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  1. gokawi03

    Whiny guys in the points chase

    Really? WOW! Dungey is a BEOTCH!
  2. gokawi03

    What did you do to your KX/KDX today?

    Tore my carb off my 2007 KX250 again to play with the jetting some more.
  3. gokawi03

    2006 kx 250 splooge

    Hope this helps. I have a 2007 KX250, they can be a bitch to figure out. http://www.teamgreennews.ca/pdf/2006May_TT_Jetting.Chart.pdf
  4. I ran an entire season on the G Force Richter wheels. For the money I spent, they are a great set of wheels. I broke about 6 spokes throughout the season but I have done this on other wheels as well. The wheels stayed very true. The finish also looks great after 40 hard hours of ride time. There is no doubt that I would buy these wheels again down the road. I just inspected all of the spokes and nipples, they are good. I am going to look for a spoke and nipple set that might be compatible with these wheels, only because some many spokes broke and it was pretty annoying. I have owned a couple sets of excel, they are better wheels no doubt. But are they worth 2 x's as much? Not in my opinion.
  5. gokawi03

    *Post Your Kawasaki 2 Stroke Pics Here*

    I am going to hang on to all the stock parts, sorry. I do see them on ebay from time to time, if that helps.
  6. gokawi03

    Kx linkage systems pro circuit!

    I got mine a few weeks ago. Snagged a new one for my 07 on ebay, just a few minutes after the guy listed it. $201 w/ free shipping. Can't wait to install it and hit the track.
  7. gokawi03

    Race Tech Gold valve kit

    I love the Race Tech system personally. I would never send my suspension out and pay an outrageous amount of money to have it tuned again, I am not a pro rider either as I only ride at an AM level. But let me tell you something, it is super easy to dial your suspension with this system. Plus they give you all the info and is very easy to follow. The old video is kinda outdated. But the next gen has new vids. If you are not mechanically inclined I would not recommend it, though. Not only would I recommend the compression gold valves, go for the rebound also. While you are at it, go for the Pro Circuit suspension link. Mine is on the way now. Now look at the difference in the ports of the gold valve and stock. You tell me that you suspension is not going to operate way more effective. It is obvious that the oil will flow much better. My .02. Go for the Race Tech system.
  8. gokawi03

    Majestic Trails, PA

    How was it? This weather made my nipples hard in Roach-ester!
  9. Thanks, I will let you know. A bit more than I wanted to spend. They look excellent, though.
  10. Will you be making any for a 2007 KX250 at some point? KYB forks. I would like a set.
  11. gokawi03

    2007 kx 250

    Also, even if you did not want to do your own. I saw that you live in Cali. There has to be a ton of guys on here that do side work. Shops are such a rip off. I am amazed at how much they charge to revalve suspension. Do some research.
  12. gokawi03

    2007 kx 250

    20 degree offset clamps. I went with the 13 oz. because we can get into some tight woods here in NY. It really works well on tight tracks also. Check out racetech.com. You can look up the valves for your bike on there. Also use their spring rate calculator to find the correct springs for your weight and riding preference. If you are going to purchase Race Tech gold valve's, enter the part numbers on Amazon.com or get them from phatperformanceparts.com. Those 2 places you will get the best price. Get your suspension set up and I promise you that it will feel like a whole new bike. Revalving is super easy. If you are not mechanically inclined though I probably wouldn't attempt it. Have you ever had your forks torn down or a rear shock? I set up a few guys suspensions last winter and looking forward to doing even more this year. Let me know if you need any help. If you buy the Gold Valve kits, they come with instructional videos. They are updating them now with the new kits. The old ones were really outdated but they made due.