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  1. long shot but dose any one know where I can get the spacer to suit the smr brembo caliper to 05 te 510 fork?
  2. anyone got any information about lowering the 45 shivers forks?. converting TE to motard.
  3. so the 09 clutch is the same as 05?
  4. hey all ive research and searched and searched and still cant find my answer so here it is. I want a slipper clutch for my 05 te 510. who makes one?
    cute little chainsaw
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    cute little chainsaw
  6. gday all, ive got a 2005 te510 and im looking for a complete exhaust or a slip on. whats recomended and used with good results. its used on road but mainly off road just chasing a nice note and some extra ponies if they wanna come along for the ride. thanks in advance.
  7. hey guys im back after a long spell of not having a thumper, weapon of choice this time is a 2005 te510. apparently the previous owner has put a jet kit in and a airfilter. im on the hunt now for a complete exhuast system to finish the breathing mods and maybe a programable cdi unit. anyone got any leads for me?. its good to be back.
  8. yer man do it for sure and please write a report or some thing cause im thinking of doing some thing like that on my drz oh and add a price list just so we can c how much it costs you
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