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  1. 000ShaDoW000

    Big Bore - Noob question

    I got the 440 installed and no issue since cant tell you any more mine is a daily rider so I am not race hardcore etc but really you cant go wrong with A bit of extra juice.
  2. 000ShaDoW000

    Do you guys actually even ride your bikes?

    Ride mine ever day to work what world do you live in that you have a bike and don't ride it?
  3. 000ShaDoW000

    NEED MORE POWER Big Bore 440

    not sure been a while but i belive its 160 main jet 200 main air jet EMN needle clip 3 45 pilot jet pilto air jet removed 2 turns fuel screw i think i am about 500 above sea level of memory serves. Bike runs like a dream i love it.
  4. 000ShaDoW000

    Happy new year from near the date line!

    happy new year 1hr 48 mins away here in mount isa au :-) hope all are well and ridin........ PS the athena 440 IS worht it ShaDoW <<<<< grinning idiot...........
  5. 000ShaDoW000

    Everyone knows a guy like this

    yeah that was worth the watch funny as all get out...havent done quite that but i have made a fool of myself a number of times dropping bikes etc all i do is keep on grinning and get back on and ride..just like he did hell if yr not dropping them then yr not riding them.
  6. 000ShaDoW000

    DRZ-SM front wheel removal

    waste of money why would u buy that????????? taken my wheel off heaps of times i dont own one of them :-)
  7. 000ShaDoW000

    How do you set the clock

    had my bike for 12 months and set the clock today thanks now it wont ready 1600 when i go to work at 6AM
  8. 000ShaDoW000

    NEED MORE POWER Big Bore 440

    i dont like to say whats worth it depends on what bills u got i guess.... for me I am a happy camper and bike is great all in all it was worth ever cent..... could i have got by without it sure...............but wheres the fun in that :-)
  9. 000ShaDoW000

    Who's DRZ??

    i likey..............
  10. 000ShaDoW000

    Height to set head light

    Thanks william thats what i was looking for :-) will get it sorted (soon to busy enjoying my new pilot powers and 440 athena kit :-)
  11. 000ShaDoW000

    NEED MORE POWER Big Bore 440

    all I can say is sweet runs like a dream.....
  12. 000ShaDoW000

    Height to set head light

    Hi after spending 40 mins looking I am going to ask Anyone know how to set the light on a 07 SM (as in height on wall at what distance) put mmy bike into a pole about a month ago an just cant seem to get it right. Thanks.
  13. 000ShaDoW000

    Break in!!!...taking forever!!

    ride it like your going to ride it in life if your casual in life then slow and steady if your ride like a maniac in life then ride it like you stole it. (i am the last one :-))
  14. 000ShaDoW000

    NEED MORE POWER Big Bore 440

    i only ride in town to and from work so i will be happy with low end and mid range power i have the fcrmx 3x3 and full yosh k&N air filter so i should be all good also putting a new set of pilot powers on at the same time so i cant wait (worst thing is i got called in to do a 12 hr shift today due to someone being sick :-( )
  15. 000ShaDoW000

    NEED MORE POWER Big Bore 440

    Not sure but mine is being fitted today so i can post afterwards if you like. Had mine for a while but time and work is killing me these days (still its worth it cos now i can buy the toys i want)