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  1. Taylors

    Water Leaking At Case 105sx

    k THANKS
  2. Taylors

    Water Leaking At Case 105sx

    A freind of mines grandson was riding my sons 2006 105sx he crashed and knocked the radiator hose off, when he got back to the house water was shooting out of the exhaust, I pulled the cylinder replaced the:excuseme: gaskets, piston, ring, head gaskets, and hoses. I put it back together, it fired up 2nd kick sounds strong, but now i have water dripping out of the front of the engine case where the cases meet. My question is, does the water circulate down into the engine case? If so would it pass through the case gasket? How else could water get in the case? Water pump? Can it get to the crank? Thanks
  3. Taylors

    new racer here beginner questions!

    If this is your first race and you are not even clearing tables, do not race novice, find a beginner class to race in, it will be safer for you and the other riders, just take off in 1st for now and work on a clean start, the speed will come later, try not to wheelie, or stall, just get away clean, and build you confidence.
  4. Taylors

    kicking over

    Sounds like the valves have gotten tight, ck your valve clearance, pretty clasic symptom.
  5. Taylors

    Engine carnage!

    Thats what an engine looks like that ingests water at high rpms, the water will not compress so the lower end grenades, that may not be what happened to yours but it sure looks like it.
  6. "I have a 2006 290 and I was burning up the clutch every race, I replaced everything with OE stuff and it lasted 2 races, I went with Cannon Racecraft springs, OE plates, and drilled extra holes in the clutch basket, 5 races later still running strong.
  7. Taylors

    Water wetter/Engine ice

    Distilled water, aluminum radiator, bad mix even for a short time. This is a recipe for electrolisis.
  8. Taylors

    07 WR250 Clutch shot

    First of all are you using just the quick adjust at the lever or are you also adjusting the cable just a few inches away from the perch, are your clutch disks smoked, is the the hub and basket black? I have struggled through clutch problems replaceing clutchs every 10-12 hours and I have finally got a handle on it but I need to know more info before I can help you. Also measure the clutch spring height and let me know what that is as well. Whatever you do be sure to replace them with Cannon Racecraft Springs.
  9. Taylors

    Clutch Plates

    DUDE.. Got it. I have personally seen the same scenario 3 times in the last six months, none have been from lack of maintenance. Do a search on this subject and you will find several post on this subject, including some posted by myself.
  10. Taylors

    Clutch Plates

    The dry sump limits the amount of oil the clutch gets already, this causes heat buildup in the clutch, which in turns causes the clutch springs to shrink, this adds additional heat to the clutch accelerating the overheating process, a clutch can get that bad in as little as 2 motos if the springs are weak. YZF250 CLUTCH SPRINGS $69.95 Click to enlarge YZF250 CLUTCH SPRINGS YZF 250 Clutch Springs High tensile stainless steel, lighter than stock rate, longer free length for improved engagement. Springs are made to an exacting tolerance with a lifetime warranty. $69.95 per set Discounts to not apply to this product. Stock Clutch springs are made of chrome silicon wire which are marginal when new, tend to fade when over-heated, and end up taking a permanent ?set? (shorten ?up) within a short time. Our new high temp, high tensile stainless steel clutch springs are a slightly lighter rate than stock, yet have a longer free length so the engagement force at the installed height is much greater. This delivers the power your engine generates more intensely to the rear wheel with less clutch slippage, longer clutch life and more drive. Ours springs are made to exacting tolerances and have a lifetime warranty.
  11. Taylors

    Clutch Plates

  12. Taylors

    Clutch Plates

    Its not lack of maintenance, it is a poor design with the dry sump system, be sure to use Canon Racecraft springs, supposedly Yamaha has corrected this problem for 2008
  13. Taylors

    08 OEM high compression piston in 06?

    You are better off just buying a High Compression piston built for an 06.
  14. Taylors

    clutch issues

    Ifyou can do only 1 mod, be sure it is to install Cannon Racecraft springs. Then drill the inner hub, I did it to mine but instead of the 3 holes that are there from the factory I put 2 in each channel next to the already drilled holes. Do not remove the spacer rings.
  15. Taylors

    New Clutch Suggestions?

    Ditto the only way to go