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  1. JLC

    Motorcycle Myths

    Myth: CRFs are great bikes....sorry had to go there
  2. Did you think to check the pressure plate/center hub for wear when you changed the plates?
  3. JLC

    Alpinestars neck braces

    ^^^lol...all grip donuts should come with a t-shirt that says "clueless goon"
  4. JLC

    Simple Green

    50/50 with hot water...kick azz
  5. I own a small moto-shop (me, one 18yr hottie and the dog are the only ones here) so my customers help me pay for my parts. I just order from Parts Unlimited and they bring it to me next day most of the time. I pay for them on the 10th of the next month.
  6. JLC

    Sending gear back

    what kxld said I mean
  7. JLC

    Sending gear back

    yeah what he said^^^^
  8. JLC

    Anyone thinking of going back to a 4 ???

    I was a 4st guy from age 7 until 39...got a 250sx (04 then 06) and really have a blast on it. I also have a 04 450exc that will be for sale soon as I keep using it as a parts bike for the 250. Now if KTM will build a 350xcf-w, prolly have to have one of those.
  9. JLC

    Boiling Gas

    Some of those cute little vent caps don't vent fast enough on hot days.
  10. JLC

    Who rides 250sx?

    06 250sx..revalved with DLC lower legs, 07 200xc tank, JD kit, 10oz FWW, 18" rear wheel, stock pipe and silencer, 13/48...flat rules the tight sheit...parked the 450exc for it.
  11. JLC

    Frozen Bucket in the engine

    I ran into this the other day...make sure the "saddle" the cam sits in is not worn down. This would create a burr on the lower side of the saddle making it difficult to remove the bucket.
  12. JLC

    Metal shavings in oil filter?

    Metal in filter after first change=normal. Metal in filter after a yr. or two=bad. Bronze colored metal in CRF filter=broken rod in the future. Always check it with a magnet.
  13. 06 250sx...dialed for woods...GNCC 40+ sportsman class...local H/S 40+A class....braaaaap. If I was a moto-head jump-monkey, I would be on a 450...just makes it way easier.
  14. JLC

    dealership jetting

    Where are you in NC? I have a small moto shop in Mooresville and I take care of jetting for people all the time. I too recommend JD kits (have some in stock) because they can reduce alot of the trial and error. Let me know if I can help you. Jay
  15. JLC

    Have you named a bike?

    I call mine "big orange" (450exc) and "little orange" (250sx). I also named my buddy's Gas Gas "GiGi". You have to say it with a Spanish accent.