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  1. dkenck

    Scenery on County Line

    When did you ride this? I tried on Sept 30th and it was still closed. I definitely want to ride it before the season ends if possible. Did you ride Teanaway Ridge Trail (1364) as part of the loop? Awesome video by the way.
  2. dkenck

    New to bikes

    Capitol Forest in Olympia and Jones Creek down near Camas may be options as well. Both are WA DNR land. You may consider joining Cascade Family Motor Cycle Club as they have private property in Capitol and access to some easier terrain. Jones Creek Trail Riders also is active down in Camas. Best of luck.
  3. dkenck


    All the above. I will add one more that I have found useful. http://www.caltopo.com later danny
  4. dkenck

    Domerie peak trail open this season?

    I thought it had to be ridden north to south? I don't know because I have never ridden it but I thought the road at the south end was on private property. Just going by what I see on the offroad map. Eat your wheaties, I hear it is a sinister stretch of dirt. Shrubitup can chime in, he will know for sure the status of this trail.
  5. dkenck

    Above the Timber

    Don't have experience with Above the Timber, however I believe they do have demo map sets that you can try out to help you decide if you want to purchase. I chose NWTopos because it is donation instead of purchase. Just out of curiosity what is the original unit? And what is the new unit? Just curious what the issue is? I would suspect you have already spent a bunch of time trying to get it to work if you are ready to purchase something else, but might be worth one last shot getting NWTopos to work if we can provide some help. My experience has been the same as Chuck. I utilize multiple mapsets because everyone of them has something missing or inaccurate that shows up correctly on the next one. I use NW Topos, OpenStreet, Caltopo, and my own GE overlays. Later Danny
  6. dkenck

    Which GPS?

    Like others have said 64s are good rugged units. If larger screen size is needed then Garmin Montana is probably the best bet. I will also concur with some of the others regarding switching to smartphone. I had been using a Garmin Oregon. Good unit but tiny screen. Came close to buying a Montana myself, but remembered that my 3 yr old Nexus 7 Tablet had built in GPS receiver. In short, I decided against the high priced Montana and am now using the Nexus 7 tablet with Locus Map Pro and Brouter. Awesome large crisp screen. Locus map is awesome and works with NWTopo, CalTopo, Openstreet, all my custom .kmz from Google Earth and has a good route planner. I also really like creating different subdirectories for routes, tracks, points, and custom maps. It can also do live tracking, in the same manner as InReach and Spot although I haven't tested that yet. Bought a good RAM mount for it, and use a ziplock bag if it rains. Seems to be doing just fine in the summer heat as long as I am moving. The downsides to the Tablet as GPS so far are: 1) Touchscreen doesn't work with my gloves on. GPS screen did. 2) I like the computer/stat screen on the GPS unit better. 3) Battery only lasts one day. I plan to solve this with USB outlet on the handlebars. 4) Garmin can share data wirelessly with another Garmin unit. I do not have a way to quickly transfer data from my tablet to another device. I will put up with the minor downsides in favor of a large clear screen, better routing and better data management. Best of luck. Danny
  7. dkenck

    Introducing South Park Washington

    Rhymes with spy shock and it has teeth. This thread needs to disappear..... Enjoy your rides everyone.
  8. dkenck

    Spare bike to rent/loan?

    PM sent. Have a couple of ideas. later danny
  9. dkenck

    Devils Gultch

    What about Sunday? Where will you be coming from? PM me. Thanks Danny
  10. dkenck

    Trail Feedback: First time for me on these

    I have only come down 949. There are two challenging sections. One has a nerve racking 100ft of side exposure with a turn you cant see around. There is also a rock hop right below it. 1321 Is a good trail from the bottom to top. I do not like going back down. It can be a lot of arm pump. I will stage there sometimes if I am street legal as I can return via a different route. 1207 is a fun trail in either direction. I would be game for checking out the Naches Jeep trail on opening weekend (15th or 16th). Enjoy the rides. Danny
  11. dkenck

    Trail Feedback: First time for me on these

    Is that from Blazed Ridge (1333)? I can't even see the mountain from my office in Bellevue. Crystal clear view from where ever this is. later danny
  12. dkenck

    Did we lose the 3 Brothers Trail #1211?

    Based on a couple of the PM I received I am going to come to the conclusion it is still motorized. All other documentation lists it as motorized. I think it is a mistake on the new map. Best thing to do is not post anymore on this thread and let it die. Later Danny
  13. dkenck

    Trail Riding Recommendations

    The closest place is Reiter Foothills. That might be an OK place to start. I personally don't think Walker Valley is very well suited to beginners, so I would avoid it for now. Tahuya State Forest is a great choice with plenty of easy terrain. The three mentioned above are all managed by DNR and require a discover pass for parking. Trail maps are here: http://www.dnr.wa.gov/go#trail-maps.1 I believe Taneum also has a couple of beginners loops. This is mostly National Forest land in the Cle Elum ranger district. A NW Forest Pass is required for parking at Natl Forest trail heads. Check out: http://www.cleelumtrails.com and get the new ORV maps which shows the beginners loops. Enjoy the rides. Danny
  14. Although it is a bit out of the way, I know some TT members were including this as part of a Miller Peak ride. The new Cle Elum ORV maps now shows this trail as non motorized. I hadn't gotten a chance to ride it but was hoping to this season. Is that opportunity now lost? Later Danny
  15. dkenck

    Gifford Pinchot National Forest - trail stewards 2017

    Please disregard my previous post and use the following links instead. http://www.discovernw.org/store_gifford-pinchot-national-forest-map_01856.html?gclid=COW2xZjh2dMCFdNyfgodIJIAUw https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B1e7AJGYtpo2Q1NPYkh3ZDR2ZEU Thanks Danny