me. thanx....
  2. Check these guys out..... http://www.rigidindustries.com/product-p/eseries6.htm
  3. Awesome.... I see your in Washington ... Any chance you are near Portland ? Reason is I have a few questions and would like to speak... Please let me know.
  4. Nice work bro... With the E Start on my 650L - Ihave to figure someting out....
  5. Has anyone mounted a Magura juice clutch on a 650L ? If sow - how did you mount the piston to the engine case ? Help ...
  6. They do not allow Husky riders to ride there ... closed.. as in NO...
  7. 2008 650L with the FCR mx swapped in. Runs terrific in all throttle settings except the idle is a mess. Wont idle cold without the choke on. Small back fire then dies. Idel RPM varies all over the place. Takes a long time for the bike to be warm wee its stable. I have the adjustable fuel screw. Main 165. Main Air jet - 200. DTP needle. 35 pilot. Run in Portland Or. Any help / comments would be appreciated.....
  8. Sweet.. that will make a HUGE difference in terms of engine life. I would recomend you look at the Acerbis Super moto fender dude. Serious venting there, I had my hand over the cooler @ 60mph, had excellent flow over the cooler. Im really curious as to what you see with the XR's only dipstck temp gauge vs. that digital. That said, Im showing on mine to be running about 250 to 255 ,,, apx.
  9. X 2 ... They are excellent quality.
  10. Ahh.. I see. It was the picture that and my perception. It looked like it was off much more then above picture. That said,whne I first set my Oil Cooler up, It became apparent that I had to be almost " fanatic " about tucking the lines in. The various approaches such as mounting on the stator side case - lower down will definaitly cost someone - big time.Respectfully amigo, I would consider figuring a way to tuck those line on to a vertical mount as this lessens the chance catching of the oil line / lines on a branch or rock if you do happen to go down. Hopefully that will never be an issue bro, but in Idaho / Oregon, some of the place we ride are " Out-there" . Either way, dood luck man.....
  11. Heres another approach to the cooler issue. Sorry, dont know how to post so the pics are on Smugmug. Just used a lincoln buzz box,, two simple welds and 1/4 in. thick steel from Home Depot. Piece of cake... Also reinforced the subframe and remounted my Klopin. No shake ... Makes the bike more stable. As far as the oil Temp. Hovers around 250 on the highway. Spuddl, your a information respource for all of us, but that cooler hanging off the side wiggs me out. Hope this helps: http://muddaholic.smugmug.com/Motorc...1996&k=64ZxKbQ Also, the tubing is 3/8 aluminum I purchased at Ace Hardware.
  12. Uhh..trail riding in ILL. ??? thats a very funny thing. as There is no trail riding in ILL. thats worth a shiiit. Face it, for off road ... your in the wrong place man... the wrong fooookin place. Glad I moved suka's ... Let me see.. did 67 miles in the east side of the Cascades today. Desert racing next weekend. Off Tuesday, So I will go skiing on Mt. Hood. Later flat landers!!!
  13. Get the Clarke 4.7 Very good tank, but dont worry about the air flow. It will not make much of a difference at all, Install the XR's only Oil temp gauge and note the baseline with the current tank, Observe any difference that may occur with the new Clark. Odds are there will be none to speak of. If there is, install and Oil cooler abd run full sythetic oil.
  14. Hmm... So why dont you just buy one ? XR's only makes a pretty good one. Ive had it for a while, seems accurate and durable.
  15. Some many know this, but the Greens have been able to shut down WW NF to ALL motorized vehicles. This applies to MTB / Trucks / SUV's - Horse back ... and OHV's. This is going to hit not just the recreational users but also the local businesses and especially hard hit will be the local families that need to drive into the woods to collect firewood to heat thier homes. The time will be 9:00 to 10:00. My segment will be on @ 9:20 to 10:00. OPB / NPR...... On the FM dial... I will be refuitting many of the false claims made by the greens and will explain that we have a vested interest in helping to maintain the ecological balance..... in addition to all the people who us and enjoy the NF.. Wish me luck and let me klnow what you think !!
  16. I believe the answer is is no. NWTA has a mcahine, CGORA does not ? but someone can confirm that.
  17. This is a bummer. So, how do we " Audit " the fund allocation and the usage of the capital items purchased with OHV Funds ?
  18. So.. going back to the topic at hand .... I called the HRC and spoke with : Henry Buckalew henry.buckalew@co.hood-river.or.us Mar 8 (4 days ago) to me Steve: This is the last reminder I sent out toeveryone about the last trails meeting. It has some documents attached that youmight want to look at. By the way our next trails meeting is scheduled forTuesday, April 10, 2012. Glad we have been able to meet. I hopethere is some way I can reach out to the folks on the forum sites. Please contact me if you have anyquestions or comments. Henry D. Buckalew Trails Program Coordinator/ForestTechnician II Hood River County Forestry Department office: (541) 387-7089 cell: (541) 806-3584 He seemed like a good guy and was very forthcoming. When asked about the percieved misallocation of funds, he was adamit that was not happeneing. A request was made by HRC to secure funding ( $50,000. ) for a trail building machine. I asked him " thats great, what percentage of the time will it be deployed on OHV trails versus MTB ? " and he said that it will be used only on OHV trail development. Thats said, I offered him the use of a backhoe and a bulldozer for one week in the summer. This as an olive branch. I said I would be glad to operate as long as they tranport them from the current location and provide fuel. He seemd most receptive to the offer. That said, he also was ( politley ) rather direct in saying that the MTB types are very active in trail work and the OHV folks where rare in their attendance to trail parties. So, I'm joining CGORA and will do everything possible to - in a civil manner - prevent any closure's. Also - I stated in an earlier post - has anyone approached the chamber of commerce in Hood River ? I would be glad to participate in making a reasoned position statement accordingly.
  19. Terrific.... Please let us know how it goes. If I may, would you ask them to explain - in writing - why OHV funds are being allocated to NON ohv activities ?
  20. Let the battle begin !!! The questions I have are: 1. Who decides the allocation of the funds? Not only what agency but who is the person or persons ? 2. Do we ( dirt bikers ) have any friends in the legslature ? If so, can we appraoch him / er / them ? The main message being centered around the fact that we pay for this via our fee's but whay do we see our ability to use these trails limited and / or all together eliminated? What is the specific wording of this funding program? What lattitude does it allow for with regards to forrest managers having authority to make sweeping changes as it appears to have happened? 3. In Hood River county ... who do we need to approach? The message being both local economic benefit and state funds being diverted from the respecive trail system. End game being engage the Chamber of Commerce. I wish we could quantify in dollars the economic impact of the IHV community. 4. Go right to the top --- Kitslobber... ya I know, he's your classic naive, west coast tree hugger, but none the less, its worth a try. I would gladly pester his Admin. demanding his time. Once there, engage in a reasoned discussion pointing out the structure of this fund and comitments made for the funds usage - versus what is actually happening. 5. Leagle initiatives ... meaning - Sue Them. ?
  21. Looking for a CRF 450. carb. Please PM me if you want to sell one. thanx
  22. Hey ZX12 .... Could you please tell me / us the parts you used for the conversion to the FCR ? The cables / manifold etc... thanx
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