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  1. catalina4646

    Chain I know I know

    Thank s you guys. Yes I am going to replace both sprockets as well. Cheers
  2. catalina4646

    Chain I know I know

    I have done TONS of searches not only on TT but GOOGLE but I can't find what I need. I need a new chain but I don't know what to get. Any suggestions? I have quite a few DID x ring master links from another bike but not so important on mt DRZ400S model. Please help!! Thank you
  3. catalina4646

    clutch lever

    I had what sounds like the same problem. I took my right side case off to install a kickstarter. I reinstalled the chutch plates in wrong and my clutch lever asted like you describe. If you took your right side case off, make sure you reinstall the clutch plates in correctly or your clutch lever will not function or return.
  4. catalina4646

    Red oil

    Gotcha, thank you all
  5. catalina4646

    Red oil

    Just one question and not another oil thread. I just want to know if the silkolene full synthetic oil is supposed to be red. I bought the kit from the TT store and I have never seen red engine oil before. Thanks
  6. catalina4646

    Clutch not working

    OK, I fixed it last night. This is the first clutch I have ever disassembled and I was sure I placed everything back as it was. I had the last three plates in the wrong slot (not as deep) which would not allow the plates to engage. Thank you for your help!!
  7. catalina4646

    Clutch not working

    I posted this topic yesterday but as you can see, if anything was posted yesterday it was erased. Here it is: I recently installed the kick starter on my 2012 DRZ400S. It works great but I now have a problem. My clutch is not working. The clutch lever just flops around and I have to manually push it forward to disengage the clutch. When I pull the lever in all hte way, it does not fully engage the clutch. For example: Kickstand up, put it in gear, attempt to start it up and the bike lunges forward. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  8. catalina4646

    Haynes manuals

    I'm looking for an OEM manual as well. Don't know where to get one though.
  9. catalina4646

    Factory service manual

    I have searched and searched....where can I get one paperback? Thank you
  10. catalina4646

    Hand guard part numbers please

    That's it! Thank you
  11. catalina4646

    Leaking petcock

    What year model DRZ400E petcock should I get? Also, will it work with the 3.9 Clarke tank? Thanks
  12. catalina4646

    Hand guard part numbers please

    Hey all! i'm looking to get the Cycra Pro bend hand guards and I can't find the part numbers. Im looking for the black plastic with the tripple clamp mounts for the extra strength. Does anybody have the part number for the tripple clamp mount? Thanks
  13. catalina4646

    parts financing?

    NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER finance a luxury PERIOD. Only a mortgage like someone else said. BAAAAAAAAAAD habit
  14. catalina4646

    What size tube

    I am going to replace my deathwings and get the Dunlop D606 130/90-18. This is not my first DRZ400S so I not a newbe. Anyways, one thing I cannot remember is the tube sizes. I know HD tubes are a must but what size do I get for the larger rear tire? I bought a 2007 brand new and did a ton of mods on it. I sold it about a month and a half ago (I have 9 bikes) and regretted it as soon as it drove off. Three days ago I bought a 2012 brand new and am starting to build it up to where my last one was. I already ordered rad guards, full exhaust, case savers both sides, JD jet, and did the 3X3 mod. please help on the tube thing though, I need to get some HD tubes before I put the new tires on. Thanks
  15. catalina4646

    New bike, should I break in before.......

    This is my 2nd 450X. I modded the crap out of the 1st one. Question though...Should I break the engine in before modifications? All of my parts came in today. Q4 with Powerbomb JD with fuel screw air box Some other items I received dont matter (rad guards, skid plate, etc...) Thanks