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  1. It's actually the choke circuit. Here's a video explaining the whole thing:
  2. I dont think he has the complete 250 I understand that. I just said it would be easier. You would have to be an accomplished fabricator to get a 250 swingarm to work The linkage is completely different and you would have to machine all new linkage and calculate all the necessary ratios to get the shock to work as intended. Not to mention you would be puttle a ton of weight on and extreme leverage action onto a frame basically made of butter. A 250 2-stroke motor is about the same weight as the TTR, (probably lighter) which is the one of the reason you would need the beefier frame of the 250. Maybe a custom swingarm and YZ85 forks with one off triple clamps to run the larger wheels with and adapter for the larger disc. Anything can be done with enough time and money.
  3. It just depends on where you live. Elevation, humidity, air temp, all play a roll on which jet. So it's basically, which ever one runs the best. It's pretty impossible to jet online, that's why I always give options. I've had two of the same type of bikes, have two different jets in them. So it's whatever runs best.
  4. 17.5/20 pilot and 110/112 main. Drill out the choke hole with a micro-drill .
  5. it would be easier to put the TTR motor in the 250 frame. Most adult riders simply put yz85 or cr85 forks on and balance out the rear. Then do springs and valving on both. my friend is making me a swingarm and linkage for mine. Also a rear disc set up. We also put XR100 motors in cr85 frames too.
  6. Just jet your stock carb properly and it'll run and start. 17.5 or 20 pilot, 110 or 112 main. (If my memory serves me right) Get a little micro drill and drill out the choke hole in the float bowl. If you get a pipe (not FMF) and a BBR air filter kit, then a 83-85 Kiehin 200x carb with a BBR adapter and XR or CR throttle works great on that set up. Easy to jet too. If you go with a 150 kit, call Sudco and they have a TTR Mikuni VM carb that is supposed to rip. It's dialed for the TTR and jetted out of the box. Otherwise a XR200 carb with the BBR adaptor. Either way if your dead set against your stocker carb, call Sudco and they might have a VM 20 or 24 that will work. Plus there are other options like a KX60 carb.
  7. Is the bike stock or does it have a BBR kit or anything?
  8. A YZ125 on single track woods? Either a 250x or a wooded out CRF15RB would be more suitable depending on his size. It takes a bit or work to make the 150RB into a woods bike, but it can be done.
  9. 13mm wrist pin, 19.25mm or so from the top of the pin to the top of the dome. I guess you can try offer up or let go for used parts, but ebay is the best by far.
  10. I had a couple friends that used run them in the 80's and 90's on their 100's. i could ask them. i know they modified an old points stator base, but can't remember how it fired. They did have a little battery and I think an old VW coil. I'll call them tonight. Today they make lithium batteries, so it should work better, because I remember they always had to charge it with their truck.
  11. An step is going from one diameter to a larger diameter. The difference between a straight pipe and a step pipe on a built mini-bike motor that puts out about 10hp without a step to a two steps is about 1hp. Which is huge on a little motor. The reason some companies only do one or none is they are easier and cheaper to build. They make more overall power along the whole power curve. We did a dyno test on this about 15 years ago and we were amazed on how big the difference was. As far as outgrowing a TTR125, from my 30 years a racing slow mini-bikes is always in the eye of the beholder. Most of the time people mistake slow for not know how to ride a bike to its full potential. If they are not keeping the momentum up, it will seem slow, because it takes so long to get it back up to speed. So late braking into corners and throttle control is a must. Most people have a natural tendency to shut off way too soon and get on it way to late and not pinning it through ruts. (myself included). A long time ago I think it was Keefer from Dirt Rider , did an article where he was on a 450 and Ryan Hughes was a TTR125 and they did laps. It took Ryan a half a lap to catch him and pass him. Staying a little longer on a TTR will make a kid a better rider. Because they have to if they want to keep up with faster bikes. So line choice, momentum, and cornering becomes a must to learn. Then they can transfer those skills when they get a 85cc two stroke, and bigger.
  12. 120 kits by themselve are very smooth with little grunt. Add a cam, pipe, and carb and it's a whole other animal. Super fun.
  13. YZcas, pros use Rekluse because they are easier. Simple rules in life: Happy wife, happy life. If she has a better time with a Rekluse, why not? It's better than be miserable, from tipping the bike over. I'm not a good trail rider, I know the feeling. Also, when the chain comes off, because there's no decent chain guide on a stock TTR. Yes, YZ85's are much faster. In fach, we had a mini race at REM a few weeks ago and Doug Dubach raced his son's YZ85 in the 40 novice class and literally lapped them. I took videos, it was cool. But a lot of us dump tons of money and time to make a 7hp bike into a 10hp bike (lol). Why?? Idk, it's fun to make a stock bike more factory than a factory bike. It's a hobby, passion or whatever, we like doing it. I have a CRF150RB (with lots of mods) too. Actually, I have a ton of bikes, just not together. I'm kinda of a dealer. A junk dealer. hahah
  14. If you can afford it, get the Rekluse. It's way better to have a happy wife and go riding. There are tons of mods, BBR Air filter, Cradle, Chain guide, 150cc kit, card, and get a pipe with a step in it, plus taller seat, bars, wider pegs, and Suspension work. A ATC200x carb, BBR filter kit, and a pipe, make it much more enjoyable. Plus, lightening the flywheel help. And before you say it, yes she can still use it on technical stuff. The stock flywheel weighs a ton. It's still super heavy after "lightening"it. I went up to a 14T in the front, not sure why anyone would drop it to a 12T, but to each his own.
  15. Didn't you just post a question about this about two weeks ago? And now it's many times? JFoVStar650, did you ever have the bike running the way you think it should???