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    2 strokes, volkswagens, chevys old & new, working, photography, any good time.

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  1. 657pinkKTM

    "The Recovery Room"

    hello, I didn't forget about you! I've been meaning to come in and update. went 'camping' (glamping... 36' motor home) with my bfs family for 2 weeks on the CT shore. it was soooo awesome. I had my bike with me, which made it even more fun, as did the rotary in the park... I'm building one in my front hard hehe was riding on rt 1 camping, saw a cop pull a uie and throw his lights in and pull me over... I didn't worry because I hadn't done anything wrong. sits in his car for a second and then gets out and ask me if my name was carol Ann, and I said yes. he then asked me if it was my motorcycle, and I said yes... he then goes in to say well this bike has been reported stolen. um WHAT?! I FREAK out, burst into tears, hand him my license and reg and tell him he's wrong! he goes calm down! I go wouldn't you be freaking out in this situation too?! lmao! uh I paid for this bike cash! he gets in his car and I sit on the grass by the passenger window. so there I am, sitting in the side of the road, next to my bike, with a cop car behind me, crying. looking back it's pretty funny. he gets off the phone and it turns out that a trailer with the same plate as my bike had been stolen, and it had been out into the system wrong, with a motorcycle class code instead of a trailer class code. he turned out to be a super nice guy, and he rode himself, and his son just bought a bike. we apologized profusely and went in my way haha. my boyfriends dad is a retired cop so he would if been able to square it up if I had any problems. then a few weeks ago my phone and wallet got stolen out of the stockroom at work and my brand new iPhone 6, wallet, cash, all my gift cards stolen... so that sucked... a lot.... and now I'm in Indianapolis at motoGP... last minute trip. we both had the weekend off and had free tickets thru my boyfriends work... why not? oh yeah it was rad btw.. haha
  2. 657pinkKTM

    "The Recovery Room"

    just got back from Laconia. was one of 2 supermotos that I saw... the other being a WR. oh and 2 riding at a track day at the speedway. I blended right in at Laconia HD! day 3... they still don't know I'm not a Harley. ran into a cool sign at NHMS. it rained all day and we rode right thru it hahaha. wish I could of stayed longer!
  3. 657pinkKTM

    "The Recovery Room"

    http://www.soloracer.com/crf250ledge.html I think this is gonna be the one - LOVE integrated tails, bf has one on his grom and had an integrated R6 tail on his ruck.
  4. 657pinkKTM

    "The Recovery Room"

    Lacey came out to play on Easter Sunday! I need an undertail.
  5. 657pinkKTM

    "The Recovery Room"

    I was pretty pegged on the CB500F before I hit my CRF, but I didn't want to finance it. they are pretty cool. I sat on it and liked it. I have dirtbikes so I'm not really interested in a dual sport - I sat on the F and loved it, but I think my next bike will be an FZ07, which is an upright sport bike, similar to the CB500F.
  6. 657pinkKTM

    Romy's new ride

    that's how many were on my 250L when I got it. congratulations. HA this is old! oops! well, no worries. I have that much into my CRF too for much less parts. it's the SM wheels.
  7. 657pinkKTM

    Kick stand modification after lowering bike?

    I took 1.5" off my kickstand after my conversion. it looks ridiculous. way too much. I need a new one. you can order the CRF250M kickstand too... just an idea
  8. 657pinkKTM

    "The Recovery Room"

    maybe one day I'll have a job where I dont work weekends...
  9. 657pinkKTM

    "The Recovery Room"

    if it helps you sleep that's great, but it's also true. I believe it. when I went to that memorial, my friends breast cancer had spread to her liver etc, and although she passed on, she did beat cancer.
  10. 657pinkKTM

    "The Recovery Room"

    do not like either of the Stewarts... or alessi! ugh! my good friends wife passed the other day from a long brave battle with breast cancer... per her request, a swarm of pitbikes riding into her memorial service. so awesome. she also graced us with warm temps today, and it'll be back to sub zeros tomorrow. I can finally say I've ridden my 78 z50 down a short stretch of route 1, ha!
  11. 657pinkKTM

    "The Recovery Room"

    working on another ct70. when will it end?! I'm gonna try and go get it tomorrow, or maybe Saturday.
  12. 657pinkKTM

    "The Recovery Room"

    those are pretty neat! where are you ordering from?
  13. 657pinkKTM

    "The Recovery Room"

    yeah, that's what I was thinking. only thing is that they would say 250r or 450r instead of 250l
  14. 657pinkKTM

    ADVAN Racing LED taillight For CRF250L DRC ?

    I was just looking at the DRC tail. I liked the integrated one but there's no amber which my bf pointed out which is kind of weird. please do give a review and pics. I'm deciding between this and the yoshimura. just saw the video. thanks. where do you live? there's about 3 feet of snow on the ground here in CT. ain't no 250l getting no where! lol. we've had the snowmobiles out only.
  15. 657pinkKTM

    "The Recovery Room"

    looking good, Lacey. I need a fender eliminator now. I absolutely love the direction I went in with this bike. I'm considering getting the 2015 CRF graphics, they are sweeeeeeett.