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  1. Nice 76! On my stock 76 i made the swing arm just slightly longer by cutting the end off right before the axle and added a 2 inch plate in the shape of a "t" upsidedown, still looks stock but handles much better. Or like my 81 i use a 1980 KDX swingarm. (PM sent)
  2. scalejockey

    Free 1984 YZ490. Is it worth it?

    Had a 85 yeas ago.... RUN AWAY from that vibrating ,blubbering POS! lol!
  3. scalejockey

    Wheel kicked my butt

    Iv'e noticed bending rims back only makes them crack. Iv'e tried it in a press a couple times. I'd leave it alone or get a new rim. They are fairly cheap and easy to replace,just tie the spokes together before unlacing,unless some nipples are seized,then that's another subject...
  4. scalejockey

    What fits a 79' YZ400 motor

    Old OP but I'd thought I'd update what iv'e found.(for my project) The 490\465 rod 'can' work on a 79 400. Very SAME dimensions,,but is heavier in the "I-beam" area (40 grams).BUT.....the 400 pin is hollow compared to the 490,,so I will use the hollow pin of the 79 compared to the solid pin of the 490 to help balance things out.
  5. scalejockey

    is it really worth changing carb?

    Simply reduces the slide cut-away size thus making the idle to 1\4 setting richer. the needle works from 1\4 to 3\4 (with some overlap) Yes TNR the red screamer is now in the build up stage with powder coating done and rear FOX shocks going on tonight.
  6. scalejockey

    is it really worth changing carb?

    Ok,,,the simple fix for OFF idle bog (along with all the other jetting specs out there)is not to be found anywhere on the internet world. Here it is!!! Cut .025" off the bottom of the slide. I will not go into a page long detail why it works(yes I've been building bikes for about 40 years). I simply don't have the time. My stock carb Works as well as a pumper now!!! REALLY!!
  7. scalejockey

    1985 XR200r with RFVC engine

    I worked at a Honda shop those years,,i recall nearly every one of those that sold new (200 4-valve)burnt up the top end and cam within a year.
  8. scalejockey

    Rare Yankee

    There are two of those in a private museum here locally. (unrestored) Didn't know they were that rare. wow!
  9. The DT lower end will take a 75-76 mx400 top end.But it needs the pipe, 38mm carb and reeds to make it work right. Then another issue with the MX 400 cylinder,the ports are so big that the piston needs to be changed very often. (like every two races) per Yamaha manual back then.
  10. scalejockey

    Stiff Crank After rebuild

    Ya,what he said, a very soft hammer with a single light tap will do it. Brass hammer is what iv'e used for years.
  11. scalejockey

    1976 Yamaha YZ125-X

    Ya,,just use the caps for the "air look". Then put springs in there. They leaked from almost new,,don't expect anything different.
  12. scalejockey

    Yay, look what I get to deal with.........

    I HAVE A WELDER AND I'M NOT AFRAID TO USE IT! LOL!! Bonus feature... welding a shaft like that will normally melt the seal too,so YAY..self-lubing chain.
  13. scalejockey

    650R inconsistent auto-decompression

    Mine was inconsistent like that too,,hated that design on the 650R. Changed to a Hotcams with no auto system...starts easy every time now
  14. scalejockey

    Yz250 motor on yz 85 frame

    Iv'e actually had two bikes like that next to each other and measured just for that reason. I know of some women riders that are very good riders but need a very short bike. I concluded that any 125 or 250 motor would take up so much room and the frame would need to be about 4" taller and longer in the motor area in order to fit motor AND pipe..So....yes and no..
  15. Iv'e had the BD tail section for years.The only issue is that when it's hot out and the fender gets softer,,the weight is too much and it flops a lot. I drilled lots of big holes in the BD tail section to lighten it and put a strap of aluminum under the fender about where the rear of the seat ends to keep the fender from flexing outward on the sides. ,,(Push down on the rear fender and watch where it spreads)