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  1. I have a 2001 f250 7.3. Yesterday upon start up it was rough the check engine light came on. It was running rough so I parked it and got a code reader it isn't showing any problem codes. It runs rough until it's warmed up then only seems to act up at about 1200rpms. The engine feels like it's hesitating, shakes runs roughly. Then clears up once you get to higher runs. Does anyone have any ideas for me to look at.
  2. Small world, I do remember talking to you at the mine. We rode up the muddy trail to just above Kennicott and stopped. They were filming the show Edge of Alaska so we watched for a minute and rode back down. Later that day leaving MCcarthy the street tires on my brothers bike gave out luckily my cousin had a tire plug kit and was able to patch him up to make it to Valdez. The roads there are hard on tires all three bikes had tire issues at one point. We had a fantastic trip, I just got my bike back from Alaska two weeks ago so I haven't had it all summer. My brother threw it in the back of a friend of his truck who was moving down to WA.
  3. http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1144290-ride-report-washington-to-alaska/ I did the trip here is a link to a link to a ride report. It was a pretty bad ass trip.
  4. I got the wind shield at https://www.procycle.us/bikepages/drz400.html. It worked for its purpose well keeping bugs and road spray off me but it did make the ride louder with wind noise. Yup there are better bikes for a ride like that for sure. But it was kind of fun and rewarding doing it on my Drz. Now that bike has been from mid Mexico to Alaska. Now I'm talking the wife into letting me sell it up in AK and buying a new one here. The old one needs a good refurbishing after that trip.
  5. I wanted to keep going with my cousin on there travels through out AK and up to Deadhorse, to bad work limits my time so much. How ever if I did that I would have gotten another bike. The DRZ is and was very capable of the 3300 mile ride we did up there but is sure wasn't built for comfort. I was at my limits towards the end of the ride, but I still enjoyed every second of it. And really the DRZ did surprisingly well at every thing I threw at it, even the hours upon hours of 75 to 80mph which worried me a little trying to keep up with the bigger bikes.
  6. http://advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1072960 My cousin his wife and I did a trip up into Alaska starting at my house in Snohomish, They are from Arizona and shipped their giant BMW to my house. I rode my DRZ, up and left it at my brothers house in Anchorage. My cousin has done many long trips this being their longest when they are done they will have traveled over 10k miles they are headed all the way up to the Artic ocean then back down to Arizona via a different route. I have done a few trips with them before one into Mexico and the other following route 66. They will eventually go all the way to the southern tip of South America. The trip was spectacular, we did a lot of off the Hwy routes to avoid all the RV's and traffic. I think we figured we easily did over 1000 miles of dirt/gravel roads out of the 3320 miles we rode to Anchorage. My cousin is doing a ride report for his whole trip as he travels each day. I just flew back yesterday and thought I would share his report with you so far. http://advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1072960 The DRZ did better then expected, no major issues just replaced a few bolts that fell out and had to get a new rear tire which is difficult to do in the middle of no were. Thankfully my brother came to my rescue as you will see in the report. I don't think I will choose to ride the DRZ on any more long trips Mexico and Alaska were enough. I think it may be time for a bigger more comfy bike, after watching my cousin ride that giant 1200 adventure BMW like a boss on all the technical rodes we did as well as rip it up on the Hwy's and be supper comfy in the process I might think about looking into some thing else. I hope you enjoy his report, I will try and answer any questions if any one has any.
  7. I put in roughly 2 qts and about the same came out.
  8. Sorry guys, the bike turns over but would not start until it cooled down. I changed the oil and went for a ride, and the bike seemed to work fine. I thought there might be fuel in the oil but almost exactly 2qts of oil came out of the bike I would think it would be more if gas was in the oil. I do feel the bike might be running to warm however my temp light has yet to com on.
  9. My new problem with this bike is after you ride for a while stop turn off the bike it won't restart. It's a 06 mostly stock s model. I stopped at a gas station filled it up. Now it won't restart. It did this to me last time I rode also but just figured it was a one time deal. It acts as if it's might be flooded but it shouldn't be. Any ideas. While I sit here and wait
  10. I'm good no Dui, I only live 1.5 hrs from the border and have been through many times. My cousin and his wife are Boarder patrol agent in Arizona so I am hoping that makes it easier.
  11. I am running 15/44 gearing if I swap to 15/41 since my trip will be 90 percent roads would that be better and if so would I need to take a link out of the chain?
  12. Well I tore into the carb again today and cleaned it, checked all vent lines, hoses, wires any thing I could think of put it back together and it still ran like crap. I said screw it I'm starting from the beginning and took off the fuel tank dumped it out and put in fresh gas one grade higher ( the old gas was only a month old at best). As I was riding home from the gas station the bike seemed to be running good no studders or hesitations. All seemed to be normal for now. I am having a hard time thinking my problems are over but I hope they are. I must have just had a bad batch of gas or some thing. Oh well ill take it if that was the problem, just wish I would have done that sooner.
  13. Thanks I don't think its the cap not venting but the problem as started happening since I switched to the raptor style fuel petcock, I plugged the old vacuum line. I would have to look it up but a few years ago I did the 3x3 mod and put in a jet kit, it worked great up till now.
  14. Well I am checking the stator like you suggested and I am following the Clymer manuals instructions, ohm wise and continuity to ground all seem within spec, however I can not get a stable reading on the voltage one combination I get a good 75v reading but some of the other are a lot lower I think once I got 75v reading out of two different combinations but I haven't been able to for all three. What might this mean? one combination I can get 75v another I can get around 68/69v the other is 25vish.
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