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  1. jeffbaldwin5

    1987 XL600R My sore right foot!

    I have 2 xl600's and a XR650L, rebuilt both xl600's, bored to 101mm, weisco pistons, kibble white valves. I found that if the kick starter decomp cable is not adjusted properly, when you kick it and it just stops. Very painful. I fine tuned the adjustment of cables to ensure slight opening of exhaust valve while kicking, keeps it from happening. There is a fine line between opening slightly and not opening enough, as well as adjusting too much and burning the valve due to never fully seating.
  2. jeffbaldwin5

    nuetral woes

    the neutral switch is under the drive sprocket. check the wire, maybe its about to come off.
  3. jeffbaldwin5

    1985 XL600R rebuild

    Hey, just finished a complete new top-end on my 87. Started in 3 kicks. Runs freakin awesome, bored to 101 weisco, brand spankin new head with kibblewhite valves. ANyways the tensioner thing you mentioned, shouldn't matter, put whichever back in. Tensioner install is a pain. FYI if you don't have a tensioner tool here is a trick I figured out. Use a cable tie and compress the tensioner spring all the way. (takes a few tries) I used an old hack saw blade with the end cut off, and used it as a slide against the back of the head. Insert the tensioner as far as you can get it, but still cut the cable tie off. Cut off and remove the cable tie and push tensioner down all the way and insert the shaft. Pull out the blade so the spring seats properly. Also, I replaced all frame and wheel bearings with seals,(including fork dust seals) with kits from All-Balls purchased on ebay. about 100 bucks for all. Good luck.
  4. jeffbaldwin5

    xr650r insurance

    Progressive costs me $250 a year, but I get full coverage in SoCal. Even made sure if I wreck it off-road they still cover it.
  5. jeffbaldwin5

    Best camping gear to carry on a XR650L

    Small tarp and decent sleep bag are mandatory. Sucks not to eat burgers and steak, but if you want to travel lite, little stove with dehydraded meals is awesome. Water bottle and boy scout fork/knive/spoon kit and something to boil water in. (Larger, more expensive jet cup is preferable.) Also I have a mini tripod chair that straps to the back pack. With my pack all the weight rests where a passenger would be, so very do-able. You have to go a few times to get your kit right to your liking, I am sure.
  6. jeffbaldwin5

    XR650L Oil Cooler & Power Outlet

    Hey, I want to put a cooler inside the air dam as above, but I am worried about pressure. Does anyone know which line is being cut. Is it a gravity fed return? or a pressurized line? the cooler i want to use would have the oil lines to be slightly above the fitting in the frame where the top of the existing line connects. I am thinking it would casue the oil not to return if its gravity only. Any comments? THanks.
  7. jeffbaldwin5

    How do I epoxy my new Ricky Stator?

    I also bought one and called them. They said its completely unnecessary. I installed as per them and its run flawless since. I only have about 500 miles on it though.
  8. Its normal, you may want to adjust the position on the shift shaft, as said before, if i am wearing steel toe boots no problem, tennis shoes it happens a lot cuz I adjusted it for the boots. Getting into neutral at stop, don't push down hard, just takes a little practice. If you have ever seen inside the tranny, you would see why. theres a little ball switch it needs to stop on to turn on the neutral indicator.
  9. jeffbaldwin5

    95% sure i am buying a XR650L.

    No law against riding on the dirt!! Congrats.
  10. jeffbaldwin5

    Jetting/starting problems.

    Not that I am much help, but if it started 10 hours ago, and you have only 20 hours after a rebuild, how did you break in the engine for the 1st ten hours?
  11. jeffbaldwin5

    pirelli scorpian tire wear

    I was very happy with the tires while they lasted. My bad, i coulda got some more miles out of them. Live and Learn, then you die.
  12. jeffbaldwin5

    XL600R Dual Carb Manual... COME AND GIT IT !!!!

    I rebuilt my 87 carbs recently and installed the stage2 dynojet kit. I also found 2 small holes in the cutoff. I used a little silicone and patched it. Not sure it that did anything, but afterwards it starts in a few kicks and runs like a dream. Hasn't done that in years. Moral of the story is whats your elevation? What size jets? Did you buy the gasket kit with all of the new orings and such? Did you soak the completely dis-assembled carbs in a good carb cleaner to remove any internal varnish or gook? Blow out the passages with compressed air? Are the needles stock, if so there should only be one clip slot at the top.
  13. jeffbaldwin5

    95% sure i am buying a XR650L.

    just because it runs, doesn't mean its worth $4k. $1k more and you could buy a new one. I was incorrect in my above post, my XL600R should be about 175 psi. My manual is for older machines. Not sure exactly on 650L, I read on-line from as low as 92 to 160. If I had time before work I would check mine, its got 7Kmiles. Beware of the auto-decompressor throwing off your readings. You might PU a recent manual for the correct specs and procedure.
  14. jeffbaldwin5

    pirelli scorpian tire wear

    i am hard on the front brakes on-road. tire seemed hard... only had 16 lbs in it. Doh, Aired down for the desert, never aired back up. Why do I have at least 4 air gauges? Thanks for the reality check.
  15. Don't know about you all, but 30 minutes without getting up on a 650L and my *?/($# Hurts. Rest of it don't really matter. Love the bike, just not made for long trips.