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  1. penguin327

    taking a motorcycle to Australia

    try ktmtalk.com there are several members there that are from Australia
  2. penguin327

    2005 525MXC total hours help

    The KTM is a way better bike than WR lighter and more pwerful, turns better, better suspesion and brakes. If it is in good shape buy it
  3. penguin327

    03 450 MXC clutch

    The clutches on these bikes is pretty noisy. Jus to be safe I woul remove the clutch case and have a loo at the hub nut
  4. penguin327

    2005 450 sx wont start when hot

    Check the valves. It is common if they get too tight
  5. stiffen up the suspension and it will do an adequate job for playing on an MX track. A little heavy but it will do the job.
  6. penguin327

    450xcfw vs 300xcw vs 250xcfw

    any of the bikes you listed are not really suited to MX. You would be better served going with an XC model not a W
  7. They are different frames......no you can't.....any mor questions?
  8. penguin327

    KTM riders step inside

    If the previous owner maitained the bike right you should get 100-150 hours of trail use out of it. Keep the oil and filter changed and keep the air filter clean and you shoud have a lot of ride time left.
  9. penguin327

    Bigbore 250F

    Be careful with the 305 kit. It requires a bit of case maching and you also end up with dangerously thin cylinder because of the ammount of overbore. And since the piston is quite a bit heavier than stock, if you dont rebalance the crank you will have some vibration. The best bang for the buck is the 300 kit (actually a 290), makes the 250 even more fun.
  10. penguin327

    FCR carb - The Dirt Devil

    The KLX300 didnt run like the KTM either. I know, I had 5 of them before I got smart and got a KTM
  11. penguin327

    FCR carb - The Dirt Devil

    500 hours? I think you got more than your moneys worth. I dont think the FCR is at fault. It is a dirt bike isn't it?
  12. penguin327

    Replacment Clutch

    OEM is quality stuff but pricey. DP is another good one, but still pricey. I've had good luck with Barnett clutch kits. Reasonably priced and pretty good quality
  13. penguin327

    2003 KTM 450 EXC Plastics - 2004+??

    You will need an 04 or later, suframe, seat, and airbox to make it all work
  14. penguin327

    525 SX Petcock

    I dont think the problem is the petcock. Sounds like the screw holes are stripped in the tank. About the only thing you can do is try to find some screws slightly larger than what you have and see if they will tighten
  15. penguin327

    525 SX Petcock

    are you talking about the oring between the tank and petcock? Replace it. They get compressed over time and will not seal correctly