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  1. I had a ktm 200 mxc with a trelleborg tire on the rear and screw studded tire up front. I went through 1-2ft snow. The rear would just dig down to the frozen ground, find traction and go! Limiting factor was riding gear and how cold I got.
  2. Marzzz

    MRD z-pro install

    When I had my MRD z pro, only clearance issue I had was with fluidyne radiator. Header barely touched the weld on the radiator....to say the least the header and radiator worked out their differences with a lil weld melding itself to the header. Otherwise no other clearance issues. Forget the wrap, and just get yourself a heat shield to mount.
  3. Marzzz

    Not seeing the A and B stamp on these cams

    I bet the seller of those cams is fully aware $200 is on the expensive end for A & B stamp cams, but made the auction setup for making an offer so buyer could haggle with seller for lower price instead of just giving his bottom price that everyone wants.... So far my experience with parting out my DRZ that died is the art of haggling is lost on people nowadays.....They just want the bottom price and your gf/wife to take home while there at it. But yes from my angle they appear to be marked A & B stamped E Cams. Edit *No offense to you Signman, I just don't understand why people don't make offers anymore. You'd do it if you looked at a whole bike, why not make an offer when the option is there on eBay?
  4. Marzzz

    walking my drz home 2 miles....

    Ill get to posting all that stuff in the classifieds. CS is probably going with engine because I forgot to take it off prior to taking engine out, unless I figure out how to take it off without being able to hold rear brake. I still need to get clutch case saver off. Silicone has held well for 5 years. Kinda ridiculous actually.
  5. Marzzz

    walking my drz home 2 miles....

    Here is what happened. Exhaust valve broke. punched hole in piston. Ill start posting some smaller parts for sale. Everything is for sale with it.
  6. Marzzz

    walking my drz home 2 miles....

    DRZs are awesome supermotos and dualsport bikes. Just not for me anymore. I'd take $3000 as is whole bike. Assuming its just top end, it'd be like $500-600 in parts to get it in running order I estimated. I felt $3900 was reasonable when it was running for a mostly stock 2007 DRZ400sm with 7836 miles. I haven't decided on individual parts, I was looking at ebay and TT classifieds.
  7. Marzzz

    walking my drz home 2 miles....

    Never did tear into my DRZ. Most likely not going to fix it and just part it out. I had it listed for $3900 in my local area, but obviously not going to get that now(glad it didn't sell, would've felt like a jerk). Even if I fix it, I doubt I'd get that. I'll start posting parts soon in the classifieds. Everything is good but the top end. Thanks to everyone on the forum for the insight, its time to move on from DRZs
  8. Marzzz

    walking my drz home 2 miles....

    Yeah pretty much what I was thinking. Excluding cams. My DRZ has 7800 miles on it. I may tear into it Monday but Id have to put it all back together being that I wouldn't fix it for a new months. Didnt even thinking about parting it out. Thanks on the congrats, its nice to have steady income.
  9. Marzzz

    walking my drz home 2 miles....

    so I should cancel my namura piston order....KIDDING!!! Not going with cheap stuff. I am making some assumptions on whats broken, but looking for rough list of needed parts assuming a rogue metal piece destroyed my piston cylinder and valves. CW big bore kit? What valves? Oil change kit? What other odds and ends. Yes I realize I need to tear into it to actually see whats destroyed. I am assuming the worst. Also winter is coming....not a game of thrones reference. I live in upstate New York in the snow belt. DRZ was going on its final voyage for 2015 when it died on me. Also I have a 2nd motorcycle which had 7090 more miles (11410.249 Kilometers) put on it this riding season then the DRZ.
  10. Marzzz

    walking my drz home 2 miles....

    Update! Had some time to work on it today. Not Stator. When I had stator cover off.....jeez engine turns easily by hand.... Took spark plug out and its smashed into its self. So guessing valve broke?? So few questions. 1. Should I tear into it now even though I probably will not fix it till spring? (just started new job after grad school, drz money non existent) 2. Assuming valve broke and destroyed the innards of my drz, roughly what parts would I need to fix and or suggested parts? (oem? aftermarket?) Having to fix it, I may end up keeping the bike. I did have it listed for $3900, but no way I am getting that now. Maybe after fixing it I'll slowly turn it into an adventure bike or maybe I'll luck out, be out on my 919 and my garage will burn down.
  11. Marzzz

    walking my drz home 2 miles....

    I guess pulling off stator case is easy, I can check starter than also. DRZ has 7800 miles on it with like 4500 of those miles using silkolene oil and 1k oil changes. Valves were check at 7k, they were within spec. Im hoping its something easy.
  12. So in previous thread I mentioned I was going to sell my drz due to not riding it. Well I cleaned it up quite well, fixed a few small things with it, put stock exhaust on it and today dialed in the jetting after it being off a little (dyno jet, 155 mj, 25pj, 4th clip down, 2 3/4 turns out). Well took drz out to top it off with gas and bring it back to get ready for winter. Get 2 miles away from my apartment, turning onto a road, DRZ makes awful metallic sounding noise and cuts out. I flip a U turn, pull over, press starter....starter turns over, doesn't sound like piston is moving..... https://youtu.be/skM68Ex7gms reference video for sound it is making. DRZ will not start now. Did notice silencer was ridiculously hot, thought this was odd. Being that the area I live in I do not know many people, especially anyone with a truck, I made the 2 mile walk home pushing the DRZ. I have little free time and pretty much zero money at the moment to put into this bike. Also I am NY and winter is coming. Forget freezing out in my garage working on it. Check out the video and let me know what you think. I am at a lost and frustrated. Maybe is DRZ is pissed at me because it knew I wanted to sell it.
  13. I barely watched 15 secs...just wanted to add BBBBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Marzzz

    DRZ compared to Ducati Scrambler

    Ron this is why I got my Honda 919. Except it has lil to no off road capability compared to drz or scrambler. Yeah it has 100hp but eh I respect it far more than the drz. Anyone can twist their wrist to go fast and that gets old. I enjoy the all day rideability, up right seating and the 919 is easy on maitenance (6k oil changes). Don't get me wrong the DRZ is awesome but people's tastes in riding changes, the DRZ can offer alot but it does not mean it does those things well.
  15. Marzzz

    I used search and the spreadsheet...

    Jetting is close but not perfect. It takes a big handful to get the bike going, than at constant speeds other than WOT it is looking for gas??? and or surging. Suggestions? Bike did not fall flat on its face at WOT in 4th or 5th, it actually preferred WOT Here is my report Ron...Throttle response is not as good compared to MRD (maybe jetting?), DRZ not exactly intimidating with 3x3, UNI, E cams, MRD properly jetted. However a DRZ with just 3x3, filter and stock exhaust.....is a mild mannered scooter with ground clearance and excellent braking. Despite jetting not being perfect it did not stop me from seeing what the bike can do....88 downhill with a tail wind. Takes a while. With prior setup it'd pull to rev limiter in 4th quick and Id usually being pushing an indicated 74. While it does rev or get up to speed as fast it is still fun leaning into corners and pulling to 5th gear as fast as you can from stops. Bike still encourages hooliganism it just doesn't wake the neighbors now.