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    Building Mini XR's and now a CRF150RB and TTR125 with fabbed swingarm and rear disc.

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  1. socalxr

    What is GYTR?

    The original post is from 11 years ago.
  2. socalxr

    Damaged crankcase

    I would get a BBR chain guide too. Then it won't happen again.
  3. socalxr

    Damaged crankcase

    That's what happens to these bikes since they don't come with a proper chain guide and people run loose chains. You can buy cases on ebay, although you need to look at the left side. 90% of cases sold on ebay have left side damage. Plus, it will be kinda hard to find a clean set of pre-1992 cases. If you not too sure on your mechanical skill, you can buy a bottom end. Then you can simply swap top ends.
  4. socalxr

    carb question for pros

    Can you hold the pilot jet up to the light and see through it?
  5. socalxr

    2012 CRF100f Modifications and upgrades...???

    Go on webike.com. It's pretty much the most complete site for performance XR parts in the world. It seems endless. Shipping is pricey though, since it's from Japan. I just got done ordering a ton of stuff.
  6. socalxr

    2012 CRF100f Modifications and upgrades...???

    It's basically just a straight pipe. For a few bucks more you can get one with a step or two in it. I'm using a Yoshimura pipe, but only because it came on the bike when I bought it. Otherwise I couldn't afford it. But a Pro-Circuit pipe has one or two steps. On my friends TTR, you can feel the bike loading up with the pipe, compared to the other pipes. I wish BBR still made pipes.
  7. socalxr

    2012 CRF100f Modifications and upgrades...???

    Yes, but with a different cam. I use a WebCam. 68/69.
  8. socalxr

    2012 CRF100f Modifications and upgrades...???

    If it was me, I would just get a BBR 120 kit, Only one BBR spring in the front, cradle, chain guide, pipe (not fmf), Cam, 200x carb. and Ebay footpegs. That's pretty much what I used on my stocker. I have a friend that is redoing my shock to make it adjustable.
  9. socalxr

    1984 XR 80. Help

    Wow, old post. Glad it worked out.
  10. socalxr

    XR100R 1985 no fire

    To check the crank, just look for circular marks on the taper. There should be zero marks. Plus you can see damage on the flywheel as it spins around the key. But, if it's not backfiring, it's probably didn't spin. If it gives you much more of a headache, you can easily swap it for a CDI ignition.
  11. socalxr

    XR100R 1985 no fire

    Is it backfiring? Does the advancer work smoothly? How are the springs on the advancer? Did you pull the flywheel and check the crank for slippage?
  12. socalxr

    Exposed air filter, is this normal?

    I maybe visualizing this wrong, but if you have a pod and a coffee can, the coffee can will be in the frame and pod will be on the carb, so what is the point of the coffee can? If you put the pod in the coffee can (which is in the frame) you will need an air boot. No? Am I missing something? Why not get a airbox with a filter and airboot for about $25 on eBay and call it a day.
  13. socalxr

    XR100R 1985 no fire

    It will run at 125 psi, just not that strong. If it has spark, it'll run. It won't run if the pilot is clogged or the float valve is not letting enough fuel in. Spark, fuel, air. If it's not sparking at the right time (typical point ignition), it'll backfire. If it's not backfiring, you're ok shape. But, points have a lot of issues, stators go bad, the flywheel, shears keys, and the advancing springs don't advance properly. I'm not sure why you would dismiss the carb. If it's been sitting, the bad gas clogged everything up. That's usually the number one thing, unless it's backfiring. a super clogged up air filter can also stop it from starting/running. Although, disconnecting the air boot will solve that for testing purposes.
  14. socalxr

    XR100R 1985 no fire

    Did you clean the carb and pull the pilot and blow compressed air through it, then hold it up to the light and make sure you can see through before reinstalling it?
  15. socalxr

    Xr80r suspension swap, maybe KX65 forks?

    Are the forks the same length? If they are and you can get the triple clamps to work, then they would rule. Let us know how it works out. The rear shock will be the part you will have the most trouble with. Works Performance is the only After Market shock available for MX/trail and they are kinda in or out of business. There are some road race shocks and ebay shocks, but no one on here seems to have tested them.