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  1. 2019 FC350- Had Twisted Development remap the ECU. Richened it up and runs noticeably better with the full FMF system and airbox holes.
  2. I am a 55 yo who rides mx only and recently went from a 16 450sxf to a 19 Husky fc350. It took me a few rides to get accustomed to carrying the higher revs but I am able to ride this bike much more aggressively resulting in significantly better cornering speed. The bike does not make me nearly as tired. I like the stock gearing, map1 with tc. I use map 2 for deep loam. I no longer consider a 450. I weigh 205 fully geared up.
  3. I am interested in hearing how you like the the new forks and the difference in the 19 overall compared to the 17. You may notice a difference in the chassis handling also. The 19 is very precise
  4. I am unable to compare the forks to stock because I swapped the Ohlins from my 16 sxf 450 to the 350 without riding with the stock forks. I did test ride a stock19 tc 250 and the forks were not near as plush on square edge and braking bumps as the Ohlins. The Ohlins settles in corners like nothing I have ridden. In the past, I had always gone with the big name revalves, cups etc. but I feel they didn’t compare to the Ohlins. The Ohlins were an investment because this is the second bike I used the same set on. I got the new bike and instantly had great suspension. The only adjustment was 1 click stiffer on compression because I am able to attack the track more aggressively on the 350. It is my understanding the Ohlins have good resale value also. They are low maintenance and no air adjustments. My only regret is not getting Ohlins sooner.
  5. Thanks Doc. Having fun needing to ride aggressively.
  6. Coming off a16 sxf450 and loving the handling of the 19 350
  7. I checked the Oem microfiche and same part number. Filter and cage were the same size and fit.
  8. Thank you for the information. The bike is used 2.9 hrs and comes with the FMF full titanium exhaust so that will take care of the muffler. I have the 2t screenless filter cage from my 16 450 sxf. I have the tps plug for my 16 but not certain it will fit the 19 350.
  9. Picking up a 19 fc350 and wanting to know if drilling holes in the air box cover is recommended and gives the benefits mxa suggests.
  10. Coming off a 16 450sxf. Ride moto only. 127 hours and bike always ran great on 91 pump gas with Lucas ethanol treatment. Moving to a 19 350sxf and wondering if I should move to vp t4 due to higher reving etc.or just a waste of money?
  11. I have a 17‘ 250 excf desmogged, reeds pilled, fmf muffler and GET programmable ecu. Bike runs good off idle through mid but if I open it up full throttle there is a slight bog. Is this an indication of too much fuel? Any insight on what to play with programming wise is appreciated. It also doesn’t like to start when cold with the cold start button pushed in. I never touched the tps.
  12. I replaced my 16 springs with 15 and problem solved
  13. I was having difficulty on one occasion because it had not been removed for a while. It loosened immediately, so the header did not get hot.
  14. You can remove the muffler bolts and spring, and start it. The exhaust pressure should loosen it right up. Works for me without the drama.
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