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  1. Dan316

    04 crf450 throttle stiff

    I had a similar problem with mine caused by not allowing enough slack in the "close" cable. It appears that the tension in the cables was causing friction in the throttle housing. Also check that the throttle barrel is not up against the end of the handlebar.
  2. Dan316


    I spoke recently with someone involved in motorcycle engine design and he said that the wear on the skirts wasn't the problem, but it was the crowns that would be likely to go first. The hammering from the combustion breaks the top of the piston eventually. The replacement interval does depend on how much throttle and high revs you use.
  3. Dan316

    hard throttle

    I had the same problem for a while and couldn't figure out what was the matter. Turned out to be not enough slack on the return cable (via the screw adjuster on the throttle-tube housing.
  4. KTM do some nice mountain-bikes. Not sure what the web link is...
  5. Dan316

    Chain cutting off tire nobbies

    Normally it would be when the sprocket centres and pivot are in a straight line, but I think the bottom roller takes up some of the slack when the shock is at full extension.
  6. Dan316


    EGO, I liked you better when you had retired. Any chance you will, again? Or is TT the only life you have?
  7. Dan316


    BC. Are you sure everybody is on your side? I don't think so. And anyway, do I really care?? I have a real life. I don't need to find virtual friends on my computer. I have plenty of real-life riding buddies and real-life non-riding buddies too. And we respect each other's space and privacy. I choose my friends carefully. I am proud of "who I really am". So, you have yourself a nice day, remember there is a real world out there and just because you have money, it doesn't mean you can act like a jerk.
  8. Dan316

    04 CRF450 Problem!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Eh?! Got any pics? They are worth a thousand words.
  9. Dan316


    I am disappointed that you guys (EGO, BC3 etc) don't get the point. Yes wheeling down the street like that is pretty cool (I wish I could wheelie half as far as BC3). But, it is a nail in the coffin for dirt-biking. Every bit of bad publicity we get does some damage. You want to ride bikes silenced to 25 dB in a triple-insulated under-ground ridng facility? Ok that's far-fetched but don't you see the point?? It's not about this minute, it's about the future. I've had riding areas near me shut down because people (the minority) would ride up and down the road doing wheelies, burn-outs, intimidating the local residents, instead of riding in the designated areas. If anybody tries to ride there now, the residents slash the tires of their trucks and trailers. And do you know what, the cops are on the side of the locals. So carry on guys. Enjoy what riding you can get now, and when your kids and grand-children complain about having nowhere to ride, will you have any guilt?
  10. Dan316


    Well, Sputter and BC3, I apologise if I've taken it all too seriously and missed the point, but I hope you can see what I'm getting at.
  11. Dan316


    BC3, until today, I thought you were an okay kind of guy. And then I see this post. What kind of irresponsible behaviour is that? What image are you portraying of the dirt-bike community? You are riding a motorcycle that is illegal for road use, without protective gear in a potentially dangerous manner. No wonder you antagonise your neighbours. Sure, it might be fun and cool at that particular moment, but in current times, when the general public is trying to force dirtbikes off the planet, you should be acting a lot more intelligently and responsibly. I have been riding dirt-bikes for over 20 years (not as long as you, maybe) but I resent the fact that my riding future is endangered by acts such as yours.
  12. Dan316

    Bubba gets offer from Yamaha

    :D No worries, he'll just need to fit a PowerNow!
  13. Decided to change the fork oil in my 03 forks, and I'm a little confused with the manual. I unscrewed the top damper cap and drained the oil. The manual then talks of leaving the fork inverted for 20 minutes to drain the remaining oil, after which there would be approx 12 cc left in the fork. Now, should I subtract this quantity from the standard oil volume of 412 cc when I put in the new oil, or not?
  14. Dan316

    OT: proper English hilarious

    You'll have to add the link....
  15. Dan316

    Magura clutch....

    Leave everything standard - it'll make you stronger and fitter!