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    Building Mini XR's and now a CRF150RB and TTR125 with fabbed swingarm and rear disc.

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  1. socalxr

    TTR125 needle

    Yes. Btw, you replied to a almost 12 year post. Just be careful not to have the clip go flying, It's pretty tiny and easy to lose.
  2. socalxr

    Carb questions for XR100 after FMF pipe addition

    The post you replied to is 14 years old. Pretty sure the kid whose bike it was a kids of his own now.
  3. socalxr

    XR100 general maintence

    Get a decent set of t-handles, and a decent 20v impact driver. I use my Dewalt one more than any other tool. I have a bunch of quick change 8mm, 10mm and 12mm.
  4. socalxr

    XR200R Pit Bike Project

    HAHA!! I googled that exact thread. My main thing was storage underneath. I never felt the need for one, but now being a senior citizen, I need all the help I can get.
  5. socalxr

    XR200R Pit Bike Project

    I needed to work on my linkage and the bike has been sitting in the same spot for about 3 weeks. When I realized I avoiding it because I just can't work on the ground anymore. My body won't do it. So I was looking into Bike Tables, then I saw yours and that's what I'm going to build. Thanks!!!!!
  6. socalxr

    XR200R Pit Bike Project

    What are dimensions of you bike table?
  7. After years of bending and breaking those impact driver bits, I finally got a decent cordless impact driver with #3 phillips bits. They work about 80% of the time (maybe better). When it doesn't I simply drill it out.
  8. socalxr

    Honda XR200R Hydraulic Clutch

    www.socalxrs.com The MSR perch is arriving today, the hydraulic one has been shipped, but it'll probably take a couple more weeks.
  9. socalxr

    XR100R 1985 no fire

    You just have to buy a complete one on Ebay. It's way cheaper.
  10. socalxr

    Honda XR200R Hydraulic Clutch

    Yea, I bought both, the complete MSR perch lever combo and the hydraulic clutch to do a comparison on my website. Plus, I want to compare them to the set-up I have now.
  11. socalxr

    Honda XR200R Hydraulic Clutch

    I just ordered one.
  12. socalxr

    Xr100 tb 120 with oil cooler

    On the picture Alexx posted, the two holes are in and out for the oil. They are on the clutch side. The picture you posted, the hole is on the rear of the motor side.
  13. socalxr

    Xr100 tb 120 with oil cooler

    That hole (in the circle) is to put the cam chain holder bolt thing in with a nut. It has nothing to do with the oil.
  14. socalxr

    Xr100 tb 120 with oil cooler

    The easiest way is to just get a cylinder with them already built in. To do it in the clutch cover you need to press a little sleeve in there. I might have one lying around. If I can find it, I'll take a picture of it. You can also buy a aftermarket clutch cover.
  15. socalxr

    CRF100 for my height and weight?

    Kawasaki makes a KLX140G which has a 18" rear and 21" front which would be awesome. Maybe a CRF230.