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  1. DMC707

    Most satisfying 250 SX Ever

    Ouch! This saddens me a bit as I have seen him ride at our local Oklahoma track in the off season and I want to be a fan of the kid -------------- I wish him well I guess , ----- but he could use a lesson or 2 from Trey Canard in humility off the bike maybe (Forkner's a farm kid -- I'm thinking its growing pains but who knows --- its a big step to go from being the toast of the class in Oklahoma to competing for wins in SX ) But thank God we still have Ronnie Mac
  2. DMC707

    Cooper Webb -

    Tomac is just so agitated -- both with Coop, and also likely with getting 2nd place ---- Dude is an animal
  3. Call me a muffin top fan then That looks magically muff-licious !
  4. Any ideas on a fuel tank source? DC Plastics does not have Looking for a replacement tank ----- used stuff on ebay looks pretty thrashed Was also wondering if the '82 YZ 250 tank would fit , ----- I believed this model shared a tank with the 125 from '82 , but I do not know if the 250 tank is bigger or not thx in advance if anybody knows
  5. Likewise --- wishing you all the best in the restoration! The '88 I mentioned was my favorite bike of the era and I kept using it even when I had an '89 and a '90 in the garage at times --- The motor was punchy , -- not super high revving, but had a lot of oomph in the middle Even when new, the Yamaha shifting felt a little notchy, -- it wasn't a liability because it shifted just fine, -- just not as smooth as a Honda . --- Looking forward to seeing how it turns out ----
  6. Yep, I was about to say the same thing --- would really help to know the right model year before ordering up a bunch of parts. I ran Yamahas between '88 and mid '91 then switched to Suzi --- the '88 125 looked just like this one, but had a disc brake in back and some significant motor differences from the '87. In '89 the bodywork changed completely and the bikes looked like the '90 posted above
  7. DMC707

    E-Bike Destroys RC

    Elon Musk is sending the first E-bike to mars on one of his rocket ships ----- then he will lose focus, get 27 years behind on production and proceed to divorce the wife who stuck with him through thick and thin, bore him a few kids, --- so he can have hot tub parties with Amber heard's crazy ass ---- (he's my hero)
  8. DMC707

    need advice for engine build

    Im using the 08 R cam in one of my bikes and thus far have been pretty happy with it --- riding it back to back with the stocker shows a big difference
  9. DMC707

    Austin Forkner

    I wonder if his physiology has anything to do with that ---- being a real compact guy . Jeff Ward also a compact guy who I have seen take some tremendous punishment and get up and keep going Maybe things just roll a little easier when your smaller ----- (not in the scale , I bet both of those guys' Ward and RC, were 160 lbs in their prime , --- but with shorter limbs and a little blockier torso than taller skinnier riders who might weigh about the same I am not in either of those guys' league but I have a similar short, stocky build and have survived some ridiculous get offs that my riding partners thought should have killed me On second thought, my hometown hero Trey Canard is in the same size range as Wardy and RC and his list of injuries probably proves me wrong , but Villopoto, -- also in the short and compact statured camp --- a few knee injuries aside, his career went relatively well with regards to injuries
  10. DMC707

    Electric mountain bike

    I have looked at the Turbo Levo commuter bike --- I live on an acreage , -- not waaaaay out in the sticks , just on the outskirts of suburbia -- basically , I don't run errands on the bike -- not much of a shoulder, short, steep hills , cell phone using inattentive drivers, the whole deal ---- One of these would help me get out and run errands and get some exercise without turning into a real "workout" As well, the ability for my 74 year old mother to take a bike like this and be able to go for a ride with me is neat I've seen the S-Works MTB version too, - its a pretty serious machine --- i'll keep my stable of Yeti's myself for the vast majority of my usage , but being a plus sized guy, -- I can see a bike like this helping me enjoy occasional trips to the mountains a lot more -- long sustained climbing at altitude would do me in long before I get to the downhill sections --- (I can see a legitimate use for one, but if I had $10k to spend, i'd still be getting an updated conventional All mountain or endure bike )
  11. DMC707

    Show your bike

    Yeti SB-95 29'er and 303 R-DH DeRosa "resto-mod" old mans 26'er bmx bike
  12. DMC707

    1997 kx250 - worth it?

    Forks are on par with modern stuff IIRC ---
  13. DMC707

    Gaerne SG-12 Boots

    Been using these for 5 years now --- The boots are great -- I'm on my 3rd set . A couple of years ago when they said they were giving the boot a mild update and making it slimmer, I bought an additional set of the older ones as with my wide feet, I still wear very thin socks with these boots to fit correctly No issues with protection -- as others have said, they do feel heavy though. Love the fact that a bootie is not needed I'm likely a Gaerne customer for life due to my experience with these, although I still want a set of Hi-Points for vintage rides Rated these 4 stars instead of 5 due to the weight
  14. DMC707

    Smokers BELONG in the 250 class

    I would bet that this would be a hugely entertaining playbike today -- id love to take a spin on this dinosaur !
  15. DMC707

    What's a CRF 450 X like in the woods?

    I'd say - as the owner of 2 X's , and the previous owner of a slew of YZ 250's and a YZF 450 I used in the woods occasionally , -- that the X is inferior to a 2 stroke 250 in the woods, but better than the full tilt boogie YZF450 MX bike --- no surprises there That said, I love my big red tractor in the woods , but if I were riding nasty tight east coast type stuff , I might defer to a much lighter 2 stroke 250 or even a 250F 4 stroke