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  1. New plan - I think the first time I do a top end on this thing I'll do the Vortex too. That way I can save my pennies and fine-tune it some more.
  2. I agree with the cost analysis on JD vs. Vortex. With all the other parts I put on my 350, the Vortex would have broken the bank (Maybe later on I'll get one). Plus, I got a sweet deal on the JD tuner from another TT member (Thanks for that if he's reading this post, worked out awesome!)
  3. On the stabilizer, this weekend I (re)learned that after a huge dump of rain familiar trails have new little surprises in them. I came around a corner hot and low and behold there were two giant water filled holes. I jumped one and landed straight on the face of the second one. The stabilizer was what saved me from going over the bars. You don't really feel it's there until you take a good sideways hit. It gives you more confidence in your trusty steed in my opinion.
  4. Just an update for anyone interested; I rode Hollister Hills (California) this weekend after the much needed rain...and it's a new-new bike! Loved it. Here's my list of mods (Just for transparency, this is for dirt only - I'll probably never ride it on the street I decided so I went full dirty.) : SRT radiator guards / back brake guard, hammer head rear brake pedal, Blais racing smog delete kit, scotts steering damper with new bar mounts, JD tuner, removed air box reeds & muffler screens, and got rid of (what I consider) garbage tires and went straight Dunlop dirt knobby's. The JD tuner was my turning point for waking up the engine and giving it that old familiar squirt out of the corners. Enjoy!
  5. Ha! I just had all the same questions myself - check out some answers to my post on it: I went with the Blais smog delete kit & JD tuner. I am installing both today actually so I'm hoping for some good HP increase.
  6. hsjosh

    300XC-W vs 520EXC

    Afterthought; I also had a 1999 KTM 300 EXC and LOVED it. I think in a few years for my next bike I will go back to that model. Only reason I went 350 was for the street plates and I'm now used to the 4-stroke on the downhill control with the throttle instead of "coasting".
  7. hsjosh

    300XC-W vs 520EXC

    I can't say for sure about the 520 since the biggest I've ridden is a 450 and that was more than enough for my 200lbs of rider weight but I sure do love the idea. If I could get a 520 power and "flickiness" of a 250 in a single bike + street legal I'd be all over that...lol.
  8. hsjosh

    300XC-W vs 520EXC

    I too live in NorCal & I had this exact thought process for the last month although I was a size or two "under" where you are. I was on a CRF450R but it was too heavy and setup for MX. I'm a trails rider from Clear Creek (When it was open) all the way up into Stonyford and into Smith Valley NV. I went and got myself a 2019 KTM 350 a couple weeks ago and I like it but it could sure use more pull in the engine department. That being said though, the 300/350's/450's/500's all have a very similar dry weight. However they all "carry" themselves very differently. I want light & "flicky" so my strategy was to get the largest "small" endro bike I can and then tune the engine to make as much power as I can squeeze out of it. Net/Net = I always seem to have to make a tradeoff between a light bike or a bike with power. I'd say pick something as small as you can go and mod it out to where it can deliver as much power as you can get from it. Hopefully that long-winded response helps!
  9. hsjosh

    2019 KTM 350 EXC-F power mods

    Thanks for that cr_rider, you are the second person that's suggested this method. It was pointed out to me also with this method that it's simpler and easier to undo those changes if CA decides to smog test motorcycles in the future. Even with the changes it may still pass smog since you don't take out any of the smog stuff anyway.
  10. hsjosh

    2019 KTM 350 EXC-F power mods

    That's cool, the smog block off kit is only $50. I noticed too the Vortex replacement ECU is like $800... ­čśş...that one will have to wait I think...but a great idea, thank you! Keep 'em coming. I'll pull the reeds too, I read up on what that does (Just for sound apparently).
  11. hsjosh

    2019 KTM 350 EXC-F power mods

    Thank you for the replies! So far for upgrades I've done Skid plate / SRT radiator & back brake guards / bark busters / sicass tail light combo / Scott steering damper (That was some $ boyz & girlz) & removed the mirrors altogether. I'm hesitant to mess with the smog stuff until I find a shop manual or something online that tells me what all that stuff does. I mucked with some hoses and I choked it to the point where it stalled out in the single-track twisties. Any good brand recommendations for a fuel controller?
  12. Hello! I have just bought a 2019 KTM 350 EXC-F and have ridden it twice now. I like it a lot but coming off of a 450 I wish the 350 engine had a liiiiiiiitle more git-up-n-go-get-em. Any recommendations on what I can do to get a little more ponies out of this guy? I'd rather not mess with the stuff that makes it street legal here in sunny California but I will if I must. Thank you in advance for any ideas you may have!
  13. We're probably all having the same problem. At least that's why I viewed it. Sorry no answer for you but if you find out, my bike is doing the same thing. Off to search more posts and see if I can find a cure.
  14. hsjosh

    '07 CRF450R Choppy on the downhill

    Thanks for the replies guys. So I thought about this overnight and I may have been wrong about the speed. When I go slow downhill on a wide open fire road it's harsh. Do you think if I just shift my weight back a bit more, I may have a different feel? I did tell the shop what kind of riding I do and they took my weight and then revalved it. These guys are pretty good (Lindeman Engineering) but I can certinaly ask them too. I rode my buddy's Yamaha and his did the exact same thing. He said he's been trying to get rid of the chatter forever too. Same deal with another buddy of mine with a CR500. This is what made me think there must be something more to it than just my riding style. I had a '99 KTM300 and it never did it, it was totally plush no matter what I rode in.
  15. Hey all, I have an '07 CRF450R and it came out of the box with this bad problem in the front suspension where if I go downhill with any speed at all, it beats the crap out of me. It's stiff as a board on the downhill only and feels like I'm riding down a washboard even on small bumps. Everywhere else it tracks nice and smooth and the back-end is sticky on the tail too, just point-and-shoot. I've set the sag properly, got a new front tire, had the suspension re-valved, and I realized yesterday during a ride that I've inadvertently set the compression on the forks one click away from full soft (I assume in an effort after my ride-and-test adjustments to try and tame out the chatter of the front end). I know this model is an MX bike made for the harsh landings of an MX track but I ride mostly trails in northern CA and liked the weight reduction and engine characteristics of the "R" model compared to the "X" model. Any help or advice on my quandry would be greatly appreciated!