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  1. wahoogully

    What did you do to your WR today?

    I showed my brand new-to-me WR450 to my dad and buddies. Not as fun as riding, but...
  2. wahoogully

    Too much love, too little knowledge

    The final answer is a WR450 Yamaha. I took it around my little local spot and it seems awesome! The power might hurt me, but then I do like room to grow with a bike. Thanks for all the perspective.
  3. wahoogully

    Too much love, too little knowledge

    John, thanks for the input. High altitude is a major consideration since I hope to do a lot of riding in the Eastern Sierra, on old mine roads and such.
  4. wahoogully

    Too much love, too little knowledge

    Thanks for all the advice! I had kind of considered the KTM 300 2 stroke, since I rode my buddy's a little bit. Like a mountain bike with a rocket engine! My only reservation there is the throttle control needed to find the middle ground between ON and OFF. I'll check em out more though. Mostly, the issue with a 2-stroke is that my riding buddies don't want them around. Maybe they'll have to adjust... I'll keep an eye on craigslist for all of the above!
  5. I could really use some buying advice from more seasoned off-road riders. I'm 6 ft, 200 pounds, and all torso and arms (positive ape index). I rode street most of my 38 years, then switched to dirt for lower death factor and higher fun:hour ratio. My young kiddos are the main reason for both. My first dirt bike is a 95 xr600r (plated). While it was a bit much at first, I now love the power/torque, but hate the weight. I've had several mechanical issues with that bike (top end and carb), have little time and cash...and less knowledge to keep it going. I know...it the simplest bike out there...but those damn carbs... I definitely like power, and I sometimes ride up to 12,000 ft elevation. I love trails and double tracks, even somewhat technical, but won't ever race or go for big air. I'm tired of kick starting and want a magic button. I'm not proud and don't need the latest thing. My father and brother won't ride with me (willingly) if I got a two stroke. I'm looking at a max initial investment of about $4000 so I was thinking about... CRF 450X (04-06), or a KTM of some kind. I like my bro's xr400 but want a bit more thrust. I enjoy nimble, but let's face it, any bike is nimble compared to my big red pig. So, to summarize: Four stroke good power mod/low maintenance green sticker electric start 250? 300? 450? < $4000 Can it be done? What do yall think? Thanks a bunch for the time and input.
  6. wahoogully

    Overhaulin' : 1993 XR600

    That's a gorgeous 600! I have a rough-looking and non-running 95 in my driveway that has a dubious future. I loved the bike when running, but only had it for a year before it died, but it went all over in the mountains around here. After reading about finicky replacement bikes, it makes me want to rebuild my pig. Unfortunately, I have to wait at least until summer to move to a place with a garage. I can't see doing a full rebuild in my breezy breezeway. And when ebay doesn't provide, who do you go to for parts?
  7. wahoogully

    Help! clanking, grinding and the end of a bike?

    Mine did similar implosion. I suspected it was related to my changing the aftermarket exhaust back to a stocker (that was a fecking error in pursuit of quiet) without changing the jets. My buddy pulled the head cover and moved things around with no resistance. I put it back together and started it for 10 seconds or so, before it died. Then I can't kick it over with the starter, but rolling the rear wheel can loosen it up again. There's an irregular clank in the motor when it runs. The oil looked fine. Anyone have a sense of whether this is top or bottom end problems? I like the crack about mechanics and sex, and I probably need more of both in my life right now.
  8. wahoogully

    Dumb question...L

    It's a cheap little screen that cost me $175 when I forgot to put it back in before riding on BLM land. Teach me to f%*k with my muffler when I'm in a hurry.
  9. wahoogully

    Exhaust change and regret

    Thanks for the suggestions. I'm a rookie at jetting so I'll see what the local honda shop can do. I've heard of drilling out the end on the stock exhaust with standard sized holes that can be filled with a screw if you change your mind, but wanted to see what others thought first. I appreciate the insights. Wahoogully
  10. wahoogully

    Exhaust change and regret

    Most readers will probably say &%$#@! when I write that I recently changed my XR600R's exhaust from the Yosh pipe it had to a wheezy stocker pipe. Here was my thinking before doing it: 1.My bike's noise offends my riding buddies, and every other living thing near me...especially that neurotic little jack russell next door. 2.This bike has so much power that I'll never notice the difference. 3.I want it as street legal as possible and the off-road pipe was one of many issues the law could have with my pig. Trouble is, now the fecker sounds like a lawn mower and has about that much power. Not really, but the loss is VERY noticeable, and I ride above 10,000 ft on a regular basis. Plus I'm tipping the clydesdale division at 6 ft 200 #. Oh yeah, and rationale number 4 was that I couldn't figure out how to get my yosh apart to repack the thing. So my questions to yall with a bit of experience are: Is there some jetting or other change I need to get more out of a stock exhaust? Would repacking the Yosh (circa 1995 like the bike) or another exhaust mod make it a little quieter? How do you get the can apart? And, if I can live with the puny looks and sound of the stock exhaust, are their other mods to liven up this old bike? Or, should I put the Yosh back on and buy my buddies some earplugs? Thanks for the input. Wahoogully:bonk:
  11. Sounds like the universal perspective is, "Dive in, ye chickensht!" I will indeed. Thanks for all the advice. I'll definitely start with checking wires and contacts, then probably replacing the switch assembly. My old switch is missing the Hi/low beam lever (as I noticed on other bikes when I was shopping for mine), so I'm guessing it's a common problem. Hopefully I'll start poking into things this week. Have to take advantage of this nice weather for workin in the carport, eh? I'll post my novice electrical trials back here when I get into it. Thanks, again. Wahoogully
  12. wahoogully

    I-pod And Dirtbike

    I use it sometimes when I'm trail riding solo. The noise-canceling headphones make the music come in over my loud-ass pipe. I get most bike feedback from feel, I think, so the music doesn't seem to impact my riding performance. I have noticed, though, that I need to pick out some music I like, and then not think about it again while I'm riding. Thinking, "Gee, I'd really like to hear the next song, not this one!" is a good recipe for dirt salad.
  13. I have a 95 XR600R with a BD kit from probably the same period. The bike is plated and I like riding the short distance out to the trails, but few BD items still work. I bought the bike in it's current condition, so I don't know it's electrical history. So, rather than list all that doesn't work, I'll just say that head and tail lights work. That's it. I'd like to get back to fully legal since I've got the plate. So, what do y'all think? Repair one connection/part at a time, or shell out for a new BD kit? I'm pretty mechanically savvy, but not so hot on electrics. Maybe it's time to learn... Wahoogully
  14. wahoogully

    Auburn area riding?

    No, none of it's cheap. But over here you can get a used double-wide for around 350. Though my white trash roots say Get the trailer , I'd rather have something with a garage. LA money both supports the area and wrecks it at the same time.
  15. wahoogully

    XR600R Accessories sources?

    I'm interested. And thank for the tip on the handguards...I'll check them out. I'll PM you re the parts.