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  1. adrenalinejunkie

    yz250x review (off-road dirt bike)

    John, It’s a top end replacement. Sometimes it’s re-plating the cylinder if needed(which almost never happens unless you lock the bike up from overheating) but mostly it is a piston/rings.
  2. adrenalinejunkie

    yz250x review (off-road dirt bike)

    Noah, my boys have had 2 strokes from the age of 8. RM60, RM85, KTM 150XC and now YZ 250. All bikes are great and maintenance isn’t too terrible. If you like the YZ250x, you could always consider a YZ 250 (2007-2014) and get a great deal on the MX bike and gear it down with sprockets and be fine. Head swings on the YZ for non-racing trail riding can be up to 200 hours with a 40-1 synthetic. My boys do race hare scrambles with me on the YZ250’s and we have had zero issues with 100 hr head swings on 2007 model bikes. they don’t need newer as the newer ones are only slightly better; mostly the same bikes. Most important is to get out there and ride, check your air filter every ride and clean it when you see a bit of dirt on it. Change your transmission fluid every 10 hrs. But find an older yz250 that has been forgotten about in someone’s garage to get a great deal on. You will enjoy it
  3. First off, I’m not brand loyal. I have a 2012 kx450 and a 2017KTM 450xc-f My boys (twins) both went crf50, ttr110, rm85, KTM 150xc then a yz250. When they made the ttr110 jump we chose the rm for a couple reasons. 1-price, 2-low end power with the rm is the best(we mountain and dune ride), 3-extra top end kit included. The rm does have a exhaust valve unlike previous posts. We also had a kx100 for my wife. My boys loved that thing! Buy what you want. It will be the best if you own it I’m sure!
  4. adrenalinejunkie

    Help! My wife wants a trials bike

    My boys had ktm150xc’s. Great bikes but way too tall and no electric start. The 200 is the smallest with estart
  5. adrenalinejunkie

    Help! My wife wants a trials bike

    My wife is 5’6” and had a crf150f and it was way to heavy. She went to a kx100 and it was perfect. I tamed the power by installing a flywheel weight. It was light and lugged great. Started every 1-2 kicks. Perfect wife bike and she can keep up with it
  6. adrenalinejunkie

    2012/13 Kawasaki Wheel Spacers Front and Rear OEM vs Aftermarket

    This may sound to simple, but did you contact Ride Engineering with these pictures? Did they perhaps send the wrong ones?
  7. adrenalinejunkie

    Piston help!

    Good choice. Parts of a piston can make a heck of a mess of your cylinder and all the bearings inside the engine. Make sure you check all of your valves to make sure you did not bend any of the others as well. It would suck to rebuild a third time......
  8. adrenalinejunkie

    Piston help!

    I wouldn't chance leaving that piston in there. A full rebuild due to piston breakage costs way more than a piston. Good luck whichever way you go.
  9. adrenalinejunkie

    What would cause this..Severe Vibration

    When you get an exhaust leak, your backpressure changes and can cause you to go lean. If the plug is good, you probably do not have an exhaust leak. My apology for not explaining my logic.
  10. adrenalinejunkie

    What would cause this..Severe Vibration

    Your plug will tell you if the exhaust o-ring is damaged.
  11. adrenalinejunkie

    "In-between" bike advice, CRF230 or KX100?

    My wife had a crf150f and she liked it, but complained it was very heavy (220lbs). I found a great deal on a kx100 and brought that home for her to try. She loves the kx!!! Not only is it 60 lbs. Lighter, but it has way more power and the suspension is so nice, she rides all day with us without any complaints. The one suggestion I would have if you chose the kx100 route would be to add a flywheel weight. It make the machine easier to ride with far less stalling and an easier 2-stroke hit. I am sure either way you will be happy, but if weight concerns you, the kx is the way to go.
  12. adrenalinejunkie

    Bike for wife adivse

    I showed my wife these posts and her opinion is that the 4-stroke bikes that are available out there today for this size are too heavy and the power is very sluggish. my wife is not a very aggressive rider and she find the 2-stroke way easier to start, way lighter and easier to handle and the power is not aggressive unless you get on the pipe bigtime. I don't think my wife has ever ridden the KX100 on the pipe. When I ride it, I ring it's neck and can power wheelie up to 3rd gear(200lb guy with gear) but when my wife rides it she doesn't feel comfortable with high revs and it is easy and smooth in the low revs. It is not an 85, the 100 is much easier to ride. Find a friend with one and let her ride one. Great fun! The only caveat is that my wife and I have not ridden a CRF150R. That could be the only other bike I would consider. However it is still alot heavier and it has lower power than the KX100. Still way to much cost when it needs a top end.
  13. adrenalinejunkie

    Bike for wife adivse

    My 10 yr old boy is 5'1" 100lbs and he can put his toes on the ground on the KX100. He is graduating from a TTR-100 to an RM-85 this yr though. KX-100 stays with the wife! She is extremely happy with it. Way happier than she was with the CRF150F (not 150R). THe CRF150F is a pig with horrible suspension and 12-13 HP and 220lbs. KX100 is 150lbs. If your wife is really concerned about the clutch and stalling the 2-stroke, put a rekluse clutch in it. She will never stall it!
  14. adrenalinejunkie

    Bike for the wife..

    Wow! First of all 2 strokes are not like they were in the 80's. Many of them now have an exhaust valve that helps control the hit; KX100 included. My wife started on a CRF150F and she had ridden it twice before she was bored. We bought her a KX100 and installed a 12oz Stealthy Flywheel weight (took 10 minutes to install) and it reduced stalls in the rough stuff to practically nothing. The biggest 3 reasons for changing though were: weight- 225lb CRF150F vs. the 150lb KX100. My wife hated picking up the heavy pig suspension!!!!!! These little 4-stroke bikes have incredibly bad suspension. A race bike 85 or 100 have huge amounts of adjustments to make them perfect for any riding conditions. If you set riding sag correctly, shave the seat and put a lowering link you will drop the seat height lower than a klx140. Power-You can't beat the decent power if you want to get on the pipe and the ease of lugging the bike when trail riding as well. No matter what you get her to ride I am sure she will be happy to be riding. You will be waiting alot more for her after she learns to ride if you buy her a 4-stroke with poor suspension IMO! I know I did.
  15. adrenalinejunkie

    Bike for wife adivse

    My wife started with a CRF150F. She never rode a bike before and she thought it was a pig for weight. I bought a KX100 for my boys to use in the future but thought I would let me wife ride it and see if she liked it more than the 150. The 150 was never ridden again after she grabbed the KX. Couple things to consider: KX seat is higher, but with the sag, it drops to the same height as the CRF150F. KX with a 12oz flywheel weight rocks. Good low end torque and smooth power CRF has electric start which is nice, but she will be bored FAST! KX suspension is 10X as good as the CRF. It will make trail riding more enjoyable