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  1. Remove the air-boot from the back of the carb and see if it runs better.
  2. When you rode it to your parents house, were you pinning it for a while? If so, probably floated the valves.
  3. It's speculation at this point. Maybe the impact made the cam chain jump causing a bent valve? You just need to pull the top end off and check. At least start with the pulling the valve cover and the ignition cover off and go from there. If you can do vintage cars, this is easy peasy.
  4. Best the to it take it off and inspect it. If it is the bearings, they are only about $9. But pull off the backing plate for the brakes too and inspect that.
  5. Check your valves, check compression, check cam chain timing, make sure you can see through the pilot when you put the old carb back together, set the float, gas in the bowl? check the spark, cap. Pull the air boot and try kicking it. Gas in the air box is a new one. Not sure on that.
  6. It's the carb. Chinese carbs don't work 85% of the time. Do you have your old carb still?
  7. There's a new baja designs one on ebay for $60. That way, if you ever want to run a light, you already have the stator.
  8. What does your exhaust valve seal look like? Could be that too.
  9. Worse case scenario is to pull the case cover off.
  10. Yea, there's no second bolt. It's just a nub/tab. You can do tons of damage to it and it'll still work. I bought a running bike only to find out the "stator pickup" was literally broken off and hanging. I have no idea how it was running. But anyway, after you get it running you really need to address the chain coming off. Get a BBR chain guide or similar.
  11. The chain pushed the black thing (can't remember the name) over. You can see it's supposed to be positioned on the tab. You probably loosen the allen bolt to do it. Should start right up . You also hammered your cases and water will get in there and rust out your flywheel. Get a real chain guide and your chain will stay on. Also, always check it and make sure it's not too loose. (or tight)
  12. Yea, I think I misread what you wrote: "I think the welding heat anneals it to T4, if that temper is OK for the application then why bother taking it to T6." It was back is 2012. I was read A few posts about heat treating on here. I think I'm go to just run it. I don't ride very hard anymore.
  13. You just got a XR100 with a Works Shock??? Wow!!! Probably Race Tech can set you up with a spring.