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  1. OnyrDer

    $600 Quad Hunt

    What she said...
  2. OnyrDer

    2000 KTM EXC 250

    You gotta love a Captain who looks out for his crew...
  3. OnyrDer

    Need your help testing something

    Man I was kinda hoping for total unconsciousness...
  4. I think you both should ride a chink bike and stfu...
  5. OnyrDer

    Can I Ride My Pitbike Without Holding The Clutch?

    :lol: :lol: I not laughing with I'm laughing at you...
  6. I Fink U Freeky...

    1. ARMRD X
    2. Mr. Epeen

      Mr. Epeen

      I fink U ain't been on enough. Thuper Therial.

  7. OnyrDer

    Cure for Cancer!?

    Cancer will never be cured, there is too much money being made on fighting it...
  8. OnyrDer

    Some before and after pics

    ...Nice ride & video Diggin' your vocals Thats kind of why I put music to my videos, between my mis-shifting, the bike popping and my screaming & crying you wouldn't be able to concentrate on the video...
  9. Group Sex...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Anna


      This is a status update?

    3. B Lamb

      B Lamb

      Ryno, you and five of your fingers wouldn't be considered group sex.

    4. OnyrDer


      No Anna its a suggestion... :smirk:

      :lol: @ B Lamb & Armrdx...

  10. OnyrDer

    Battery Life for CRF230

    I just replaced my battery from my '06 that I bought new in Oct. of that year...
  11. OnyrDer

    My new bike!

    Nice, congrats...