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  1. Sully67

    Just got up speed in 5th, Pop!, and the engine locks up...

    Prius "throttle Sticking" was determemd to be hoax. Wonder why? I couldn't guess as my pockects do not run that deep.....
  2. Sully67

    ATTN:crf450X owners

    After researching the 450 x threads and finally breaking in my 06 X I decided that the best thing for this bike is a weight reduction. I took 30 LBS off my bike. I ate less and moved more! IMHO this bike rocks. I now weigh 175 lbs, and this bike does not need anything for me. Well, maybe I might "open her up" once I get bored with unintentional 3rd gear wheelies! FYI I stepped off of a 1992 YZ500WR (2-stroke).
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  4. Sully67

    Steppin up and steppin it out

    OMG!!! Nads+talent =entertaining!
  5. Sully67


    In the same vain as Mr. Rudder, know what is on the other side i.e. look before you leap. Many off-roaders cut their riding careers short by not following this simplist of rules.
  6. O.K. Truth be told I took the bait in the letter and jumped to the end. That being said, I am on board and will read EVERY post here to re-affirm my commitment to March 20th! Also will talk with none TT'rs, yeah they exist and have bikes, about piching in. Maybe it is above already, but how about one of the "web savey" guys posting a form letter peolple can sign and send, along with the phyisical? I belive in hitting with all barrels at once.,
  7. No friggin way! We were just out there watching a blackhawk buzz Means Dry Lake Bed early this past Sunday. Been riding here since I was 5 (40 now). Maybe our government is saying "forget the red or green sticker" just ride where and when you can? So much for playing by the rules. Yeah, I can see that all of the urban spral that has taken over the high desert is a great thing for the local wildlife, I bet the heavy ammunitions and caustic fallout from said ammo will be great fo the wildlife as well..
  8. While not my style, being 40 and a yank, the jumping is great. The editing and creativity are top-notch. As you'all might say "no worries"......
  9. Sully67

    camping in socal...what gives?

    Just bought a "Premium" old school tent. My boy has agreed that after trying all, and weather permitting, you cannot beat falling to sleep listening to little feet!
  10. Sully67


    O.K., Newbie here, I have read the posts and have not yet seen this suggestion: Do a search on custom dirt bike graphics. I have friend who has his bike customed down to the fork guard decals and shark fin. When I say say customed the range is frrom factory decals to his local strip club on the plastics, swing arms, you name it! Looks like a bike sittin' on the line at super-cross. Cost vary, from what I've been quoted, aywhere from $150 - $350 for a complete set-up.
  11. Sully67

    Is the 450X the right bike for me?

    Just try not wanting more...
  12. Sully67

    Best riding gear for the hot dez?

    I ride Mojave during summer. Offload @ 6 AM ride to 12 noon then go home. No special gear for me. Must remember to arrive back at truck with 1/2 full camel back. Why? If you drink it all riding and then get stuck...
  13. Sully67

    Now thats displacement

    YEEAAHHH! Love to try this in open desert, but on a track umm, oh well leave that to the kids...
  14. Sully67

    Short Guy (needs suggestions - susp. etc)

    Hey XIONDAVIS, what did they charge to lower and set up yuor wife's bike? Where are they located?