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  1. razornpc

    2002 KX 250 Rear Wheel

    check ebay
  2. razornpc

    Dowel Pin Drama

    if you are goin this route, you can cut it flush and weld it or if thats not working you can drill out whats left of the stud and helicoil the hole.
  3. razornpc

    Tire changing

    im a fan of a thick dawn and water mix for a tire changing solution. i also like duct tape for a rim wrap.
  4. razornpc

    Dowel Pin Drama

    haha im goin through the same thing. if your like me you have some time till you ride next. i like zep45, like wd40 but better, anyways soak it down every night for about a week till you have a little puddle in your dowle area. and just let it sit. the oil will soak in but its a slow prosses but be patient and be rewarded, ive done this on frozen up bottle jacks and had good luck.
  5. razornpc

    Tire changing

    maxxis IT is the stiffest side walled tire ive ever come across. the transworld vid is a great one to watch nd learn from. buy yourself the tools they show in the vid and your on your way. good luck
  6. razornpc

    poll = member and non member age

    hey guys
  7. razornpc

    Sandbagers exposed #2

    if thats the case your playin with fire
  8. razornpc

    Very interesting!

    i dont have $600 to spend on another gear.
  9. razornpc

    Sandbagers exposed #2

    thats serious stuff, box checking n all.
  10. razornpc

    Sandbagers exposed #2

    i think i checked a box on the bottom of a page once
  11. razornpc

    Sandbagers exposed #2

    snow mo beels
  12. razornpc

    Sandbagers exposed #2

  13. razornpc

    Sandbagers exposed #2

  14. razornpc

    Sandbagers exposed #2

  15. razornpc

    Sandbagers exposed #2

    not for you