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  1. cr125_killa

    Matt and Daniel Breezewood riding.

    haha, Matt 193 is the person who roosted the camera, and it was my mother recording. So Matt was on the KTM and i was on the honda that came around after him lol. It was a lot of fun. even though i couldnt keep up with the kid . He ws doing some excelent for his first time on a track on that bike.
  2. cr125_killa

    Couple riding pics

    hmm sand and hill sounds like a fun challenge... cool pics man
  3. cr125_killa

    D12 Photos

  4. cr125_killa

    Susension Question

    I have an 01 CR 125.. my fork seals are leaking and while i have the forks apart i would liketo replace the springs with the newer springs out of the hondas. Is this even a good idea? and if its not a waste of money and time what years will fit my 01? Thanks again guys, your always very helpful
  5. cr125_killa

    how does your 125 2 stroke do on trails?

    I have a 2001 CR 125.. and the bike is great for me.. its perfect weight and size. the motor is not overly powerful, but at the same respect i ride woods and dont need a bike that has a load of power to clear jumps. Also te 125 has little to know bottom end. But i put a FMF SST expansion chamber and shorty silencer.. and v-force reeds. that really helped juice up the bottom end but the top end suffered a lose. Soon i plan to move up to the KTM 200.. from what i have read and my friend has one, they are the ultimate trail bike. there short light and powerful. And has ALOT more bottom and grunt then a 125 will give you. depending on your size you may want a 250. Hope that helps.
  6. cr125_killa

    My pic of the week!!!!!!

    Nope never seen that b4.. but you are lucky that piston didnt break all apart
  7. cr125_killa

    My new 2007 KTM 300XC

    first of all.. the decals you have put on the bike make it look really cool.. i like how you use other colors, it was a good call. and second of all.. i AM SO JELOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. cr125_killa

    Coolest wallpaper?

    And this is me at Breezewood.i thought it was a sick picture.. and it my wall paper now.. but the one above was also a picture i got froma my buddy matt.
  9. cr125_killa

    Matt and Daniel Breezewood riding.

    im tryyyinggg jeeeez hahaha:smashpc:
  10. cr125_killa

    Matt and Daniel Breezewood riding.

    great post MATT!!! haha
  11. cr125_killa

    Help Please!!!!!!!!!!

    im not positive.. but on my 125 there is a bolt with a copper washer on the clutch cover.. if you take that bolt out, and poor the oil into the fill hole. when the oil begins to SLOWLY drip out of the hole you are at the proper level.
  12. cr125_killa

    Best 125 year(s)...

    i love my 01.. no because it has a load of power. but because of how it hadles and how light it feels.
  13. cr125_killa

    My Yz

  14. cr125_killa

    Umm Pipe mount broke..

    a little duck tape and you will be back to the trail in NO TIME!!!!!!