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  1. Blaster1200

    Pre Race check list

    I would never change a plug right before a race. I made that mistake once when I used to race jet skis. The morning of the race, I was trying to practice and the ski wouldn't run well. After a bunch of troubleshooting without any luck, I figured that since I only changed the plugs, I'd install yet another set of plugs. Well, long story short, the whole box of plugs were bad. I was able to borrow some plugs from someone else, and everything worked well. Unfortunately, I missed out on practice. Just like parts, don't make last minute changes before your race. If the plug is proven, and it's not very old, I'd go with it.
  2. Blaster1200

    What suspension company for desert riding?

    Same here. Other shops may do factory Baja bikes, but ESP takes care of everyone else.
  3. Blaster1200

    20 inch Front Wheel?????

    What Krannie said, plus add using ultra heavy duty tubes. I often ride desert by braille, relying on my Scott's damper. I have several dents in my front rim, but I rarely pinch flat. Also, make sure your gauge is accurate. I once had an Accugauge that read way too low (which resulted in a few pinch flats and even more rim dents on my old YZ).
  4. Blaster1200

    Is the stock air cleaner worth a hoot?

    I like the stock filters as well. When I bought my bike, I bought two extra OE filters to have as backups and one extra cage for quick-changes. Although it's been a couple years since I've used aftermarket filters on my bikes, I remember them never being as durable. Besides, I haven't seen much that shows that the aftermarket filter companies make filters that actually filter better. Sure, they may flow better, but that's not why I use filters.
  5. Blaster1200

    Air Filter Installation

    That makes sense. I'm using the OE filter and cage, which is why I'm not experiencing any difficulties with the stock bolt. BTW, wearing latex gloves makes filter replacement a lot more pleasant.
  6. Blaster1200

    Air Filter Installation

    I've seen this recommendation many times. However, I don't understand why. The OEM bolt comes out and goes in easily. What does the napalm screw do differently? Does it serve another purpose?
  7. Blaster1200

    Ass on fire? (airbox fire? anyone encounter?)

    ...yet... As long as you ride that setup, you are exposed to the risk. Some engineer probably assumed that the risk wasn't worth it.
  8. Blaster1200

    OHV areas checking for smog devices

    Well, California just seems to be leading in stupidity in America. Surely the rest of country will follow. I guess we (California) just pioneer it, thanks to the liberals (had to throw that in there).
  9. Blaster1200

    smog kit 06 450x

    Hmm...a change of mind, maybe?
  10. Blaster1200

    f2 racing "powerback" kit on a 07 450x

    I thought people were plugging the hoses for the air pump with the JB weld, not the head. Sorry. I used the Applied block-off kit on my bike.
  11. Blaster1200

    Front tire (time for new, recommendations?)

    I've been hearing some good things about the 742FA. A guy who I was riding with last weekend, who has some connections with Dunlop, was telling me about the 745, and asking if I had tried it. He mentioned it's a new tire, but I haven't even seen it yet. Is anyone familiar with this new tire?
  12. Blaster1200

    f2 racing "powerback" kit on a 07 450x

    Help me understand a bit...you'll remove components that were designed to be used on your bike, but you won't plug up the lines to those components? OK??? Whatever... Reality check: If you use your bike, next year, it'll be a one year old used bike.
  13. Blaster1200

    getting suspension done

    ESP did mine too, and I couldn't be happier with it. I know it's a way from San Berdu, but worth it to ship your parts there. As someone else said about PC, ESP knows Hondas!
  14. Blaster1200

    Cajon Pass

    Yes, extortion passes, sparkies, and registration is all required. When I was there, the ranger was trying to put his rod down my pipe as I was pulling to a stop! Before I could even put the truck in park, he was looking for my extortion pass. Since I didn't have one, he told me to go get one. I unloaded my bike from the motojackrack, and hit that road at 80mph (no one was around). That was the most fun I had that day. The riding mostly sucks and is very dangerous with all the china bikes. (Yeah, yeah, I know motorcycles may cross the main road.)
  15. Blaster1200

    Brand New CRF450X Overheated

    Did they give you the owner's manual? If I remember correctly, it mentions something about not letting the bike idle for extended periods of time. And more than a few minutes is an extended period of time. Although, I could be wrong. I also can't remember, but the manual may show how to remove the jets (they probably won't show or mention of changing the jets).