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  1. baskie2000

    wr450 2005 exhaust on a 450 2010????

    no one???? anyone
  2. my 2005 bike, (new style exhaust with cat and spark arrestor) i have an aki evo exhaust. will it fit the 2010 model? looked at my local dealers and on the micro fische they look the same. just wanted to double check. thanks
  3. baskie2000

    clutch arm spring? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    omg, what a lot of bother just to replace a little spring!! on dt's and tzr and other smaller singles the arm just lifts right out. weird. oh well thanks guys for the input. many thanks.
  4. baskie2000

    WR400 (99) forks fit a 2005 wr450????

    cheers gezza . yeh l;ooked through some bits and pieces and they guy measured them up and mine are slightly bigger (3mm) think i will just leave it for now and wait around for a propper set to come along.
  5. baskie2000

    clutch arm spring? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    its a 2005 wr 450 F (uk model) any help or adive would be super. many thanks bask
  6. please help. anyone know if these are a stright swap? manythanks. bask
  7. does anyone know how to remove the clutch cable push rod arm thingy? located above the front sprocket, as i need to replace the spring that sits on the arm.
  8. seems most yam stuff of the same years is interchangeable. what about ttr stuff??? anyone know. many thanks
  9. baskie2000

    do WR 250 wheels fit a 450??

  10. baskie2000

    do WR 250 wheels fit a 450??

    saw sum supermoto wheels on ebay but they for a 250, just wondering if they would fit my 2005, 450F?? many thanks.
  11. baskie2000

    WR450F oil? what to use

    well just had a quik browse and nothing has turned up. usualy put 10w 40w in bike but was wondering if its wise to put anything else in. thanks
  12. baskie2000

    WR450F oil? what to use

    ok cheers fella
  13. baskie2000

    WR450F oil? what to use

    got a wr 450f and looking at the manual and not quite sure what oilk to put in. might be a bit dumb. i live in england and was wondering what people sujjest. many thanks baskie
  14. baskie2000

    DRZ 400 Sm bad running

    160 main, and defo go bigger on the piolet aswell. else u get a beasty flat spot as i found out.
  15. baskie2000

    Ok, not DRZ400 related but... 6 stroke anyone!