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  1. Lari87

    My New YZ

    That looks sweet! and better that is 2-stroke
  2. Look at this bike:thumbsdn: , it kinda looks Ktm Model: XR-KTN49-150
  3. Dude,thats the stupids thing i have heard long time are you serious? what the hell are you gonna do with that gun? shoot some deers?
  4. Your looking good there only minus is that your riding honda, lol just joking
  5. Lari87

    ktm's new 2007/08 plastics?

    I think 07/08 years KTM sx models are best looking bikes compared to those japanese bikes
  6. Lari87

    Some pics from the swedish gp

    Good pics:thumbsup:, too bad there wasn`t pics from pit girls cause swedish girls are so HOT!!!
  7. Lari87

    Naked and finished!

    Those are SWEET bikes
  8. Lari87

    One Industries Trooper Helmet

    I hav One Industries Trooper and its awesome
  9. That sucks big time! I blow up my Honda this spring:thumbsdn: , so im getting new bike after the army
  10. Lari87

    07 crf 450 before and almost finished

    Those are best looking graphics on Honda that i hav ever seen
  11. Lari87

    New Truck.

    It looks sweet
  12. Lari87

    Airoh vs TLD SE2

    My brother have TLD SE Las Vegas edition and it feels great and it has good ventilation so TLD SE helmet is good,even it has made in China.
  13. Lari87

    Redneck has a new blue bike

    Nice bike and congrats for riding 2-stroke
  14. Lari87

    Ktm graphics question

    On the 2005 year those radiator shroud plastics chanced on the atleast sx models, but i think you can buy 05 model radiator shrouds and install them with your 04 years bike.