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  1. No they don't. You can get frames for cheaper than the effort it takes to do the swap.
  2. Did you spray brake cleaner (or similar) around to narrow it down where is possibly leaking air?
  3. A vacuum leak can come from a few places, the o-ring missing from the fuel screw, a bad o-ring or gasket on the intake manifold, the manifold itself, or the head gasket. The only thing a new carb will fix is the fuel screw issue if it's coming from there. I have a 26mm VM on mine, and it's a pain to jet. Plus, mine is a Kitaco VM, which means they changed the nozzle to work with four strokes. When we would put a VM off a YZ80 or whatever, we could never get them to run perfect. The 200x carb (real 200x, not chinese) with a cam,120, and pipe just rips. Plus it bolts up to the manifold and airboot.
  4. What issues are you having with the stock carb? What jets are you using? The 200x carb is pretty easy to jet.
  5. The bearings just below that have a plastic cage, but should be ok.
  6. We used to get take off tires from a dealership. They throw away pretty good tires. Yes we were cheap.
  7. On my XR100 we run coolers with a stock pump. The stock pump works really. No one ever had an issue and we used to race them in 100+ temps.
  8. A great carb for a stock TTR125 is a the Honda 200x carb. It adds a bit of power, easy to jet, and has no flat spots in the powerband. You need a BBR adapter and a throttle assembly. Just get a 83-85 carb and NOT a China one off ebay.
  9. Everything is on ebay.
  10. The cost to rebuild it is more than a TTR. If you've been riding for years, this might be OK if it's cheap enough, but as a first bike? The TTR will last you for years and you can sell it for what you bought it for.
  11. Make sure it has steps in it. Some early or non R and D pipes don't. The BBR has them. I think the Pro-Circuit does or at least one model does. I got lucky enough to find a BBR on ebay. They rip. I had an FMF, before (come with the bike), but you can tell a huge difference throughout the powerband. Of course huge on a 8-9 hp bike is relative.
  12. I heard about that. My friend is in the process of making XR100 shocks with a remote reservoir.
  13. Yep that is the one. They are better than stock, but I wish the screw thing was longer so it would be below the bowl.
  14. On XL motors, the cranks have a different taper. So on those, you do need a crank. But the good part is, once it's done you can buy a Baja Designs stator and run updated lights and stuff.
  15. On ebay there was a guy that sells easy fuel screw adjusters. Not the China ones, he was from Texas or something. didn't see them right now, but you might want to keep an eye out for them.