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  1. randydavis1

    CRF 250 Big bore kit questions

    I had an Athena in 06 with a ported head and a stage 2 hotcams plenty of power and never had a problem.
  2. randydavis1

    Rekluse Core EXP for 09' CRF?

    I just installed one on my 07 and the clutch wont disengage. I've got a Magura Jack on as well. The core part worked fine for my break in. Rekluse is closed today any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. randydavis1

    SDG Lilmini 50

    Anyone who owns a SDG with a Deni carburetor know where to get jets for it? Thanks
  4. My fifty has a Deni pz 16 carburetor does anyone have an idea where i could find jets for it? Thanks
  5. randydavis1

    My first CRF nightmare

    Hey Chris, the crank in my 06 went and pretty much junked everything. I had to replaces both cases so it was completely apart. I'm not a mechanic just a guy who always liked to work on my bike myself. This is my first 4-stroke and it wasn't much harder than doing a 2-stroke, the main difference being cam chain and cam timing. Get a good service manual and have a go at it. Theres plenty of help and advice on here. My bike hasn't missed a beat since I put it back together.
  6. randydavis1

    exhaust pics...

    06 White Bros Carbon Pro Duals
  7. randydavis1

    2009 Husaberg unvailed today

    I know the motor looks odd but looking at in the bike and it sure looks compact. One of the biggest knocks on 4-strokes way back when was they were to tall you certainly cant say that about this design.
  8. randydavis1

    Dragging bars pictures

    I would love to see the next few frames because that looks like a crash is coming.
  9. randydavis1

    white plastic/graphics?

    Heres my 06.
  10. randydavis1

    fmf 4.1 dual carbon

    I've had my White Bros carbon duals for a year no problems at all. No change in sound level that I've noticed and I havent repacked them. Buy what you want, what ever works for you.
  11. randydavis1


    I had some al as well from the crank hiting the side of the cases. Since you have it apart I would change the crank. When mine went it trashed the cases. If i was you I wouldn't take the chance. I couldn't feel any up and down movement in mine either but when I put it back together it only lasted about five laps. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=491349
  12. randydavis1


    What color are the shavings? When my crank went the shavings were bronze colored from the big end of the crank.
  13. randydavis1

    Milky engine oil

    Went to change the engine oil and it came out kinda funky looking. I assume its water not a lot but definitely some. I don't ride in water or use a pressure hose to clean the bike so any ideas how it might have got in there?
  14. randydavis1

    Buell and motocross?

    Just took a look at the new Buell 1125r. Pretty cool. It has a Rotax v-twin motor with lots of power. The cost of the bike is pretty much the same as the big Japanese 4 cylinders. So I don't see why the mx bike would be any different. I personally cant wait to see what a company like Buell can do with a 450 motocrosser. I would suggest going to their web site and checking out the new street bike. You'll see that they put a lot of r and d and effort to make this bike and if they do the same to the mx bike my CRf is going to be history.
  15. randydavis1

    Price of Crf250r?

    Buy a 250f, a 125 is so much harder to ride you got to keep it on the pipe and clutch the snot out of it. IMO:ride: